I heart green things! My top 5 fave green things and why they are so rad!

spirulina-just-women-juice-blendAdmittedly, I used to be the furthest thing from a member of the “green team.” You know, the open-minded, free thinkers of our society who are mindful of their choices and concerned about making the world a better, healthier place for all? Then, I got sick with a neurological disease and became severely sensitive to chemicals which turned out to be an incredible blessing in so many ways, one of them being that it prompted me to immerse myself in the world of all things green. I had no choice. While the task of switching to a green lifestyle initially seemed exhausting and expensive, it turned out to be one of the most rewarding decisions I have made to date. Of course, all things that promote a healthier environment are fabulous. Still, there certain products I am partial to, ones I make a point to keep handy at all times. Here are my top five favorites, along with the reasons why I find them to be so rad:

1. Spirituality and Health Magazine (the magazine that’s all about going green): Bashing others is rude, it truly is. So, instead of calling out magazines whose pages reek of toxic ink and chemicals, i’ll call out my favorite one that doesn’t -Spirituality and Health Magazine. If you have been lucky enough to indulge in the soul lifting pages of this magazine then you, like me, are most likely a devoted addict already whose only complaint is that it is a bi-monthly publication rather than a monthly one. Spirituality and Health Magazine is a member of the “Better Paper Project of Green America,” meaning their issues are printed on recycled paper in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, preserve forests, and prevent solid waste from landfills. The added benefit? No migraines for the chemically sensitive. You can actually have a relaxing time reading a magazine without breathing in harmful toxins. Other magazines such as Light of Consciousness, Natural Health, and several others have jumped on the green bandwagon too. What’s more? It’s not just their quality of pages that rock, the content filling them does too. Visit www.betterpaper.ning.com for a full list of these enlightening, green, soul nourishing magazines.

2. CBD Oil: I know how this sounds, but my head is not connecting the word “green” with “cannabis” solely for the means of getting “high.” No. For me, and plenty of others, pure CBD oil is an absolute life changer if not saver. As someone with epilepsy, being able to replace a laundry list of prescriptions with a single herb is a dream come true. Currently, I am testing a product of CBD oil bathed in probiotics that will be on the market in the near future. However, there are many other companies who are now selling pure, legal CBD oil. There are only trace amounts of the psychoactive ingredient THC in these products, greatly reducing the possibility of getting high from using them. For me, pure CBD oil works to control seizures, kill Candida, reduce inflammation, and so much more. Basically, it’s an entire pharmacy -nature’s pharmacy, of course- packed into one bottle. Stop by Collective Evolution to read more of my articles on the subject. This particular one describes my personal experience with this life saving herb, CBD Oil.

3. Younique Makeup: I think it is beautiful when women are confident enough to strut their stuff without any makeup on, but maybe I am just bias because I was forced to for a few years because of the harmful chemicals in most makeup products. I’m still a girl, though, so when a friend suggested I try the all natural makeup products by Younique, I eagerly jumped on board. Now, I religiously carry three of their products in my purse -the “lovestruck” shade of their “Mood Struck Minerals Lucrative Lipgloss” line, along with their purple and gold eyeshadows for green eyes which are made of 100% all natural mineral pigments.

4. Invigorating, Gluten-free Himalaya Facewash by Botanique Pure Body Care: I hate to sound like a broken record, but for obvious reasons I cannot use mainstream face wash brands because of the chemicals in them. I am also gluten intolerant. Furthermore, though, I believe anyone and everyone can benefit from switching from chemical filled bath and body products to ones like the Gluten-Free Himalaya Facewash by Botanique Pure Body Care. When I first got sick with late stage Lyme Disease, it seemed as if my skin was deteriorating. For some reason, my face looked years older. After finding Himalaya Facewash by Botanique Pure Body Care, though, everything changed. It quickly firmed and smoothed my skin, taking years off my look. Now, I use it religiously and suggest it to just about anybody who is struggling with their skin care. This soap-free cleanser gently, but thoroughly, exfoliates your face with a unique combination of herbal extracts that activate the skin’s natural ability to cleanse itself while simultaneously preserving its pH balance. Refined rice grain is used to wash away dirt and other impurities, and it is infused with Soliga Forest Honey, Lemon Peel, and Rose. Give it a try. Your skin will surely give you a sincere “thank you” in return

5. TOM’S OF MAINE “Apricot Fresh” Long-Lasting Care Deodorant Stick: This one is one of my top favorite green products for obvious reasons. First off, products with aluminum in them contribute to Alzheimer’s and other neurological deficits. With the exception of TOM’S OF MAINE and a few other brands, the majority of deodorants contain aluminum. Also, this deodorant offers 24 hour odor protection in three ways: It uses botanical hops to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria, contains zinc ricinoleate to absorb odor, and is infused with encapsulated natural fragrances.

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