Confessions of a Boho Fashionista: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


mirrormirror1 Hey Boho Beauties,

Last May I moved into my dream apartment. Something about it just oozed magic. It was my first time living without another person. Before I’d rented the place, which sat under oak trees and always smelled like maple syrup, I was dreading spending the summer solo.

But it didn’t take long before I realized that I’d created a sanctuary for myself. It was my own personal palace that I’d subconsciously designed in which to celebrate and support myself.  I’d unpacked plush throws, adorned the place in vanilla candles and hung flowing satin curtains. There was something sparkly about this space that was much different than any other home I’d lived in.  Every morning I rose, feeling excited about all of the synchronicities that might happen throughout the day, and late in the evenings I was inspired to write all of my greatest stories.

Friends from near and far would appear with gifts and stay late to drink wine, laugh and dance long into the night.  We would share stories of all of the places we’d been and the exciting people we’d met there.  One night in the thick of the summer, after cooking the largest fresh salmon I’d ever laid eyes on, we sat doe eyed around the stone fire.

“Your home is enchanting,” said one of my pals. “I noticed though, there’s something is missing.”

“What’s that?” I replied.

“You don’t have any mirrors,” she said, “None in the bathroom, no mirrors anywhere. What’s the deal?”

I looked around. She was right, there were no mirrors in my apartment. May had rushed into June and June shifted smoothly into July. Here we were smack dab in the middle of August and I’d not placed a mirror on any of my walls. I looked around the glow that lit up this circle of my closest friends. My gaze shifted lovingly from pal to pal: Their wide eyes, their open hearts, their curious minds.

Then it hit me: I had many mirrors.  The mirrors I’d placed around my home were much more valuable than any picture of myself in a glass reflection.  The home I’d created and the beautiful gal pals in it were the best mirrors I could have picked out.awakening

Next time you’re self-reflecting, pop on your Awakening Mala and remember that all that you have created in your life is a beautiful reflection of who you are, no mirrors required.


Peace, Love and Magic from Bohemia xx

Confessions from a Boho Fashionista: Warning! Please Do Not Feed the Fears.

TinyDevotionsGirlsHey Boho Beauties,

When I was a little girl I was afraid of pretty much everything.

Huge rainstorms would hit our city in the heat of the summer and my dad would open up the garage door to watch the light show. I’d stand fearfully under his pant legs and grip him tightly, watching water soak the cracks at the drives’ edge.

When the storm let up, worms would replace the rainfall.  I would point and squirm, then run into the house fast and far from the sight of their gross sluggish bodies.

Everything freaked my poor little blonde soul out. And I fed those fears, just like that, for a long time—until years later,  in Kelowna, B.C., when I was set to go for a steep mountain hike with a girlfriend of mine.

Her urban mountain home was rooted in the heart of West Kelowna, right below a trail called Bear Creek.  We set out that afternoon with her three dogs. They were each adopted, adorable and free-spirited in their own way, and they encouraged our small band of travellers through the thick trail.

Not long after we’d set out, a ragged old hiker crossed us at a fork we’d come to on the path. His beard was white and rough, and there were creases in the folds of his leathery temples.

“Wily pack of coyotes up there.” He said to us.

“Sorry sir?” My friend replied.

“I said, there’s a big old pack of coyotes roaming around here. You girls should head home.” He walked past us and went on.

I turned in the direction he’d gone in and started a quick sprint back to our vehicle.

“Where are you going?” My gal pal asked.

“Back home!”

She caught at my wrist, and directed me back towards our goal: Bear Creek’s highest point. My heart was racing, my sweat was breaking. This was fear at it’s finest!

We hiked and hiked, but it didn’t take us long until a warm spotlight shone through the brush and we had reached our destination.  Our five pack of fearless warriors stood confidently at the highest point of Bear Creek and we were free—no coyotes in sight! There we were, the sweetness of the wind was pouring down on us, we’d met our destination home free and we’d forgotten our fears somewhere along the path.

When I think of this victory at Bear Creek, I pop on my Amazonite Mala, which cools my fears like the wind did that day, and it always leads me back to my personal highest point. So keep going, boho beauties, wherever you’re at on your hike, until you reach your destination (and don’t stop to feed the fears!)

Peace, Love and Magic from Bohemia xx


Confessions from a Boho Fashionista: My Top 3 Spring Must-Haves


Hey Boho Beauties,

After ballet last week, a girlfriend of mine commented on the super soft, hot pink tights I’d worn to our power plié class.

“Those tights are unreal. You’ve got everything I want—I just can’t keep up,” she told me.  “How do you do it?”

We’d been stretching and twirling at this studio together for months now, and I’d never noticed she felt that way.

What she said sat with me for a while after I left, and it wasn’t until I hit the dark and leafies in the Whole Food’s produce section that it came to me. I DO have everything I want, but the pink tights had nothing to do with it.

I grabbed my kale and baby bok-choy, bee lined it to the cash and tried to hurry out of there to call my gal pal.

The line was thick at the till to pay, so my eyes scanned over the cash out’s trashy magazines. Their covers flashed the latest scandals, slim down tricks and ‘Spring Must-Haves’.

“Spring Must-Haves,” I thought to myself.  I paused and thought of my hot pink tights, having it all and my own personal Spring Must-Haves.

As soon as the cashier handed me my bags, I dialed up my girlfriend and spilled my personal Spring Must-Haves to her.

Here’s a hint: Must-Haves aren’t about having everything!

My Top 3 Spring Must-Haves

1.Child-Like Curiosity

Do you remember being little and dancing under the trees? Letting your head fall dangerously far back on the merry-go-round and eating so many pop rocks that your tongue went blue? It was a time when your dreams had no limits, and anything was possible.  Guess what? That time is still here! My Top Spring Must-Have is the memory of that child-like time, and ‘acting as if’. No matter what you’re wearing, or who you are with, that feeling is your greatest accessory.

2. A Warm Cup of Lemon Tea

This Must-Have is best used in the morning, before you’ve consumed anything else.  A warm cup of lemon tea or water soothes your internal organs and your soul. The best way to serve others is to first serve yourself. So start your day off right by cleaning your pipes and preparing your body for a sparkly day! You can drink detoxifying lemon tea at any time of the day to make your skin glow, help you sleep soundly and maintain inner and outer peace.

3. My Favorite Mala


As the seasons change, so too do our intentions. This is why keeping your favorite mala close to your heart is important for remembering meaningful dreams and intentions. I’m wearing my Awakening Mala as we move into spring to expand my dreams, dance like no one is watching and awaken all of the potential that lives within me.

Go grab your favorite mala, Boho bellas, and take some time to consider your own special Spring Must-Haves.

Peace, Love and Magic from Bohemia xx