Five Ways to Turn Your Dream into a Reality

SOIFYiuY48ahEKgulm0xa6Zdt9QR3pr_J-DFB5oX5Kg1. Get Clear. Whose dream are you chasing? Is it really yours? Or something your mother/father/society expects of you? Understand that whatever dream you’re chasing is actually a desire to feel a certain way. How do you want to feel? An excellent tool to discover and embody these feelings is The Desire Map. Once you’re clear on how you want to feel, you’ll be best poised to pursue the dreams that truly matter.


2. Start Before You’re Ready. Just begin. Perfectionism is on a continuum with procrastination. It’s much more important to have forward motion of any kind over waiting until all the pieces are lined up. Because, guess what? They’re never gonna line up. There will always be something that isn’t quite right, some bit that you don’t know how to do, some other task that’s competing for your attention (the dishes! The kids want dinner! Facebook!!) But your mantra is: “I’ll figure it out.”  


3. Relax & Focus. Remember that on your deathbed, you won’t wish you had really spent more time working and less time being creative. At the same time, it’s helpful to know that in a thousand years it likely won’t matter, so there’s no need to take it all so seriously. Chronic stress — whether from a job, a relationship, or the inner critic that just won’t let you be — must be addressed. Commit to just 15 minutes per day of uninterrupted space to work on your dream.


4. Disappoint Some People. As most of us are busy people who tend to multitask, so finding the time to devote to a new project will almost always mean having to say no to other people’s agendas a lot more often. This can be very challenging, but it becomes easier with practice. My coach says one sign of success is saying no to cooler and cooler stuff. Haha! Remember that saying “no” to other people is really saying a much bigger “YES” to your dream.


5. Connect to Others. We live in the golden age of the Internet, and it’s easier than ever before to surround yourself with mentors, experts, and a tribe of people who are all blazing the same type of path as you. Seek out relationships on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Have conversations. Ask questions. Offer support. Collaborate with people. But do it choicefully. Allies can also be plants, animals, natural objects, tools and the Earth itself. Pay no mind to critics, and solicit feedback only from those who are in your arena, as Brene Brown has famously recommended. Read books. Immerse yourself in gratitude for all the tools and advantages we have that support the opportunity to make your dream a reality.


993dfe266b3832830c59f96f7af0a98d_400x400Rachael Rice is a writer, teacher, musician, and online art marketing maven. She’s devoted most of her life to teaching others how to move through fear and confusion into creative expression.


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Confessions of a Boho Fashionista: A Boho Bridal Shower-How to Create the Most Magical Day for Your Best Gal-Pal!

e9fe7d3adeda137b6bb60a8b093983d2Hey Boho Beauties,

When your bestie decides to tie the knot, it’s a serious must to throw her the best boho bridal shower of the season! Every gypsy goddess who grew up dreaming of floating down the aisle adorned in flowers, feathers and sunbeams also hoped for the perfect bohemian bridal shower. This season, bohemian bellas are throwing the sweetest backyard showers for their gal pals and besties alike, with the most special DIY boho décor, gift bags and menu options. Let’s talk about my boho bridal shower checklist to make your best gal pal’s heart shine!

1.Fresh Flower Crowns: Every goddess wants to feel like one, so purchase beautiful flowers from your local fresh florist and make crowns for the bella bohemians who will be attending your shower. These crowns can serve as a beautiful take home gift, they feel so special when they’re worn, and they’re great for photo opts!

7ac91daa5329dfe7b97e1b5b9fe185902.Backyard Soiree: Set up your backyard like a modern-day, chic, bohemian slumber party! This means lots of outdoor pillows for gab sessions and laughs, organic candy stations, and beautiful Aztec blankets galore!

3.DIY Pastel Tassels: Adorn the backyard in pastel tassels that are beautiful and easy to make! These are seriously on trend right now, and they look great in pictures so add as many as you like to really make the backyard look like a fantasy.

9a386a6dddbe8d8b68848e57b4d449f94.Dream Catcher Station: Have an area where your pals can make dream catchers. Set up the beads, weaving materials and hoop and give some brief directions for your goddess friends. This is a great activity to do at a shower, because it’s all about new beginnings and dreams! When the girls have their finished result, share them with one another.

5.Pink Grapefruit Mimosas: Every shower needs a little extra something, something! To really make your mimosas special, pre-slice your grapefruits and freeze them. Use the frozen grapefruits as ice cubes in the mimosas for a serious hit!

6.Wish Jar: Have a special wish jar with beautiful, pre cut organic paper and feather pens for your guests. Then have your guests write their wishes or intentions for the bride and drop them into the jar. At the end of the afternoon, take all of your gypsy bellas and yogi friends and sit with pillows and candy and read all of the sweet wishes aloud!

These are my top tips for a successful boho bridal shower, but I know YOU have some magical ones too!! Share them with us in the comments below!!

I just can’t wait to try some of these ideas out at all of the bohemian showers I’ll be attending this summer. Remember boho bellas, there’s always a new way to set your intention, get inspired, use your creativity and harness all of the gifts you have!!

libpicPeace, Love and Magic from,

 Your Resident Boho Fashionista, Libby xx