How to gift the perfect Mala

Do you have someone truly unique in your life? Someone that inspires you? The gal pal that’s been by your side, or yoga instructor that’s encouraged you beyond words. Mala beads are spiritual forget-me-nots, carrying an abundance of vibrations, energy and intention. Choosing for a friend can be overwhelming, but not to worry! We’ve put together a simple way to make choosing easy and fun.


Let’s first focus on the basics of your gal pal in mind.

  • Is she into yoga?
  • Is she a mama?
  • Does she live a fast and crazy life, or travel to find her next great adventure?

Knowing the answers to these questions and similar ones will help you to determine how she will use her new mala beads.

Looking at her lifestyle will help begin to narrow your focus. Try to find a mala that is in line with what your friends intentions are.

Mala beads help us to hone in on what is important in our lives, right now.

  • What’s she got going on in her life right now?
  • Has she just landed a great new promotion at her job?
  • About to embark on a journey?
  • Becoming a mother?

Perhaps she’s looking for a new beginning. What is your friend trying to manifest? Reflect on some conversations you’ve had in private, where she might have mentioned an area of her life she’s been struggling with, or is simply trying to improve.

Gemstones emit their own unique vibration and healing energies and are to be worn near the chakras, which are the energy centers of the body. Find a gemstone that is believed to carry an energy which aligns with her intentions.

The most important aspect of picking a mala for your gal pal is to follow your intuition. You know her best! Keep her in mind as you look through your options.

  • Which pieces speak to you?
  • Which ones remind you of her?

Reflect upon her energy, her lifestyle and her intention. If you need any additional help contact someone from our team for some further info. Each mala necklacemala ring and stack is lovingly wrapped and shipped in a beautifully printed intentional box to hold your piece in. We’ll even include a little love note if you request. Happy shopping + happy manifesting!

Remember, it’s coming from you with heart, inspiration and connection. She’ll be sure to love the story behind your choice as she adores her new precious gem (just as much as she adores you).


Keep the Tribe Tight with Delicious Girls Night Dinner Dates

tiny-devotions-mala-beads-richelle-hunter-photography-23I consider myself an introvert. I tend to be quiet, an observer.  I prefer smaller, more intimate gatherings and would certainly not put myself in the category of ‘social butterfly’. I would not say that I have a lot of friends, however, the friends I do have are friendships that are rooted in strong foundations of loyalty, love and kindness. The relationships that I hold so close to my heart are ones I cherish and ones I know will last a lifetime.

As I get older I have learned that it’s not about the quantity of friends I have but more the quality of each of the relationships I invite into my life. I tend to have deep conversations right off the bat and feel very foreign when I am in a situation where I am surrounded by individuals who look past me when they ask me a question, inquiring about surface matters such as the weather.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the weather is nothing to speak of.  I Love talking about sunny days and warm summer evenings, however, I’m talking about ‘filler’ conversation. You know, the more superficial conversation that you seem to inevitably find yourself in from time to time. I like to cut to the chase and if I feel a connection with you and feel as though the Universe has bought us together for some special, sacred reason –which is most always the case- I’m the type of person who will jump right in and ask you about, You. I’ll ask you about who you are, where you’re from and I don’t mind getting deep with the nitty-gritty straight away. I realize that’s not for everyone nor is everyone comfortable with that, however, the people I am drawn to seem to always be on the same wavelength as I am and that can make some pretty remarkable, memorable get-togethers.

When I find myself longing for the connection of these beloved friendships, I always plan our dates consciously, keeping in mind that the space and time we are going to share is one that needs to nourish both body and mind. Because I don’t get the opportunity to see my gals on a regular basis, we plan our dates with as much love as we can to make our time together truly special and meaningful. From the clothes I decide to wear to the food we eat, these times are planned with the nourishment of body and soul at the forefront.

When planning a night out with my girls, I always pick a place to eat that is vibrant and rich in both taste (Indian and Ethiopian are a few of our favs!) and energy yet quiet enough that we can hear one another speak. The times are rare that we can all meet so we like to gather in a setting where we can chat, discuss and share stories without too much strain. We laugh over dinner and catch-up, talking about how we need to get together more often. Enjoying a tasty treat is also top priority so we all dig in and share a few yummy desserts and more convo over tea. Our girls night is not complete without a nice glass or two of vino and a little letting loose on the dance floor, laughing the evening away and feeling as though only a day has passed since last we were together.

The evening ends as quickly as it started and even though they may only happen a few times a year, these moments we share with one another are sacred and are ones that I will carry with me for a lifetime. . .

Megan Casten-1735Megan Casten is a lover of life and adventure. Creator of, she gains strength and confidence in sharing her own life experiences with others in hopes that she might touch someone’s heart who may need it. Megan’s passion is to inspire and motivate others and being able to do this full-time is, well, a dream job come true! Her adventures are far from being over and she embraces each day with arms wide open, all while doing so with compassion, love and grace. 


Twitter: @megancasten 

Facebook: M Inspired


Confessions from a Boho Fashionista: The Top 5 Gal Pals You Need in Your Life, Right Now!

dZJ54rXNxB3j19d-yWofEWOsqsu-CYkYLvnpZDITVM4,xliu9KX70bRQAI9SZ-uMGEG5cDARN5_QHjdvb0oEpR4,BpNMbrQzVAjDV9j8xkg3xf-0yhYnUOncLVx2rFeVZrcHey Boho Beauties,

Like every yogi fashionista’s fine collection of gemstones and sacred silk scarves, a girl has got to have her go-to group of gal pals to lean on. From the wild haired bestie you’ve known since you were crackling pop rocks in grade five to the golden goddess you went road tripping with in college, we’ve all got a special collection of friends who help us through the peaks and valleys of life’s journey. There are a few types of magical boho friends that a girl has just got to have by her side to fulfill all of her auspicious dreams, create a life of wonder, and live completely fearlessly.

Here are the top five gal pals you should have in your life, right now!

The Big Dreamer
 She’s writing her next novel, starring on a local television show, gets up every day at 5 a.m. and she’s seriously driven. This goddess has known her sweetest goals and aspirations since she was six, and she’s worked hard to make them a reality. She’s a staple in your life because she encourages all of your life’s hopes and dreams. She’s never jealous or catty, because she’s secure in her own dreams and trusts in yours.

gDWZRLy6DD3CX_tIf4NcFzI4S-W9mo28BQwgNvv5UdQ,JuggcsiYpcnRWW2ko29oCaHb_YVDphKaypXdJe6ULlI,UwDzm8U7awnqYXjXSes8IpXJmwXkEExrqcTH1YRk-6s The Soul Sister
 You met her when you were a little girl and she’s pretty much your family. You could spend months, even years apart but your spirits are connected like sisters, so it never feels like it’s been long. You’re intuitively connected—she can tell when you’re feeling blue, and she knows how to make it right. If, by chance, you didn’t meet this gal long ago, the stars aligned when you met and you knew somehow that in another life you must have danced together barefoot on a beach somewhere. This goddess is a serious gem. She is your soul sister.

 The Mama Bear
 You go to her when mercury is in retrograde, you tell her all of your secrets, she’s your shoulder to cry on. This mama bear is wise beyond her years. She’s got all of the answers; from avocado cacao mousse recipes to the sacred stories of Kali, she knows it all. She’ll pick up the phone when no one else does (you’ve got her on speed dial.) She’s a special force to be reckoned with-she holds the moon up and keeps all of her besties safe.

 The No Bull, A Type, Let’s Get This Done, I’m Talking Right Now, Kinda Gal
 This fiery friend has your best interest at heart. She knows all of your magic and won’t take ‘can’t’ for an answer. She’ll tell you her loving, stone cold, honest truth, if she thinks it will help you achieve your highest potential. She doesn’t believe in ‘no’, and she’ll always find a way. She’s a light worker and power mama, who will have you help you to unveil anything that’s blocking you from seeing all that’s good in you.

 The Barefoot Babe
 This barefoot bella is your very best friend. You take her on all of your most magical adventures, throw dance parties with her below the honeymoon, and share secrets that are never told. This babe is your bestie because there’s a childlike wonder that’s unwritten between the two of you, which will never grow old! You both know that life is for unabashed, full-out living, and you do it together with arms wide open, face a-glow.

All friends are precious, just like the sacred Malas and stones with which we adorn ourselves. These are just a few of the rare and important types of gals you should have in your life to keep it whole, auspicious and full. I know you have a friend-type that helps you to stay sane and golden, and I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!!

libpic-1Peace, Love and Magic,

From Your Resident Boho Fashionista, Libby xx