Authenticity in Spirituality – Remaining You in the Woo-Woo

New Age spirituality is everywhere now. Self-love is exploding and I guess you can say being soulful is certainly #trending. Psychic mediums no longer have little shops but have hit TV shows, there are certainly more life coaches than therapists and the New Age section in your local bookstore no longer collects dust. There’s an amazing open-ness to being connected to your soul and it seems like everyone is joining the party! If you’re part of this amazing movement there’s one very important thing to do — always remain YOU in the WOO-WOO.

The importance of remaining YOU in the WOO

Practice what you preach. Authenticity in spirituality is the MOST important thing to practice and to preach to others. Spirituality is the soul’s practice. It’s your identity and your unique fingerprint in this world. It should reflect only your purest self at all times.

Remaining YOU IN THE WOO isn’t easy; it takes a lot of hard work. The ego loves to hate on your happiness and insert fear into anything it can. So the question is, how do you stay on track with your authentic self? How do you not let your ego run the show when your main shtick as being someone spiritual is all about how bad the ego is?

How can the ego get you trippin’ in spirituality?

The ego loves to trip you up in spirituality. I can name countless times my ego had me trippin’ hard in my soulful practices. Here are a few ways to identify the ego at work:

  1. The ego will make you believe that spirituality is a competition. Have you ever been in a yoga class and all of a sudden you started mentally competing against the person next to you? You felt the need to push as hard as they were and you weren’t listening to what your body was actually telling you? Oh, how the ego loves a good yoga practice and making everything an unhealthy competition.
  2. Are you running a soul inspired business? Are you a life coach or blogger? Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others who are doing the same thing? The ego aims to put you up against others and inserts feelings of jealousy and fear.
  3. Are you new to spirituality? Are you just learning about intuition and manifestation and all of the good things that go along with it? Have you had thoughts of “why am I not getting this?” or “I must not have the intuitive gifts that others have” or “I feel so connected to this but I’m afraid I’ll be judged by my friends and family for believing in this”. The ego is afraid of change and never wants you to step out of what society thinks is “normal”.

Remember one thing and one thing only — the ego is NOT THE TRUTH. The ego is nothing but fear. Keeping it in check takes practice, but is guaranteed to keep you soulfully connected to yourself and to others.

How to keep your ego in check in spirituality:

  1. Marvelous Mantras – A mantra is a positive truthful word or sentence that you repeat on the regular. It’s believed that a mantra has psychological and spiritual powers to heal. Whenever you recognize your ego speaking, say your mantra.
  2. It’s not competition – It’s collaboration – It’s not you against the world when it comes to spirituality. It’s the COMPLETE opposite. Spirituality is all about collaboration and learning from each other. It’s creating new relationships with the like-hearted and making a difference as ONE and not as a solo act. Collaboration over ego, always.
  3. Magic mindset – Be OPEN to the world around you and never let the ego second guess a miracle in the making or one happening right before you. Miracles are real, the ego isn’t.
  4. Soulful Swag – Wearing something everyday as a reminder to remain centered and authentic. Whenever I put on my Tiny Devotions Mermaid Mala in the morning I can feel the positive energy cruising through my body. When I’m faced with anxiety or my ego starts talking serious smack I grab the stone, close my eyes and speak or think my mantra.

Everyone has a soul, and it’s time to rock it in the best way possible! Be authentic in everything you do, speak and believe in. It’s not competing its collaboration. It’s community and above all it’s love. It’s the root of you and everyone else. Remain YOU in the WOO-WOO of it all!


KELLY MISBIN BIO: Kelly Misbin is an internationally certified life coach, intuitive and medium from Brooklyn, NY. Kelly helps women who believe that they have something different and rare deep down inside of them. They’re ready to be navigated away from fear and are finally ready to come face to face with their most authentic selves. They’re ready to fix old wounds, accept the truth, discover magic and reach towards their goals or just reach towards being present in who they are and what they’re meant to do.




Daily Intentions with Lacey Calvert


We caught up with inspiring world yoga teacher and Oakley brand ambassador, Lacey Calvert, to chat intention setting. Here’s what this California girl had to say about her favourite ways to set intentions.

The Morning is the Best Time to Set Your Intention

Waking up each morning, our minds are clear, natural and organic. We haven’t yet been bombarded with news or to-do lists, and this is the most influential time to set our daily intention. About 8 months ago, I noticed myself waking up and immediately checking my email, instagram and anything else I could find on my phone. I realized my brain was getting inadequately stimulated early in the morning, and I wasn’t giving myself time to reflect, set goals, and ultimately setting my intention for each beautiful day I was given.

Each morning that I get the chance to open my eyes and breathe in the sweet air, I know that this is the day that will completely change the rest of my life. I ask myself, what is one thing today that I want to accomplish? How I can influence others to live their most extraordinary life? And, how can show my community how much I care and appreciate them? Finding the answers to these questions everyday allows us to have a clear and intentional outlook on our thoughts and processes throughout our days. We are setting goals and giving ourselves a purpose during our days. We are allowing clarity to start our day, and giving each moment the ability to shine.

I challenge you to set daily intentions. Do your mind a favor and take a few moments each morning. Open your eyes with a purpose, and set your daily intention as your body starts a new day. Dream up the adventures, the freedom, the friendships and the new beginnings that each day can bring us. You have complete control of the days that you live, and you can live a life that you love.

laceycalvertLacey Calvert

Lacey Calvert travels the world teaching yoga to athletes, while enjoying each day she is given. Having being diagnosed with a heart condition at age 17, Lacey found yoga as a beautiful balance between energy and ease. Her passion and enthusiasm shows in her classes, as she challenges your flow with lightheartedness and a smile. Join her yoga journey on instagram @laceycalvert.

An Inspirational Chat with Kate Horning


What brought you to the mat for the first time?

A desire to connect with myself and my breath. The first time I attended a yoga class, I was so intimidated and worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up. What I discovered is that yoga meets you right where you are. I take the same approach with health. It’s not about perfection, but instead, taking things one day at a time. Doing the best you can every single day and being totally present in the moment. It has transformed my life.

How do you set intentions in life?

I set intentions in life based on how I want to feel and what I want to experience in life. I think the most powerful thing we can do to make changes in our lives is to simply focus on being a little better today than we were yesterday. It’s all about being present and truly enjoying the moment, focusing on the only person you can change – you.

What do you do to inspire your community?

I live it every day and simply share that. I try to inspire my community by showing them that I am on the exact same journey that they are.

What inspires me?

My passion for living, my healthy lifestyle and sharing that with others truly keeps me inspired daily. I love seeing people who get what I am trying to do and embrace creating their own healthy lifestyles!

What is your favorite mala and why?

The Clarity Mala. I have always known what I wanted to do with my life and have always chased my dreams but occasionally, I need a little reminder to be thankful of everything I have in life. The clarity mala brings positivity into my mindset and the rich purple color reminds me that I am powerful and have a purpose to serve.

Kate is the author of Healthy Living Redefined, which comes out on April 7th. To preorder your copy visit Join Kate’s community over at and connect with her using the hashtag #LiveItShareIt



Bringing the Community Together with Yoga

Meet Ayami Hiroshige,

A little background about me… I was a competitive gymnast until the age of 15. I took dance in college, and I have always been fairly physically active . However, slightly overweight in 2012, I finally decided to change my life around with fitness and diet. I started being more active with the fitness community on Instagram and found some yoga accounts early 2013 – @laurasykora and @masumi_g – Masumi helped me with my first yoga pose… grasshopper – I was hooked


I participated in the #balanceARMy challenge on Instagram in February, took my first yoga class in March 2013 at my local Lululemon store and started my home practice. I fell in love.

@yogabeyond hosted “Fam Jam” out in NYC in the summer of 2013… and we joked about trying to get LA/west coast yogis together – LA Yoga Addicts (LAYA) was born. Since August 2013 we have hosted multiple events and workshops and are always trying to grow the yoga community in southern California and connecting people around the world.

Our vision with LAYA is to make yoga accessible to EVERYONE – bringing arco, aerial, lyra, hooping, slackline, etc to the community. We host and co-host workshops and events in and around the LA area. I would love to introduce people to what I have completely fallen in love with.


My initial thoughts about yoga were that it was more yin – holding stagnant poses for endless amounts of time, and that didn’t attract me at all. When I discovered yoga involved arm balances, inversions and actually required some athletic grace and some flexibility, a whole new world opened up for me. Most people are curious about arm balances – it’s like we’ve all been so busy being “adults” we have forgotten to play… and yoga helps remind us not to take things so seriously. Being on my mat, getting inverted and pushing my limits brings me back to the present, helps me connect me to what is important and allows me to finally feel free. It is a dream to be able to help others discover this too.