Bohemian Bunnie’s journey with Music + Yoga

Andrea-Whitt-Shania-Twain DSC_0906-1I vividly remember my first yoga class almost six years ago. A friend of mine took me to try Bikram Yoga on Memorial Day. The studio was packed with nearly 100 sweaty, stinky yogis, all following word for word what the instructor was saying. I couldn’t believe how each person knew exactly what to do and how the class moved so consistently as a whole. At the time I was super low on cash so I passed on joining the studio. From that experience I remember verbally setting my intentions to my friend who took me to my first yoga class. I specifically stated that I wanted my life to be so that I could afford to go to yoga class any day that I wanted, write and perform music as I pleased and create art as part of my career as well.

A few months after attending that inaugural class, I saved up enough cash to purchase a three-month package of unlimited yoga. I used the hell out of that subscription series! Looking back, attending class 5-6 days a week for the first 5 months was the absolute BEST thing I could have done to jump my practice to the next level. Currently I attend class 2 days a week (I also see a trainer once a week) and I’m still becoming more limber and stronger class by class. I’ve been encouraged by so many teachers to enter a yoga competition (seems like an oxymoron…but really just and excuse to work hard and challenge yourself) maybe this year will be it!

Off the mat I’m a professional musician, artist and blogger. When I’m not living in sunny Los Angeles, I tour with Shania Twain. I’m inspired by musicians who stand out from the crowd, perform music that is true to themselves, and work hard to get where they are. Shania definitely falls into this category. Kacey Musgraves is a recent favorite; I’m also a big fan of Phish and Stevie Nicks.

Ellie-fitness-bon-voyage22Ellie-fitness-bon-voyage-newI’m always working at becoming better at whatever I’m involved in. I absolutely love the journey! I perform with huge musical acts but I still strive to practice 3 hours a day just to be a better musician. It’s that never ending drive to learn that gets me excited to wake up every day.

My favorite Tiny Devotions mala would have to be the African Jade mala. The description is dreams, friendship, luck and strength. I always have big dreams, I love making friendships along the way and I have to constantly remind myself to stay strong despite any obstacles. The entertainment business is cut throat and I feel very lucky and humbled to be where I am.

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