How to Set Up Your Sacred Space

tRIzKEGtl79OPUR7Fe7GydTOwWoY5NaVWez1LrwVu8AOut of all the practices to keep consistent in your life, I’d say that two reign as the most important; finding an exercise program that you love, and meditating.

Both of these practices work towards the same goal, but in different ways. With exercising, you are boosting your level of endorphins to stimulate healthy tissue growth, stability, and strength, allowing for you to feel better and be more grounded in your body. When you meditate, you are focusing on the breath, observing the inner mechanics of your body, and flexing your spiritual muscles that will ultimately create better focus, allowing for you to feel better and be more grounded in your body. It is therefore imperative that these practices make it in to your daily life, as the body is the greatest tool that a human being has in their possession.

And if you’re going to meditate (which you should do, for the record), you’re going to need a good space to do it in. Creating a “sacred space”, a place where you are inspired to be grounded and at peace, is a perfect way to get yourself excited about the practice of meditation. Equipped with your favorite Tiny Devotions Mala, you can visit this space at least once a day, perform a meditation that is most suited to your personal purpose, and reap the benefits of a calm mind and calm body.

Here are some helpful tips in setting up your unique sacred space:

FH3FZWOVBX-Q0k-FVmg_r9brp8KFptcvZK6ZtciRUkI 1)     Choose an area where you will not be disturbed. If you have room mates or if you are living in a house with other people, it is best that your sacred space be situated in an area that is not going to be disturbed by others (your room, for example, is usually a safe bet). Designate this area as your own for your practice and ensure that the other people you live with respect that space. As a boho girl or guy, it is more than likely that your house mates are already aware of your needs and will support your  space 100%.

2)     Have something comfortable to sit or lie down upon. This could be a large cushion, a chair, your bed, or anything that will allow you to be most comfortable when you are meditating. Have this is the centre of the space as a connection point, inspiring you to remain still, grounded, and connected to the healing energies around you.

3)     Decorate the space with anything that resonates with your specific vision of inner peace and spiritual energy. It may be an image of your favorite Hindu deity, or it could be a photograph of a tropical paradise. Allow whatever brings you calm and focus into your sacred space and keep your vision in tune with your inner most desires.

4)     For centuries, many cultures have used incense as a way of cleansing and consecrating their sacred rituals. If it feels right to have some incense or candles in the space, light them up and let them burn! Psychologists have proven that specific smells can trigger calming sensations in the brain, easing stress and provoking a more centered turn of thought. Do you a little experimentation and see which scents and candles feel right for you.

5)     Have a point of focus. It may be an image, a phrase, or even your Tiny Devotions Mala. Have this item as a key point of focus in your sacred space, something to keep you attention when your mind inevitably begins to wander during meditation. This componant will bring all of the sacred space elements together and pack a bit of a punch to your spiritual mojo.

Becoming in tune with your desires and your central spirit is important. However busy you get, however often you get swept away in the waves of some of the more trivial aspects of your life, remember that the key to coming back to it is as simple as breathing in your perfect, sacred space. With an open heart, a grounded body, and a calm mind, there is no limit to what you can achieve.


Lauren is a guest writer for the Huffington Post and Social Media Coordinator in Toronto.



Confessions from a Boho Fashionista: How I Make My Boho House a Home

f21f6fe5885fa749f3cccd7dbcc74a80Hey Boho Beauties,

Have you ever been to a gal pals pad and felt so at ease that you just didn’t want to leave? She had the most perfect pashminas placed in the all the coolest spots, candles were lit and E.E Cummings best words were hanging in her powder room. Something about that gypsy paradise felt like a serious home to you, and you wanted it, bad  Here’s the trick, boho babe. It doesn’t take much. Adorning your dream palace in all that says pure love is simple and sweet and there’s just a few ways to do it. Let’s talk about my favorite ways to make a boho house a home.

Scent.  Think sandalwood, coral, coconut. The smell of something sweet can leave you feeling so totally ready to dance, completely at peace, or happy to pull on your moccasins. Sandalwood is generally used for healing, trust and serenity. Put this special oil in a diffuser or have it plugged into your HVAC.  This is the scent of all scents, so invest immediately.

Scarves. Your gypsy paradise will feel like home right away once you add a colourful scarf to the back of a padded chair or your sweet love seat. Find beautiful scarves from India or Bali and wrap your home in them.

Light. Candles are a serious game changer. They add that special glow to your home like nothing else can. A soft candle will help you tap in to the romantic, peaceful place in you and it will show throughout your home. Find maple syrup, vanilla and sweet honey candles in different sizes and place them all throughout your space. Guests will feel the magic throughout your place (and they’ll wonder what that secret scent is!)

Gypsy Pieces. You’ve just got to have a few pieces that reflect your goddess heart. Maybe you picked up a special vase in Maui last April, or you flew in a beaded chair from Morocco on the fly. There are sure to be a couple of special pieces scattered throughout your dream home that speak to your gypsy side.

Sound. All yoga babes love a great playlist. This is why your place should have the best music playing low and on repeat at all times. A memorable playlist can create magic at a special dinner, that quiet night in, or catch-ups with your gal pals, so have several ready for all occasions.

Your dream home just takes a few simple touches to become completely perfect! Try these ones and more, boho babes. Is there something you love about your home that takes it to the next level? I’d love to hear all about it.  Let’s talk boho interiors in the comments below!

libpic-1Peace, Love and Magic from,

Your Resident Boho Fashionista, Libby xx