Why Make a Living When You Can Design a Life?

eba76a2f8c3079c20f9fd9c907f306aeWhy should we just make a living when we can design a life––and joyfully fund every detail of it through a business or career that celebrates and expresses who we are at our very core?

I asked myself that same question once.

And so began my transition from broke, ridiculously burnt out yoga teacher––taking whatever odd fitness and nutrition jobs (and clients) I could get––to having a thriving, highly sought-after online business with a much more sane schedule and working ONLY with clients who really valued my time and were a perfect match to my style, flavor, and skill set.

(In 2 words? Sweet relief.)

It took almost 3 years to make the full transition. And I definitely hustled my little bootie off the entire time––researching, learning, implementing––pulling more than my fair share of all-nighters to get all the work done that would set me up for a lot more freedom in my life. But there’s no question it was worth the effort. And the wait.

I mean, I stare at the ocean from my front porch every day now. And I get to work from home and personally witness all of my two year old’s priceless firsts. You bet your ass I’d do it all over again. In a heartbeat. In fact, I DO do it all over again. Roughly every 6 months I update my Lifestyle Design Plan, and when I do, my business has to adapt to meet my newly clarified needs and preferences. And, ahem, to adequately represent the latest and greatest that my newly evolved self has to offer.

So even now, “post transition”, it’s all still a giant work-in-progress. But: It’s a joyfully and financially sustainable work in progress. And that’s really the true goal of Lifestyle Design.

While yes, one of the ways I define Lifestyle Design is “designing your life so that you get to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want, MOST of the time”, it’s not about setting yourself up so that you never have to work another day in your life. It’s about setting yourself up so that you CAN work:
• your way;
• your schedule;
• doing what makes you feel like yourself, only STRONGER; and
• sharing the very best of who you are with others who are happy to pay for the exact gifts that you have to offer.

When you go from life-by-default to life-by-design, you empower yourself to keep at your work––progressively, happily, perpetually uncovering, refining, and sharing your gifts over the long term in a way that pays the bills and provides you a lifestyle and schedule that feels custom designed by YOU.

So it’s your-kind-of-balanced.With the perfect amount of whatever it is that you truly value and need in order to feel and function at your best. This might sound selfish, and the truth is… it is. AND, it’s also the greatest gift we can give to the world and to ourselves what Joseph Campbell calls, “the privilege of a lifetime… of being ourselves.” And we give the world the true gifts that we were put here to give, for the benefit of those who need them most. Brillant.

So we’ve established WHAT Lifestyle Design is and WHY you want to get on that train. As for the HOW, visit www.AbundantYogi.com and watch the free video I made for you entitled “Lucrative Self-Realization”, the first in the “Do It For The Love AND The Money” training series.

Kris-300-square-bio-pic-1This article was written by Kris Ward. Kris is the founder of AbundantYogi.com where she offers training and certification in Lifestyle Design Coaching™ and leads heart centered entrepreneurs toward lucrative self-realization and deep self-care. You can connect with Kris on her Facebook Page and Twitter Profile.
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