Our Fav Go-To Pre-Yoga Snacks!

food collageWhether it’s early in the morning, or late in the evening, sometimes we are rushed to our mat. But regardless of the rush, it’s important to always stay hydrated and eat a small healthy snack before going to a yoga class.
I often hear, “you’re not supposed to eat before yoga”. True, you don’t want to eat a full three course meal before getting into your downward dog, but you do want your body to be energized and ready for exercise. Along with drinking water, It’s important to consume something small and healthy about 30 minutes before your practice. Here are five healthy snacks to enjoy before you sweat your asana off.

 Grapefruit: One of the most hydrating foods you can eat, grapefruit is loaded in Vitamin C, which will not only boost your immune system, but help energize you for class. If the tartness is too much for you, try drizzling a little natural honey and cinnamon on top instead of white sugar.

Avocado: I am CRAZY about Avocados! Eating one prior to a yoga practice can help fill you up with vitamins and minerals. Avocados contain almost four grams of protein which is more than than most fruits. You can enjoy them on some toast, or if you are an Avocado nut like me, you can just put some sea salt on one and spoon away.


 Larabar: I am one of those people who always reads the ingredients on the back of everything. The less, the better. This particular bar has TWO ingredients; cashews and dates. It is filled with twenty percent of the recommended daily value of magnesium and six grams of protein. It’s easy to throw into a gym bag or eat in the car. Not to mention they have a TON of other awesome flavours, like Coconut Cream Pie and Carrot Cake. YUM.


Kashi Honey Almond Flax: Having a quick bowl of cereal or granola before a practice is an easy and healthy way to fuel up for your OMing. This brand is definitely one of my favourites. Per serving, it will load you up with nine grams of protein, eight grams of fibre, and half a gram of omega-3! It’s also delicious. I like to enjoy mine with some vanilla almond milk.


Natural Peanut Butter: Another one of those foods where you just need to read the ingredients. One word; Peanuts. Just two tablespoons of natural peanut butter will give you SEVEN grams of protein. Perfect for a pre-workout snack. Eat it with apples, bananas, or even just stick a spoon in there. Perfect for an on the go snack. Like avocado, peanuts are a source of healthy fat. Excellent for filling up before going upside down.


Like always, drinks lots of water before your yoga class!


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Surf’s Up! Get Bikini Ready in 5 Easy Steps

IMG_7958By Beata Rydyger BSc, RHN

The dog days of summer are well upon us – finally! – which means you’re probably gearing up to bare it all at the beach, pool or just because. Whether you’re an east- or west-coaster (or somewhere in between), you’ll surely agree that summer promotes shorter hemlines and slimmer waistlines. But before embarking on a caffeine-induced mega-marathon at the gym, check out these 5 simple tips that will have you bikini-ready before you can shout “surf’s up!”.

Count nutrients, not calories

Sounds shocking but it’s true! Calories are nothing more than a number and a nasty source of restriction with little value to overall health and vitality. Instead, fill up on foods that are closest to their natural state like seasonal fruits and vegetables, fibrous whole grains like quinoa or millet, power-packed proteins like hemp seeds and essential fats like the omega-3’s to guarantee a full spectrum of nutrients. Doing so will keep your metabolism high and fat-burners set to full blast. Become a clean eating machine and kick calories to the curb—for good!

fgrG-DMbJBLImD-D74IFNEM0ArQAqCZtkUgWSYBCStYChew chew chew!

Here’s a weight-loss remedy so simple that even a bunny rabbit can do it: chew, chew, chew! You can eat all the nutritious foods you want but if your digestion isn’t up to par your waistline will suffer. Chew your food at least 10–15 times before swallowing or until it feels like soup in your mouth (which is gross, but good!). This allows the digestive enzymes in your saliva to start breaking down food particles so that your stomach and intestines don’t work overtime. The result is better absorption of nutrients, more efficient elimination of waste and a flatter, bloat-free belly.

Ditch the drip

Sorry my dear java-drinking boho beauties but attaining that bikini-ready bod might mean cutting out coffee or at least trimming to one cup per day. Believe it or not but when you drink coffee your body releases many of the same hormones as when you’re stressed. These hormones, namely cortisol, wreak havoc on your insides by boosting inflammation, causing blood-sugar instability and by affecting fat storage and abdominal weight gain! Try cleaner, reduced-caffeine alternatives like green tea, yerba mate or caffeine-free coffee subs like Dandy Blend, kombucha or rooibos tea.

j_mVg1AgHFpvcNQuekrHRVpBHwz05xqSp9f116CaypQSnack smart

Eating 3 meals a day is becoming so outdated it’s ancient! Nowadays it’s all about snacking—and snacking smart! That means you want to be noshing on 3 or so mini meals and 2–3 snacks per day. This allows the body’s blood sugar levels to remain stable so as not to disrupt insulin levels and fat storage. As a quick rule of thumb: add protein to each snack, eat slow and eat until you feel almost full.

Before you catch a wave, catch some ZZZ’s

Getting an adequate amount of shut-eye per night is just as important as daily exercise for optimal weight loss and management. When you compromise sleep your body produces more of the hormones that trigger hunger and fewer of the hormones that reduce appetite. On top of that your body becomes depleted of nutrients that help keep stress in check and blood sugars stable! Tips for a solid sleep? Avoid eating at least 3 hours before bedtime and sleep in complete darkness sans electronics. Sweet dreams!

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