Confessions from a Boho Fashionista: A Gypsy Girl’s Guide to Saturday at the Market

TDFW13shootLondonWEBREZ89Saturday mornings are meant for perusing through open tables of sweet peaches, testing honey straight from the farm and sipping organic coffee while you do it! A gypsy gal should never miss out on Saturday at the fresh market, there are just so many magical things to experience there. Here are my favorite things to find at the market, and why you should try them this Saturday!

Raw Cacao

You’ll know you’re getting close to the raw chocolate stand long before you’ve made it there. This is because the scent of raw chocolate is entirely intoxicating.  And it’s not just the scent that will get you going, this healthy form of the sweet and dark stuff is so delicious you’ll be lining up every Saturday for more. Raw cacao is also amazing for the heart and great for reducing stress! Be sure to load up on this sweet treat, because your gal pals will be begging you for a sliver 😉

Live Music

Have you ever felt that tingle along the top of your skin—the kind that happens when you hear something stunning? One of my favorite things about the market is walking by that guitar duo, hearing that boho twang coming straight from their hearts and feeling my baby hairs stand straight up.  Live music can really soothe a soul, so I suggest sitting down next time you’re at the market and taking time to soak up the sound.

Veggies Galore

The fruits and veg at the fresh market come straight from friendly guys and gals who grow the produce themselves. This way, when you’re cooking up kale and spinach, you know it’s been treated with care from the root to your plate.  When you hit up the veggie stands at the market, you can feel and smell the difference in the beautiful produce they offer. Your bags will overflow with brightly colored cabbage, collard greens and more after your stroll around the veggie stands.

Eco friendly Soaps and Beauty Products

Peppermint and almond are two of my favorite tastes- but after I first tested out the super eco-friendly products at the fresh market, I realized that they’re also amazing to wear! Peppermint and almond body butters, soaps and skin care are not only eco friendly, but they smell (and feel) divine. Your skin and senses will sparkle and thank you when you use these oh-so-friendly products.

adventure malaWith Saturday just around the corner, I’m wearing my Adventure Mala and getting ready to head over to all the new surprises I’ll find at the Market!

Peace, Love and Magic from Bohemia xx

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