Boho Girl on a Budget: The Top Ten Ways to Girls Night-the Boho Way!

_P9A9241There are a lot of things that every Boho girl needs to know. When she’s not out experiencing her favorite yoga class, catching some waves at the beach, or taking in a summer stroll, she’s with her friends, enjoying the best parts of life with the ones she cares about most. Though these are always the sweetest of times for any Boho beauty, they can be a big drain on the wallet, if you’re not careful.

The greatest knowledge that any Boho girl can possess for a night of fun is how to have an incredible time without blowing your budget. Finances can be tricky, but hey; truth, beauty, freedom, and love don’t have to come at a pretty price. It’s possible to spend a night with your closest girls and keep it simple. Simplicity is the greatest gift in life, and when we stay mindful of this practice, we can achieve anything (especially a sweet party).

In honor of the bohemian tradition of fun and fancy-free, here are ten ways to have a girl’s night, the boho way:

1.  In the beginning, make a plan. Get together with the gals and decide on the type of outing you’d like to have. Create a foundations of a perfect night and start building!

2.  Agree on a budget and chip in together. If you want to do something that requires a little extra cash, come up with an idea of how much it will cost per person and put your finances together. Sharing the cost will definitely lighten the load.

3.  Public transit it up! If you’re going on a getaway, meet up at the subway station, streetcar, or bus stop and travel together. Better yet, if it’s within walking distance, get your exercise on! This will not only cut down on costs, but it’s environmentally friendly and safe, should you choose to enjoy a glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage together.

d5efea743a53fdaccbc20991ebe97fd64.  Pack a picnic. What better way to cut down on costs than to bring some delicious snacks and enjoy them together at a park? After all, everyone loves a potluck!

5.   Share your musical talents. Concerts can be super expensive these days, so grab your guitar playing, drum beating friends, and create your own concert! You’d be pretty surprised at how talented people can be when there are no judgments around them.

6.   Have a game night. Who doesn’t love delving into childhood territory and enjoying some of the boardgames you used to play when you were kids? Get everyone to bring their favorite boardgame to a pre-disclosed location and watch the hilarity ensue! (Hint: ‘Twister’ is a solid bet at any age).

7.  Three words; outdoor yoga class. Check out a class online and get ready to vinyasa in the open, evening air. If you have a friend who’s an instructor, that’s even better.

8.  Remember to be open to new ideas. Creativity is the seed of any great discovery. Be open to ideas, and be open to changes. A simple journey can result in the most incredible adventure, if you allow it to.

9.   A movie night is never a bad thing. Bring all the girls together and choose some of your favorite flicks, enjoying a night of snacks and laughs without bursting your bank accounts.

e197e679df907d616aef4d37a8cc815510.  When all else fails, a walk on the beach and a dip in the ocean is the perfect girl’s evening in the summertime. Add a bonfire and you are more than golden!

In a society that values money so much, we tend to forget that the best times in life are free. The Boho way, fortunately, will never let us down. Focus on the time spent with those you love, and you will be always be rich, regardless of your wallet’s girth. The rest will come in time. Namaste!



Lauren is a guest writer for the Huffington Post and Social Media Coordinator in Toronto.

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A Boho girl in Brooklyn. Yoga, Art and New York with Lauren Robertstad.

laurenroberstadWe caught up with Lauren Robertstad to talk about her life in Brooklyn, New York, and how she gets inspiration in her yoga practice and throughout the day. Here’s what this boho New Yorker had to say!

What do you do to inspire your community?

Create. I photograph myself in various asanas against radical backdrops. Each image is typically accompanied by a poem I vibe with that day. At the beginning of the project it was all about just doing it; Now, I’m all about what I create. Through it all, both my photography and asana practice have grown. And inspiring others to be more aware of their being, both their physical being as well as their creative parts, has been a sprightly experience.

What brought you to the mat for the first time?

I’ve been practicing on and off since 2004. It was an on-and-off practice because I was quite bored by it. It wasn’t until a painful experience a year ago that I collapsed onto my mat for relief and comfort. The entire practice healed me from the inside out- and I’ve had a daily practice ever since.

Who and what inspires you?

Strong women inspire me. I’ve yet to meet a woman in NYC whom I haven’t fallen in awe of. As women, we have so much power to change the entire world- immeasurable courage, grace, compassion- I feel very much that we’re mystical forces, created to bring about effective change. Outside of my gender, nature inspires me. Not typical, nature, but everyday, un-altered, reality. I live in Brooklyn, and constantly get transfixed by how the world has worn down a brick wall, or how loose dirt, and sand can bring textural beauty atop a concrete slab. I catch myself staring at the sides of buildings thinking about how I would frame a shot if I could climb upon it and pose-it is all so visually enticing to me.

The great outdoors is my Muse. When I shoot I go on a “Where’s Waldo” hunt for really prolific backdrop; sometimes that’s atop a dead tree on a beach, or on sidewalk in the City; it’s mute-there is beauty everywhere. As cheese-ball as it sounds, you just have to focus your perspective.

How do you set intentions in your life?

My daily intention is to live right now. My life’s intention is to be more fun; not have more fun- but be more fun. It’s impossible to not have fun in any of life’s situations when you are fun.

What advice do you have for all the boho yogis out there!

Do you- well. We’re constantly inundated with not just advertisement, but the ever-chronic social-media narratives telling us what it should look, sound, and feel like to be accepted by society. Ignore that, and do you; and do it well. Find in this life what makes you happy, what makes you feel like you’re floating around like a carefree feather- and do that. And then, do it well!

You can find more of Lauren on Instagram at @rock3roll