Manifest with the Full Moon


Crystal grids are an arrangement of gemstones + crystals that are placed with intention to bring forth a desired energy. Start your Crystal Grid with cleansed crystals to ensure they’re fully energized and vibrating high.

The Full Moon brings upon a perfect time to charge your crystals with lunar energy. Place your crystals in a bowl and leave them under the moonlight. In the morning, your crystals will be fully cleansed and ready for intention setting.

Now it’s time to charge your crystals! We love infusing them with a specific, desired intention. Hold your gem between your palms, open your heart and raise your voice. Share your intentions with the world. When we feel supported, we feel empowered, confident and radiant.

Think about which Chakra the gemstones you are using will compliment. Each gem is believed to emit its own special vibration and healing energy. When worn near the Chakras, the energy centers of the body, this further inspires manifestation + intention setting. For example, Rose Quartz inspires unconditional love of all types. Amethyst vibrates peace + calm, while Clear Quartz is said to provide clarity and focus. Whatever you end up choosing, make sure they assist in your big picture goal.

The arrangement of your gemstones also counts! Placing gemstones pointed inward is said to attract inward energy, while the opposite is said to draw those energies out.

This mindful meditation practice is a fun, relaxing way to boost your mood and help you manifest your greatest desires.

How To Host a Full Moon Party


…By hosting a Full Moon Party!


The energy of the new moon brings about a perfect time to energize your crystals, set new intentions, and cast away anything that no longer serves you. Full moons are symbolic of turning points, manifestations + closure.


During a Full Moon, the Moon is on the exact opposite side of the Earth from the Sun, bringing us a brightly lit spectacle. People used to plant, hunt, fish and even move by the seasons and cycles of the moon.

Living by the natural cycles of the universe and can keep you grounded and in a flow of abundance. Here are some simple steps to throwing your own Full Moon party:


1. Pick your venue:
Are you hosting the party in your home or outside? Lanterns, fairy lights, sparkly tinsel and starry decorations add moon-vibes to your indoor space. Drape your space in silver + white accents to bring light to outdoor settings. 
Tealight candles or a burning fireside will add a soft glow until the moonlight shines upon your party.


2. Recruit your Full Moon crew:
Rally together friends + family who motivate you, spark your soul and bring awareness. Invite those who may not be as spiritually advanced, too. You might be surprised and impressed by their Full Moon manifestations. 


3. Gather supplies:
Make sure you have everything you need for you + your guests to feel comfortable. Grab some note pads and pens for guests to manifest their intentions – or release baggage – by writing it down. After writing your intentions down, go around your circle of friends and share. Set up crystal grids with gemstones to direct cosmic energy towards a certain goal.
Cleanse your gemstones by placing them outside in the moonlight, or burn candles + smudge sticks to symbolize something you’re letting go of. Tarot cards are also a fun, spiritual activity you might wish to include.


4. Set the mood:
Cushions, blankets, incense burning, fire crackling. Play some soft, inspiring music and snack on fresh, detoxifying foods. Take your tribe on a stroll to watch the moon (or howl away!)


5. Place your written intentions somewhere sacred:

Perhaps it’s under your pillow, or placed neatly within a spiritual crystal altar. By writing your intentions down and verbally sharing them with friends, you hold yourself accountable to achieve them. The best part of this? It’s proven you’re actually more likely to achieve goals set this way. Take the time until the next New Moon or Full Moon to reflect upon how far you’ve come and what needs work.

We’ve put together the perfect kit for cleansing your gemstones! Check out the Full Moon Party Activation Kit



Q&A with #BohoSelfie Winner, Tiffany!

_6C_KXzxqHQ9q2-8oqHOD81FQNztkj68H8Ovte51r7U,Jc2Oz_TsZDJqmFTuniWnYDRUPcwUCjgAVX2YWi_yvMY,HQ4DP21d6azHeqxN0NxrR6B1ZNUaHYvRrgL6mYCALfE,d_UXY8c2iqbOa1TA7eJNwCb5auFXz-gPeAMresJh63IMany thanks to all of the stunning gypsies who submitted their gorgeous selfies as part of our #BohoSelfie contest! Your all serious babes and it was super hard to choose a winner. But, when we saw Tiffany’s wedding day selfie and heard her inspiring story, we knew we had our girl.


1. In your #BohoSelfie you’re sporting the Full Moon Mala. What was it about the Full Moon mala that captivated you? And what intention did you give your mala? 
I had a connection to the Full Moon Mala right away. I’ve always been fascinated with Full Moons, so the name was my initial attraction. Turquoise, a protection stone was very important. Amethyst, allows me to overcome fears and attracts positive energy into my life. Since starting a new chapter and journey in my life (new hubby, 5 years cancer free, new house & new job!) —it was the perfect piece. And pairing the Full Moon Mala with my Soul Stack, is absolutely harmonious.


2. You’re a newlywed! Congratulations. What’s the best love lesson you’ve learned on the road to marriage? 
Find your best friend and marry them! It’s just as important to truly like someone, as it is to love them. Open communication needs to happen constantly. Find time for your relationship every day. Give more. Set dreams together.


3. What’s your favourite yoga pose and why do you love it? 
My favorite yoga pose is the ending pose, Savasana. It’s my time—to enjoy that sacred place, a place for stillness, quiet and reflection; to live in the now.


4. Your wedding day was on your five year cancer free anniversary. It must feel awesome to be a full-fledged cancer survivor. What wisdom can you share with women currently going through their own cancer journey? Some things I’ve learned along the way: You MUST be your own advocate, because no one else is going to do it for you. Remove all negativity from your life. Remember that bald is beautiful. Find your inner peace. Dig in your heels and keep fighting—you are a force to be reckoned with! Smile, carry positive energy, eat veggies, breathe and do yoga. If you see a fellow cancer pal, give them a high five and tell them how cool the world is because they’re in it. Finally, you’re a survivor every step of the way.

5. What intention are you going to give your brand new mala and why? 
My intentions: I am Strong. I am Awesome. I am Present. Why you ask? Well, now, that’s a secret :)

Ritual can be done anywhere, by anyone, and in any way with Jessica Cartwright

full_IMG_6179_edited-2Living in Montana provides a constant source of inspiration. There is so much natural beauty and an abundance of healthy, heart centered energy. It’s a wondrous thing to wake up every day in what the natives called the Valley of the Flowers. I feel immensely grateful to live here and do what I love – teach yoga, energy heal, get lost in nature, and inspire others.

Another beautiful gift that Montana has given me is the importance of ritual. Ritual is grounding and gives us purpose. It’s what our ancestors did on a regular basis and allows us to feel connected to this earth and our place here within it.

Ritual can be done anywhere, by anyone, and in any way.

When I hiked Machu Picchu last year I turned it into a spiritual journey. I used my malas to set an intention with every step. I ran the beads through my fingers and honored a loved one, said a healing affirmation, and charged them with love and purpose through every step.

MountainSplitNow it’s a ritual to use my malas in meditation when I need recharging; to cleanse them along with my crystals on the full moon; to practice 108 sun salutations at the change of every season; to place them on the top of my mat during my yoga practice.

 Breaking away from technology and connecting in a more meaningful way, through ritual, is a blessing. It allows us to hear the whispers of our ancestors as we ease into the groundedness of feeling earthly, relishing the seasons, and delighting in being human.

I love the Devotion mala for this reason; it reminds me of my devotion to ritual and to the purpose we all have in this life. It also reminds me of my devotion to the dreamworld, to spirit work, to the seasons, to my ancestors, to the land where I live, to my relationship with my self, and to the source of connection that lies within us all, at our heart centers.

MachuHeadstand Let creating ritual be fun! Just like the excitement that comes from picking out the perfect mala for you, exploring meaningful rituals in your life will feel freeing, empowering, and invigorate you! Ideas are to smudge your house, pat your buddha, carry crystals with you, celebrate the full moon, all of it works. Go with what feels good!

In my opinion ritual is anything that you come back to regularly, that steps you out of your normal routine (habit) and provides a feeling of meaning, purpose, and connection. So look for inspiration and get creative in how to bring ritual into your life. It’s sort of like deepening our roots so that our branches can grow even further.

Your malas are your best ally in bringing ritual and intention into your every day. Let them connect you to the ways you want to feel, to the love and groundedness that connects us all, every time you touch, wear, and practice in them!


– Jessica Cartwright