How to Set Up Your Sacred Space

tRIzKEGtl79OPUR7Fe7GydTOwWoY5NaVWez1LrwVu8AOut of all the practices to keep consistent in your life, I’d say that two reign as the most important; finding an exercise program that you love, and meditating.

Both of these practices work towards the same goal, but in different ways. With exercising, you are boosting your level of endorphins to stimulate healthy tissue growth, stability, and strength, allowing for you to feel better and be more grounded in your body. When you meditate, you are focusing on the breath, observing the inner mechanics of your body, and flexing your spiritual muscles that will ultimately create better focus, allowing for you to feel better and be more grounded in your body. It is therefore imperative that these practices make it in to your daily life, as the body is the greatest tool that a human being has in their possession.

And if you’re going to meditate (which you should do, for the record), you’re going to need a good space to do it in. Creating a “sacred space”, a place where you are inspired to be grounded and at peace, is a perfect way to get yourself excited about the practice of meditation. Equipped with your favorite Tiny Devotions Mala, you can visit this space at least once a day, perform a meditation that is most suited to your personal purpose, and reap the benefits of a calm mind and calm body.

Here are some helpful tips in setting up your unique sacred space:

FH3FZWOVBX-Q0k-FVmg_r9brp8KFptcvZK6ZtciRUkI 1)     Choose an area where you will not be disturbed. If you have room mates or if you are living in a house with other people, it is best that your sacred space be situated in an area that is not going to be disturbed by others (your room, for example, is usually a safe bet). Designate this area as your own for your practice and ensure that the other people you live with respect that space. As a boho girl or guy, it is more than likely that your house mates are already aware of your needs and will support your  space 100%.

2)     Have something comfortable to sit or lie down upon. This could be a large cushion, a chair, your bed, or anything that will allow you to be most comfortable when you are meditating. Have this is the centre of the space as a connection point, inspiring you to remain still, grounded, and connected to the healing energies around you.

3)     Decorate the space with anything that resonates with your specific vision of inner peace and spiritual energy. It may be an image of your favorite Hindu deity, or it could be a photograph of a tropical paradise. Allow whatever brings you calm and focus into your sacred space and keep your vision in tune with your inner most desires.

4)     For centuries, many cultures have used incense as a way of cleansing and consecrating their sacred rituals. If it feels right to have some incense or candles in the space, light them up and let them burn! Psychologists have proven that specific smells can trigger calming sensations in the brain, easing stress and provoking a more centered turn of thought. Do you a little experimentation and see which scents and candles feel right for you.

5)     Have a point of focus. It may be an image, a phrase, or even your Tiny Devotions Mala. Have this item as a key point of focus in your sacred space, something to keep you attention when your mind inevitably begins to wander during meditation. This componant will bring all of the sacred space elements together and pack a bit of a punch to your spiritual mojo.

Becoming in tune with your desires and your central spirit is important. However busy you get, however often you get swept away in the waves of some of the more trivial aspects of your life, remember that the key to coming back to it is as simple as breathing in your perfect, sacred space. With an open heart, a grounded body, and a calm mind, there is no limit to what you can achieve.


Lauren is a guest writer for the Huffington Post and Social Media Coordinator in Toronto.



Confessions from a Boho Fashionista: Your Sunny Summer Block Party How-To

9415521c46abac9873fbfb9631bb19e0Hey Boho Beauties,

As summer begins to close, I’m planning my annual August block party. It’s always the most memorable and it’s a celebration of all the special times we’ve had under the sun and the stars this summer. I can’t wait to have all of my special friends from the block come over and enjoy one of the last warm evenings with me! Block parties are so fun to plan, especially when they’re bohemian. Here are my top tips to make your block party a success.

My Sunny Summer Block Party How-To

 Organic RSVP’S and Sweet Bohemian Flyers: Every gal and guy love a little something catching to the eye that gets their soul excited for a big block party. There’s no need to waste precious paper on your RSVP’S and flyers, so take time to find beautiful paper at a low cost. Organic paper can be purchased online from e stores like or  Once you’ve got your organic goods, it’s time to go nuts with your creative self. Invent a theme for your block party and create magic on your beautiful eco friendly paper! Your guests will love what they receive in the mail and they’ll get so excited when they see that special flyer hanging on the birch tree down the street.

 A Whimsical Back Yard Set-Up: You’re a social butterfly and everyone on the block is a soul friend of yours, so you’ll be expecting several guests. This means you’ll need a whimsical yet functional back yard set-up. Find large, foldable and functional tables on which you can place soft, earthy table clothes. You can also grab foldable chairs that can be easily stored for your guests to sit and socialize on. Now is your chance to get really boho! Feel free to go wild with scarves, throw pillows, blankets and the like. Your summer boho block party should feel like a whimsical dream so go all out with whatever fantastical ideas which you may have rolled up your gypsy sleeve and have fun with it.

 f7ae51d7c3f77190dec6b339ea63ba18Watermelon Mint Mojitos: I found a special mojito recipe this season and have used it non-stop at all of my summertime affairs so far. Two words: Watermelon Mint. These two ingredients blend so perfectly together that the moment you serve up this cocktail (or mock-tail if you choose), your guests will be begging you for the recipe! I’ll let you in on this unforgettable treat.

  • Sliced and diced watermelon
  • Muddled mint
  • Agave or Stevia
  • Lime Juice and Sliced Lime
  • Soda Water
  • Ice, Ice and More Ice (Baby 😉
  • Rum (Optional)

Trust me, this mojito is the best summer cocktail of all time and boho babes and boys go nuts for it!

 Games, Games and More Games: The best part about block parties (aside from the amazing company) is the games! Pull out some colorful chalk, skipping ropes, hula hoops, taboo, you name it! Have you ever heard that you get to know friends and soul mates best when you’re playing? Well, it’s true! A yogi fashionista never truly grows up, so get your inner child on and grab all your fave games.

A Special Guest Book: Remembering every sweet moment and friend from your block party can sometimes be tough. This is why a beautiful guest book is so important. Have a guest book laid out near your treats where friends can write thank you’s and memories. I just love a memorable summer block party and hosting one is half of the fun! These are my tips for the most epic party of August, but what are yours, bella? Write to me in the pink comments below so that I can make my next block party the best one yet!

libpicPeace, Love and Magic from,

Your Resident Boho Fashionista, Libby xx

Devotion to the Ocean: How to Rock Mermaid Style on Land

Processed with VSCOcam with k2 presetMorning surf sessions are vital.  Although they don’t leave much time (or energy) for getting ready post-slide, we have Mother Nature to thank for helping us out.  The transition from sea to land isn’t as tough as we think.  Mermaid style is effortless.  It is as simple as cutoffs over a bikini and coconut oil in your hair… minimal or no make-up and gold dainty jewelry.  The little secret to the mermaid muse is… it’s easy.  And we like easy.  Because let’s face it.. we’d rather be surfing.  Here are a few style tips every sea babe should know:

1.  Find jewelry you can wear in and out of the water.  I am constantly in and out of the water and I don’t have time to be taking my jewelry on and off.  Tiny Devotions has an awesome line of feel-good jewelry that literally exude positive energy as soon as you put them on.  I have the Gangster Stack that came with me to Maui.. in the water, sand, and all elements.

It was packaged with a lovely reminder of what each bracelet represented.  This is a bettering stack – The ‘how to” of awesomeness for the strong goddess.  A pretty reminder of how strong you truly are.

  • Faceted Labradorite: The stone of good fortune and new beginnings.  Labradorite also helps with a good aura.  Cultivating a good energy attracts fabulous things.
  • Faceted Pyrite: The stone of luck and fire and protection.  For the fiery spirit who get’s things done.
  • Faceted Hematitle: This is a strength stone and grounding.  In ancient times, Hematite was actually used as a mirror – a vision into oneself.  If you don’t think you’re strong, who will?

2. Coconut Oil is your best friend.  Head on over to your local health food store and pick up a jar of this goodness.  You will use it for EVERYTHING.

tumblr_inline_n9a5r4CD1h1qd5fyb3. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen.  If you love the ocean as much as I do, you should make sure to give your skin constant TLC.  Protection and post-nourishing skin-care is extremely important.

4.  Effortless beach waves are a forever yes.  Don’t have time to run to the ocean to get your hair all salty?  There is still hope to waking up with those beach locks you love.  Thisthis, and this.  You’ll thank me later.

5.  Always keep a bikini, beach blanket, and sandals in the back of your car. Enough said.

6. Save money on clothes, so you can buy surfboards and pretty fins.  Find awesome statement pieces from your favorite brands, and then stick with the basics.  Boyfriend jeans, vintage washed tee’s, cutoff’s, and bikinis are pretty much what I’ve been living in lately.

7.  Sun-kissed skin can be safe.  Bronzer will give you an extra glow, you won’t have to do much more (this is the one I use and I will never go back to any other brand.. Leaves my skin bright and sun kissed all day long).  My usual beauty routine consists of tamed brows, a dust of bronzer, blush, and a little illuminating powder.

Processed with VSCOcam with k3 preset8. Less is more.  Makeup is used to compliment your beauty, not cover it up.  Use the “less is more” mentality when applying and let your beauty shine through.  It gives you more time to enjoy little things, like your favorite cup of tea in the morning, or one extra wave.

9. Get a good pair of sunnies.  Keep your eyes happy and find a pair of sunglasses you love.  Sunglasses are like a marriage.. you’ll want them forever and feel kind of lost without them.  I literally take mine everywhere.  Everywhere.  I wear them more than I wear shoes.

10. Smile.  It’s good for the soul.

Now get off the computer and go in the ocean, you mermaid.

Processed with VSCOcam with k2 presetArtist, surfer, and designer, Taylr Kreutziger was born and raised from salt and sand.  The ocean is her home and inspiration.  With an eye for simplicity and collaboration, Taylr’s personal style is the foundation of the The August Fox aesthetic. From her study of Fine Arts, to her involvement in the surf community, Taylr is perpetually submerged in creativity. Her organic, sea-centric creative style, captured in a series of photographs, paintings, and illustrations displayed at gallery shows, paved the way for the creative adventure that is The August Fox.


Instagram: @taylranne

From Cali to Kelowna: Our Soulful Summer Road Trip Playlist

largeWhenever you hit the open road, there are a few things that are essential. You need your luggage. You need some snacks. You need your mala beads.  A car full of excellent people to share in the journey is a great asset. A couple of yoga mats never hurt, just in case of impromptu, off the roadside yoga poses. But perhaps the most important part of a soulful summer road trip is right on the tip of your tongue, but somewhat less obvious than the above items; the soundtrack.

Of course! Why didn’t you think of that before? What kind of road trip would it be if you didn’t have the perfect tunes blasting in the background, feeding your soul with the sweet nectar of carefree summer excellence? When you’re making your way from glorious California to the rich, lush forests of Kelowna, British Columbia, you’re going to need something a little… groovy. And why not? You’re Boho! You have to keep it very “om” in times of travel!

When your car is packed and your friends are piled in, we recommend these twenty beauties to make the perfect roadtrip playlist, regardless of the destination:

  1. California- Joni Mitchell (this is a no brainer kick-off, right?)
  2. Doo-Wop (That Thing)- Lauryn Hill (a total classic, and you know you all remember the words)
  3. Furr- Blitzen Trapper (this is a diamond in the rough; a bob dylan vibe with a nature-loving twist!)
  4. Mr. Tamborine Man- Bob Dylan (and speaking of Bob Dylan, throw some Bob Dylan on there)
  5. Kokomo- The Beach Boys (super fun and super mellow. Everyone must sing along)
  6. Strawberry Fields – The Beatles (Boho gold. Need I say more?)
  7. Under Pressure- David Bowie & Queen (I dare you not to start a dance party with this one)
  8. Don’t Stop Me Now- Queen (and speaking of Queen, this one is essential)
  9. Santeria- Sublime (nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is gonna be mad at this gem)
  10. Spiderwebs- No Doubt (for all the 90s nostalgia fans out there, this one is going out to you!)
  11. Jammin’- Bob Marley (come on… no summer roadtrip jam is complete without some Marley)
  12. Is This Love- Bob Marley (OK, two Marleys)
  13. Porcelain- Moby (who can forget this classic? It’s a must!)
  14. La Isla Bonita- Madonna (as the roadtrip starts to cool down, this is a great ‘chill out’ song)
  15. Black Magic Woman- Santana (and with this one, you’ll be wanting guitar lessons ASAP)
  16. Wake Me Up- Aloe Blacc (this gorgeous cover of Avicii’s hit song is destined to make you smile)
  17. Hey Soul Sister- Train (ukele + summer song= magic)
  18. The Great Gig in the Sky- Pink Floyd (you’ve gotta love that lady’s voice soaring above the instrumentals as you roll closer to your destination)
  19. 32 Flavors- Ani DiFranco (if you haven’t heard this song, do yourself a favor and download it now. You will fall in love with it, guaranteed)
  20. Heart of Gold- Neil Young (a classic to top it off. You can’t beat it!)

Though the road may be long, the journey is always worth it. May your travels be filled with peace, happiness, and wonderful surprises. Namaste!

Lauren is a guest writer for the Huffington Post and Social Media Coordinator in Toronto.



Confessions from a Boho Fashionista: How I Make My Boho House a Home

f21f6fe5885fa749f3cccd7dbcc74a80Hey Boho Beauties,

Have you ever been to a gal pals pad and felt so at ease that you just didn’t want to leave? She had the most perfect pashminas placed in the all the coolest spots, candles were lit and E.E Cummings best words were hanging in her powder room. Something about that gypsy paradise felt like a serious home to you, and you wanted it, bad  Here’s the trick, boho babe. It doesn’t take much. Adorning your dream palace in all that says pure love is simple and sweet and there’s just a few ways to do it. Let’s talk about my favorite ways to make a boho house a home.

Scent.  Think sandalwood, coral, coconut. The smell of something sweet can leave you feeling so totally ready to dance, completely at peace, or happy to pull on your moccasins. Sandalwood is generally used for healing, trust and serenity. Put this special oil in a diffuser or have it plugged into your HVAC.  This is the scent of all scents, so invest immediately.

Scarves. Your gypsy paradise will feel like home right away once you add a colourful scarf to the back of a padded chair or your sweet love seat. Find beautiful scarves from India or Bali and wrap your home in them.

Light. Candles are a serious game changer. They add that special glow to your home like nothing else can. A soft candle will help you tap in to the romantic, peaceful place in you and it will show throughout your home. Find maple syrup, vanilla and sweet honey candles in different sizes and place them all throughout your space. Guests will feel the magic throughout your place (and they’ll wonder what that secret scent is!)

Gypsy Pieces. You’ve just got to have a few pieces that reflect your goddess heart. Maybe you picked up a special vase in Maui last April, or you flew in a beaded chair from Morocco on the fly. There are sure to be a couple of special pieces scattered throughout your dream home that speak to your gypsy side.

Sound. All yoga babes love a great playlist. This is why your place should have the best music playing low and on repeat at all times. A memorable playlist can create magic at a special dinner, that quiet night in, or catch-ups with your gal pals, so have several ready for all occasions.

Your dream home just takes a few simple touches to become completely perfect! Try these ones and more, boho babes. Is there something you love about your home that takes it to the next level? I’d love to hear all about it.  Let’s talk boho interiors in the comments below!

libpic-1Peace, Love and Magic from,

Your Resident Boho Fashionista, Libby xx

A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime: Top 3 Mantras for Every Chapter of a Boho Girl’s Life

e_AuR9YHPvA2P4xJqLfAIDtSJ1nbY8XFd7gztLcqONUMantra #1
From adolescence to adulthood we are taught to ignore our natural born intuition because the rest of world holds the potential to harm us. We are conditioned to act a certain way by constantly hearing things from our elders like:

Don’t talk to strangers!
Don’t touch anything!
Don’t run!


One of the most important mantras that I have had to realize and re-learn time and time again because the world has tried to teach me otherwise is: I will return to my inner sense (innocence.) This is SO important. A boho’s intuition is almost always correct. We can tell if someone means to harm us, if we should feel something, if and when our bodies need to move in a specific way…we know what is good for us! Mantra #1: I will return to my inner sense. 


Mantra #2
Often times when something unfortunate or unpleasant occurs we believe that it’s someone or something else’s fault. We continue about our lives and the same unpleasant thing happens to us again, and it’s STILL NOT OUR fault! Then it happens again, we begin to recognize a pattern but are stuck in the habit of our actions…and so the unpleasant thing happens yet AGAIN. Finally we realize that it is our fault and that our actions enabled the unpleasant thing to happen, so we begin to change our ways. We realize that in order for the unpleasantness to go away, we must make a change. Boho mantra #2 is this, simply put: I am responsible for and in control of my life. 


Mantra #3 
As boho girls, we are naturally inclined to LOVE. We love a lot. We love hard. We can be emotional about that love, attached to it, expect things from it. In order to recreate our reality and approach our relationships from a place of PURE love, we must learn to give, to love freely and without any sort of expectation. Once expectations are removed, we can give more, be more, and do more for others. The love that sprouts from those relationships will change the world! Mantra #3: I will LOVE without expectations. 


Boho girls, return to your inner sense. Be responsible for and in control of your own life. Love without expectations!!!
Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.56.51 PMCaley Alyssa is a Yogini & Holistic Health coach in Santa Monica, CA. She’s also a traveler, hiker, bikini lover, bullshit caller, avocado eater, & snuggler (little spoon.)

Twitter: @CaleyAlyssa
Instagram: @CaleyAlyssa

Confessions from a Boho Fashionista: My Easy Steps from Sand and Surf to your Perfect Patio Date!

fae6b00dfa988dfc757c1d3388ba0b5eHey Boho Beauties,

It’s summer time and that means special nights under the stars, freshly muddled mint mojitos and endless sun on your sweet skin. From June through to August there are just so many ways to plan perfect summer dates with your love, and that doesn’t have to stop you from spending the day soaking up salt and sand by the shoreline! We all know goddesses deserve long hot days on their paddle boards followed by evenings making wishes with their special someone, but you might be wondering how beach babes keep their glow from dawn to dusk. There are just a few simple tricks to look like a babe when you’re kicking up the sand all the way through to your patio plans with your honey.

Dry Shampoo: Don’t let date night stop you from diving into those big beautiful waves, gypsy girl! Salty beach locks are stunning on an evening out, and all you need is a touch of dry shampoo and your hands. Let the sun dry your hair naturally, spray some dry shampoo at the root, and enjoy the salty beach wave that will appear when your locks dry.

A Gorgeous Maxi: After a day cruising the shoreline, tasting lime gelato and laughing with your gal pals there’s no need to put a stuffy outfit on. A gorgeous maxi is the perfect piece, post beach. Toss your colorful maxi into your beach bag and pair it with some cute tasseled sandles for the perfect date night attire.

8e346e4b9e0f4de21c281ca47b1e4426Minimal Makeup:  You’ve spent the day at the beach, yoga gal. The sun has kissed your skin and you’re seriously glowing. This means you don’t need much for makeup. Put some coral pigment on the apples of your cheeks and lips, add a touch of mascara to your lashes, and you’re good to go for date night!

A Simple Scent: Scent is everything. Bring a sample of your fave scent in your beach bag to top of your gypsy goddess look. Choose coconut or fresh oleander to bring the feel of the beach with you on your night out with your babe. It’s the little details that count and this one is must-do, so don’t forget your special scent, boho babe!

Your Sweetest Smile: Above all else it’s your attitude that tops off your day to evening transition. Every fashionista knows that confidence is our best accessory and your smile can change a drab looking outfit into a perfect evening look. Remember your pearly whites and happy heart go a long way;)

These are my tips on the beach to date night transition, but I know you have some great ones up your gypsy queen sleeve! Share your easy steps with me in the comments below, I’d just love to hear them!

libpic-1Peace, Love and Magic from,

Your Resident Boho Fashionista, Libby xx

Bringing Beauty to the Mat with Yoga Design Lab

sldier-background-draft-1As we unrolled our mats for another day of yoga teacher training in Montanita, Ecuador, the floor became covered in stripes of black, gray, some blues and a hot pink.

As I unrolled my multi-colored chevron mat my teacher took notice and commented on how different and beautiful it was. I told her I’d wanted a mat that was bright and uplifting. Although we were on a beautiful beach, it was rainy season and I needed a lift away from the gray clouds.  She hadn’t given much thought to using our mats as a tool for stabilizing our mood or self-expression and it inspired a conversation about beautifying our space and specifically where we practice – our mat.

We use clothing, like our bright, patterned yoga pants, and accessories, like scarves and mala beads, to represent or to remind ourselves of our intentions, passions, attitudes, and beliefs. Some take it further and get beautiful intricate – and permanent – tattoos of mantras, yogic symbols, and deities. So I ask, why not bring that same expression to the mat?

Thankfully, companies like Yoga Design Lab are pushing the envelope with stunning designer mats and yoga accessories aimed at inspiring that beauty in us.

It’s refreshing to see a company applying the same logic to such an integral part of yoga. Color is at the very core of yoga…just look at our chakra rainbow.  I love practicing color meditation working upwards through all seven or focusing where I feel unbalanced.  Yoga clothing embraced the rainbow a few years back, stepping away from a white linen clad gurus and black yoga pant clad western yogis.

Like all of you, I spend a lot of time in Adho Mukha Svanasana and having something beautiful to set my gaze upon definitely lifts my spirits and tailbone a little higher.

Michelle HurleyMichelle Hurley is yogi and world traveller. She has been traveling South America consulting with emerging companies and non-profits the last two years. She is currently taking a month off to do her yoga teaching training in Ecuador.




8 Ways to Start Loving Yourself TODAY

_q3agBem04Ae1YewWttNb48Qy1gH11qk0bqJVAkO-poI remember as kids, my sister and I used to wake up to love notes on our bathroom mirror.    My mom would use dry erase markers and write us messages to help us start our days in good spirits. Sometimes it was fancy for a holiday or just simply “Good morning, I love you”.   Over the years, I have kept this tradition in my own daily life to set reminders for the things I am currently working on.   Last year, I was working on “Self Love”.

Self Love is becoming more popular term these days with the growth of the health and wellness industry.   It is so vital and important to take care of yourself and to love yourself so you can authentically share your love with others.   It’s quite magnetic and I believe it is the root of all health.  The more love you can embody, the more you can share your love with others.  One very important note about the gift of love is being able to receive love.  Many of us know how to give it away, but then we resist allowing it to come in.  By falling in love with your self you can start to feel the love within, then sharing and receiving becomes part of the natural ebb and flow.

Here’s are 8 of my many favorite ways to start loving yourself more today!

1. Write yourself love notes! 
Write yourself love notes every day.  Notes can be written on your bathroom mirror or even on sticky pads placed around your workplace, car or home.  I used to look in the mirror in the morning and hear the voice of my inner critic, “you’re too pale, you’re not trim enough, bad hair today, and on and on and on.”   Now I can look in the mirror and hear “you look beautiful today”.   The note completely shifted my perspective and attitude towards my self, making me much brighter and confident throughout the day.   This tool can help you begin to catch your inner critic and shift gears towards a more positive, loving self-image.

2. Pick a mantra
Last year, my mantra was simply “I am self love.   The more I told myself “I am self love” the more love I began to radiate from within.  Love is eternal and beautiful in nature.  We all have it.   Not just some.   So pick your mantra and start working with it.  Repeat it 3, 10, 50 times a day until it really starts to sink into your psyche.

3. Bathroom Rituals
Pick one that works for you.  For me, I love a nice, long bubble bath.   Nothing says rest and restore like 30 minutes soaking in a tub full of my favorite salts and essential oils.   If you do not have a bathtub, then perhaps you use the shower as a way to cleanse and refresh.  Or find your favorite moisturizer to lather all over your body.  I recommend saying your mantra as you dry off or apply your moisturizer.

4. Get dressed up!
Put something on right now that makes you feel sexy, cute, confident, and essentially you.  Don’t go for the worn out black t-shirt you always wear (that was the old me!) instead try on something new, even if it is just simply adding a mala or a scarf to your ensemble.  Wear something that dresses you up in your confident self.  Allow it to be comfortable and flowing so you feel free the whole day and observe as your body language starts to change.

5. Make yourself a meal
Skip the drive through and head to the grocery store.  Pick up all of your favorite items and spend some time making a meal that sounds delicious to you.  I would even encourage experimenting with your own recipe rather than looking one up online.  Once you have gathered all of your favorite produce, make sure you spend time washing and cleaning the food.  This cleaning process is not only good to keep it healthy and fresh, but you can get your loving hands all over it.  So when your body goes to digest, it knows that it was prepared with love.  It will help shift your relationship towards food how your body processes the energy.

6. Take a Yoga Class
Yoga is a great way to take some time for introspection.  In Yoga, we use the breath as a tool to get back in touch with your body and quiet the chatter of the mind.  Yoga helps to center, balance, and calm the nervous system. If you have a little more energy, then perhaps get a little cardio exercise.  Physical activity can help decrease stress and increase the number of endorphins in the body.  Endorphins help to alleviate the feeling of pain while stimulating the feeling of joy.  This will not only reinvigorate your mind but also give you a sense of empowerment to take on your day with strength and ease.

7. Connect with nature
I have found that even for 5 minutes, that feeling the rays of sunshine over my face really replenish my soul.  Going outside for a hike or taking a walk on the beach can be just as rejuvenating as a 2-hour nap in the middle of the day.   Practice a little bit of gratitude as you walk around the neighborhood and recognize that there is so much beauty in the world.   Place your hand on a tree or roll around in the grass.  Reconnect with your inner child and play…skip, run, jump, explore.   Remember those days of pure joy running around with your friends?  Come back to that feeling and spend some quality time with Mother Nature.

8. Sleep
Last but not least, and perhaps the best. . . Your body needs rest!   A restless body is usually not a happy body (at least not this body!).   If you find yourself constantly sleep deprived it cannot only affect your mood but also your metabolism and energy levels.  I suggest 7-8 hours per night.   It may seem like a lot to the working professional, but your body with thank you for it.  You will feel more alive and empowered to take on the day, and you may skip on that afternoon crash when you feel tempted to take a nap or sneak in another coffee.  Getting the proper amount of sleep is essential, for you and all those around you!   Ladies this is especially important for us as we lack the amount on testosterone that men have to power through the exhaustion.  Get your rest and fill up your tanks for the next day.

Enjoy every moment.  Be patient with the process.  As I mentioned in the beginning, self-love and personal care is not something that happens overnight.  For many of us with tainted backgrounds in judgmental environments, we need to rewire the brain to come from love rather than from fear.  Usually the root of negative conversations comes from this idea that you are “not enough”.  And I am here to reassure you that you are enough.  You have endless, boundless amounts of untapped loved stored right in your body.   Go digging and start to uncover some of that gold lying within!

Ali Owens is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher based in Manhattan Beach, California.he is a passionate artist, culture enthusiast, and fan of outdoor activities. Her classes are lead in an uplifting and challenging Vinyasa flow, linking movement with each breath in a continuous sequence




How to Rise at Wanderlust: My top 3 Soul Workouts to Optimize your Adventure

wanderlust-festival-vermont-yoga-2Wanderlust is certainly an adventure. It’s a four-day nature-fueled yoga bonanza loaded with opportunities to explore. Below are a few ways to optimize your experience:

1. Release your expectations
Expectation is the mother of disappointment. And no one has time for disappointment when there’s happiness to be had! Give yourself the freedom to flow and change course throughout the day. This openness allows you to spend more energy enjoying each moment instead of making sure you get everything on your schedule done. Tune into your body and what you need that day. For example, maybe the power yoga class you originally planned on doing will change into a more relaxing meditative practice. As I always say, less expectation, more exploration!

2. Get out of your comfort zone
Call me crazy, but I love opportunities to get out of my comfort zone, and Wanderlust is a great way to do just that. For example, you can try a new style of yoga, a meditation class, smile and say ‘hi” to a stranger, or even try out some new dance moves at the concerts! Try at least one thing out of your comfort zone during Wanderlust and feel the sweet expansion and sense of fulfillment that comes along with it.

3. Connect with nature  
Part of the Wanderlust experience is being in the mountains and immersing yourself in nature. I highly recommend you take an opportunity to enjoy your surroundings. There is always so much going on at the festival, so maybe take a mid-day break to go sit in the grass and write in your journal or even take a nap. That’s is what I call Nature Therapy!

Releasing your expectations, getting out of your comfort zone and connecting with nature are my top ways to ensure you have an extraordinary experience at Wanderlust. Try them at Wanderlust, and then try them again when you get home from Wanderlust… because your everyday life is an adventure too.

amanda christianAmanda Christian is a soul-fueled writer, yoga teacher and creator of weekly YouTube videos called Soul Workouts. You can catch Amanda guiding yoga treks this summer at Wanderlust Squaw July 17-20th