How to Be a Bohemian Business Babe

Blog_Banner_schmalI know first hand how it feels to work a corporate job, start a business on the side, manage a social life, make time for me and juggle the many other responsibilities that life blesses me with.

While at times it can be tough to balance all of the elements of your life along side your business, it can also be done successfully and with ease.

I personally learned the hard way, a couple of years ago I was trying to do it all.

I thought I was superwoman. I needed to slow down, work smarter and not harder. My body was trying to give me all the signs to slow down, but I didn’t listen. My health started to deteriorate and I developed many different auto immune diseases.

What I learned from this experience is:

  • Always listen to your body
  • Everything is happening FOR you not TO you (even though at the time it might feel like everything is happening to you)
  • You can successful balance your life with your business

I want to share with you the 6 tips that I used in order to successfully manage my life with my business. I still use each and every one of these tips today.

1. Plan According to Your Values. Organize According to Your Methods. Strategize at Your Peak Performance Times

What are your top 5 values right now? They could be anything from family to  money to support. Whatever your values are identify them and then plan your life and business around them. Many of us plan according to what we “should” be doing or achieving and it almost always never feels good. As boho babes we have to plan a little bit differently, we have to check in with what we value the most and then plan around those values.

Organize according to your methods. We are always searching for the next best organizing system, tactic or technique that will keep us on track and organized. I recommend sticking with what feels comfortable to you. What method can you use that makes you feel better and that you will stick to? Then do that. You already have everything that you need within you, it is simply just listening to your “gut instinct” and taking action.

Many successful people strategize life and a business projects when they are feeling their best. Tune into your body and see where your energy is the highest, whether it’s in the mornings, afternoons or evenings and then get to work.

2. Set Boundaries 

Many of us say yes to everything and want to help everyone. In order to preserve our energy, time and space it is absolutely critical to establish boundaries in our lives and businesses. It is ok to say no. You are your own best asset and you need to take care of yourself first before you start to help others. One of my mentors, Marie Forleo says it best, if it’s not a hell yes then it’s a no. Only say yes to the things that inspire, excite and exhilarate you.

3. Move Your Body

If you are not moving your body then I recommend that you start today. This can simply be taking a walk, doing jumping jacks in your room, taking a yoga class or doing lunges in your living room. When you incorporate movement into your life, you feel better, you are more productive and your body will thank you. Start moving today!

4. Ask For Help

When you ask for help it is not a sign of weakness it is actually a sign of strength. In business they teach you to hire to your weaknesses, find others who are really good at the tasks that do not lie in your zone of genius. No one can do it all. You will see your life become much easier when you ask for help, outsource and hire to your weaknesses.

5. Network, Connect and Build Solid Relationships

Say bye bye to randomly collecting business cards at different events. In today’s society people are craving connection. In business your network is equal to your networth. Building strong, solid relationships overtime is key to overall success. Deeply connecting with others and seeing how you can be of service to them is today’s currency for successful people.

6. Me Time is a Non-Negotiable

You must create “me time” for yourself every single day. We need a time to relax, reflect and recharge. You charge your cell phone everyday right? Same logic applies to your life, you need recharging everyday. Any activity that fills you back up can be considered “me time” whether it be meditation, writing, painting, spending time with family & friends or reading. If you still don’t know what you enjoy or like, listen to your heart and do that.

Which tip are you going to incorporate into your life this week? Tell us in the comments below!

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From Bali to Bohemia: My Top 10 Favorite Gypsy Inspired Pieces.

8eXeXWJsWjF8AYKoeWrOM7iS8QwpeQLW6eeT8jXknYg,Jl1Ida35HF4q7WXL-9Rzfv7jVUOQCf1OyN2me5MxHBQ,_aZXQ_hX-HbwvC-wUrFzsaZJwRQxHgm9vg3sKJfjtfsHey Boho Beauties,

It’s every gypsy babes right to be fashionably free. We’ve got wild hearts and souls that roam free, so it’s only natural that our beautiful bohemian wardrobes should be a reflection of our spirit. If you’ve been to Morocco, sailed the Central American coast, or bought crystals from the best Thai markets, your dresser is probably super boho like mine. This season, I have some personal faves that really light my fire. Let’s talk about getting our gypsy on from Bali, straight to Bohemia.

Here are my top 10 favorite gypsy inspired pieces:

c0cf67920a01a11a78dd0d3aae0f5cd61: Fringe: Fringe, fringe, and more fringe. Ok, I may have gone a little crazy there. Let’s talk fringe. Chose your fringe wisely, babes. Find a beautiful leather fringed piece, like fringed thong sandles or a crop vest, and pair it with something simple to really make your look pop.

2.  Kate Hudson 1970’s Jeans: These are timeless. I found a beautiful pair of fitted, light washed, slightly flared, 7 jeans in a vintage store in Gastown, Vancouver last summer, and I almost died. They fit me in the best boho way, and they’re the perfect match for my Mala, my little white tee, and my crotcheted vest (and festival season of course.)

3.  Scarves: Every gypsy gal needs a soft, bright, patterned scarf. Your scarf is there for you to adorn your mermaid locks, wear as a beach cover, tie to your leather side bag, or lay on the ground when your taking a little break to lounge. This is a serious staple in your wardrobe and in your life, so pick a few in your favourite colours and patterns that go with your wardrobe.

4. Boho Footwear-Gladiator or Tasseled Sandals and or Ankle Boots: A goddess has got to rock her footwear. Try these ultra chic 70’s style options to really get your gypsy style going.

5. Maxi Skirts: You can pair a geometric pattern or brightly colored maxi skirt with a simple tank to play up the length of the piece. If a skirt cuts off your body type, try a maxi dress as an alternative. Maxi dresses and skirts really give us a chance to express ourselves, and set our boho hearts free. Have you ever noticed how they flow in the wind as you walk? You won’t be disappointed with this purchase, boho girl.

4499ac99cfbbc103e1756cf2af9805386. Cut Offs- There are SO many versions of the cut-off short. I promise you’ll find the right cut off that looks beautiful on your boho bod. Try on a million pairs before giving up on the cut off. This uber stylish, bohemian find will match everything once you find the right pair for you. Go to a vintage store and find the best ones for your bod, or get an old pair of jeans and make your own!

7. Versatile Vest- This is a must have. From faux fur, to chrocheted beauties, there’s a vest out there that’s calling your name and I can’t wait for you to find the right one. Brightly coloured, or cut off crop vests also look fab with a soft tee and maxi skirt, the options are endless in a gypsy wardrobe world, so have fun with it!

8. Head Wraps and Hair Bands- Head wraps are a bold and brave choice. But when a yogi gal rocks a head wrap she looks seriously fierce. If you’re travelling, like we often do, it serves as a practical prop as well. Chose a beautiful head wrap to pull off the ultimate, 70’s freestyle look.

dcb4d5b21cf56441d865398285cb262a9. Floppy Brimmed Hat- The floppy brimmed hat is the ultimate free and femme look. It shouts delicate and gypsy all at once. There are several styles of floppy brimmed hat, so try on many different styles before you find the best one for you.

10. Brigit Bardot Sunglasses- A large sunglass a-la 1960 tops off your gypsy look. Off course, a boho girl never hides, you’re simply shading your beautiful eyes and looking cool while you do it. Find the perfect pair of staple Bardot shades to top off your gypsy look.

Dressing like a boho babe is totally fun, so go out there and pick up a couple of these gypsy inspired pieces, bellas, and start creating magic! What are your fave fashionable pieces? We’re always looking for new ways to dress up our wardrobe, and we love sharing 😉 Tell us in the comments below how you do gypsy! The most important gypsy accessory is attitude, so remember that you’re beautiful beyond your wildest imagination, and let that shine out through your fashionable gypsy garb!


libpicPeace, Love and Magic from

Your Resident Boho Fasionista, Libby xx

Confessions of a Boho Fashionista: The magic of the morning, the sweetness before bed: my top intention setting times!

27fbd5cca28a3193a8bae585506cd1efHey Boho Beauties,

Have you ever felt something sparkly the very moment you woke up? The birds were singing, the sun hadn’t quite made its way to that warm place it kisses us from the sky at, and you felt it. Gurus and goddesses in the past have said it before: the morning is a special time. You have 24 hours before you to set your dreams on fire, and the world is your crystal ball to shake up and make magic from. The morning is a sacred time to reflect, set your intentions, and believe that all that’s around you is conspiring just for your yogi self!

Here’s the cool part: bedtime is even more mystical. Years ago I found a book in an old used bookstore called Mandala. It had a moleskin cover and smelled like sage, and when I opened its crisp pages what I found was advice on how to optimize your thoughts before bedtime. The readings within its pages encouraged me to use the hour before bed to dream up all of my plans, write them down, and go to bed knowing I truly deserved all that I desired. Before bed, your boho mind is ready to dream in a peaceful space. So take that special hour before bed to write down all of your dreams, desires, and auspicious goals.

Here are some tips on how to really take advantage of these two special times of day:

ad319aec3af929591ab7c772532567e91. Keep a journal: Use the morning and evening to write down all of your hearts desires without inhibitions. We often dream of Bali, Venice, and beyond, but never write down our plans. We think of cottages on the coast, dancing with an elephant, and singing a duet our favorite rock star. And when the day passes on, our special desires can get lost. Purchase a journal and use it before the day begins or just as it’s ending.

2. Have an open mind: anything you want is yours, boho babe. In the morning or just before your rest your goddess self, keep your sweet mind wide open to all that’s yours. The whole world is right at the tips of your fingers, so dream big.

81895d5f60fa0bb4acf6b736a9257c273. Create a sacred space: the space you take your rest in, and the place you rise to the worlds magic is a sacred space. Fill your space with objects that make you feel grounded and at peace. I suggest your fave scented candle, some soft throws and pillows, and the mala of your choice.

You have the power of the world with you, bellas and boho babes. Use these special, peak times during the day to harness that power and light it up.

Do you have a buddhaful, go-to practice you use before bed, or in the sweetness of the sunrise? Tell us all about it in the pink section below!

libpicPeace, Love and Magic from

 Your Resident Boho Fashionista, Libby xx.

Our top five boho beauty tricks that every goddess should know!

eIZny2SPnVaQN0MdZyiwhOFpg5QiHDlKHdum78cPk38Hello Boho Beauties!

I’ve been wondering lately, what is it about beauty that we are all so enamoured by?

When we see something that we consider beautiful, be it a person, an outfit, or a piece of art, something magical happens within us.

Our hearts beat faster and our breath pauses, suddenly we feel captivated by its presence.

We intuitively feel this depth of power held within that feeling, but very few know how to tap into it.

We all inherently know that beauty is not just the way you wear your hair, it is not the colour of your skin, and it’s not the cute boho frock you just bought from that vintage shop either (although I’m sure it looks fabulous on you!)

Beauty is much deeper than the visual context in which we often see it.

It is alive, it breathes, it expands; like lungs taking in deep, fresh ocean air.

It takes more than a keen eye to capture it, and more than fashion sense to express it.

As a Brand expert and Photographer, it is part of my core purpose to explore and share beauty in all its many forms.

And while I love how it manifests through colors, shapes, design and the coming together of elements that compliment one another, I want to share with you how to fully embody beauty in a way that will enhance your life more than you ever thought possible (awesome heart racing feeling included!)

Photo Credit: Ashley Streff Photography

A True Boho Beauty knows that:

  • When she compliments another person, her own beauty both outwardly and within is amplified. Of course this compliment must be genuine, heartfelt and coming from a place of pure love and the desire to see another person feel truly beautiful by such a compassionate reflection.

  • Beauty is a gift. When we experience it our lives are instantly heightened by it’s presence. Be it from the simplicity of a flower, to the perfect pairing of prints of prints, there is something about it that soothes the soul.

  • Committing to a path of beauty takes daily action, but when those actions are taken, something profound and magical arises.  For what we feel within ourselves is what we draw toward ourselves, and the more beautiful we feel, the more beauty will arise in our lives.

  • Receiving a compliment is as important as giving one. When we learn to receive the universe is able to provide us with even more, to the point that our cups are so full we are able to give tenfold.

Here are 5 Easy Boho Beauty Actions you can take today:

1. Connect. Reach out to someone you know that would benefit by you sharing what you truly see in them.  Tell them what makes them special, why you appreciate them, and that you really believe that they are beautiful inside and out.  This act alone can heal, transform and change lives.

2. Nourish. Take time to nourish your inner beauty through a self care practice. It can be a nourishing meal, a walk along the beach, a deep yoga practice, or a movie night with friends.  Whatever it is that makes you feel at ease on every level of your being.

3. Adorn. Put on an accessory or item of clothing that makes you feel beautiful, something that when you see in the mirror you feel radiant and confident wearing. The act of adornment is a sacred process, we honour our bodies and our self expression through the art of fashion.

4. Clear. Clean up your space. Your environment is just as important as your physical and inner beauty. A beautiful environment is like a fresh breath of air, you are able to peace more at ease within the space, which leaves more room for true creativity and peace.

5. Create. Make art, you don’t have to be a professional artist to create something beautiful. Grab some pencil crayons, paint or clay, and have some fun. Allow yourself to be free with what comes through. Put on some good music and release the need to control. You may surprise yourself with how talented you really are!

To help you with this practice I recommend the Awakening Mala as it helps you to fully embody your own inner potential while appreciating and feeling gratitude for the beauty that already surrounds you everyday.

Share with us what actions you’re going to take today to become a Boho Beauty and other ways you feel will help the community embody beauty by commenting below.

With love,

Heather aka The Essence Oracle

Heather is passionate about helping others live a life of purpose and beauty. As a Brand Visionary and Photographer Extraordinaire, she’s been spotlighted on Elephant Journal, Conscious Divas, 303 magazine, and Awakening Source. When she’s not helping conscious-preneurs increase their visibility and hone their brand, you can find her dancing at a music festival, rafting down a white water river, and traveling around the world. Spots for her personalized Brand Strategy sessions are now open for applications. Learn more at

Photo Credit: Ashley Streff Photography

To the Boho Babes, Gypsy Gals and Goddesses, Happy Easter from Bohemia xx


Happy Hunting, Boho Babes!

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