Confessions from a Boho Fashionista: Eat the Love You Feel

tdloveHey Boho Beauties,

It’s Valentine’s day in Bohemia, and I’m prepping for a romantic evening with my favorite special someone.

I spent a week visiting my super boho sister in San Francisco last spring, and she took me to a cooking class that blew our Californian minds. It wasn’t the class or the bronzed babe who taught it that made it so unbelievable. It was the simple, secret ingredient she shared with us that changed the way I cook forever.

I love to pay it forward, so this Valentine’s day my gift to you goddesses is the gift that Californian Chef gave to me.

Step One: Be a gourmet guru with love on your brain

After my week in the valley, I started cooking with love. Let me be more specific. Every time I walked into my kitchen, I went in with love on my mind.  I chopped veggies, and remembered sweet moments I’d spent with loved ones. I pulled dense leaves from kale stems, thought about times I’d felt sparkly and considered the people or places that made me feel that way. Then, I splashed oil and seeds on top of those beautiful culinary creations and soaked up the love.

Step Two: Eat the Love You Feel

Once the chow is ready, it’s time to eat the love. The magic in preparing a dish with love on your brain is that you are literally eating the love you felt when you made it. Pretty rad! Sit down, take a breath and let the quality love and kindness sink in.

Step Three: Share the Love You Madelet love in mala

After I’ve really felt the love, my favorite thing to do is share it. Those who’ve found the deepest love know that giving means receiving, so share that love-filled grub with your best gal pal or your sweetest honey.

My sweetie just showed up, so I’m putting on my Let Love In Mala and thinking some loving thoughts. Tonight when you’re massaging kale and cutting up veg, remember the people in your life who make it easy to love.

Peace, love and Magic from Bohemia xx

Bringing the Community Together with Yoga

Meet Ayami Hiroshige,

A little background about me… I was a competitive gymnast until the age of 15. I took dance in college, and I have always been fairly physically active . However, slightly overweight in 2012, I finally decided to change my life around with fitness and diet. I started being more active with the fitness community on Instagram and found some yoga accounts early 2013 – @laurasykora and @masumi_g – Masumi helped me with my first yoga pose… grasshopper – I was hooked


I participated in the #balanceARMy challenge on Instagram in February, took my first yoga class in March 2013 at my local Lululemon store and started my home practice. I fell in love.

@yogabeyond hosted “Fam Jam” out in NYC in the summer of 2013… and we joked about trying to get LA/west coast yogis together – LA Yoga Addicts (LAYA) was born. Since August 2013 we have hosted multiple events and workshops and are always trying to grow the yoga community in southern California and connecting people around the world.

Our vision with LAYA is to make yoga accessible to EVERYONE – bringing arco, aerial, lyra, hooping, slackline, etc to the community. We host and co-host workshops and events in and around the LA area. I would love to introduce people to what I have completely fallen in love with.


My initial thoughts about yoga were that it was more yin – holding stagnant poses for endless amounts of time, and that didn’t attract me at all. When I discovered yoga involved arm balances, inversions and actually required some athletic grace and some flexibility, a whole new world opened up for me. Most people are curious about arm balances – it’s like we’ve all been so busy being “adults” we have forgotten to play… and yoga helps remind us not to take things so seriously. Being on my mat, getting inverted and pushing my limits brings me back to the present, helps me connect me to what is important and allows me to finally feel free. It is a dream to be able to help others discover this too.