8 Ways to Stay Wild at Heart

_P9A8582Several years ago I hit rock bottom. Since then, I’ve made tremendous strides to reach happiness – leaving my corporate job after burnout, overcoming depression, and ditching troubling addictions.  Through my experiences, I’ve come to realize that being and staying happy is no small feat.

Happiness is something we all want, but with life’s pressure and the demands of being an adult, it can be overwhelming at times. That’s why I created the play with the world mentality. Play With The World, is more than a website – it is a mindset and a refreshing approach to life intended to help each of us stay grounded and focused on living life fully and with our hearts wide open.

Here are my top 8 tips on keeping your heart open and free, everyday.

1. Don’t take it personally
Most of what others say and do is about them and their own perceptions, and has exactly nothing to do with you. Instead of reacting, simply go inward and align with your own true self. Being confident in your own skin is the best way to combat disapproval from others. When you are aligned with your own true self, others can’t mess with you.

2. Connect with your joy route
Finding what you are passionate about and doing it daily is the best way to live a happy life. My mantra is to stay close to EVEYTHING that makes me feel uber alive! I love baths, nature and collecting journals. When I am stressed out I get back to my joy route and find happiness in playing with what I love. What is your bliss? Tap into that daily.

 3. Compliment yourself
Most of us don’t give ourselves any credit for doing good deeds. We need to remember that little victories are important. On our journey to happiness and inner peace, it is essential to wrap ourselves up with love. Do this by complimenting yourself for a job well done.  Try looking in the mirror and saying, “I love you, you are beautiful.” The more compassionate you can be to yourself the happier your heart will be.

4. Drop from your head to your heart
Once I stopped over-thinking things, and dropped from my head to my heart, things began to shift. I lightened up, I felt more inner peace and my dreams came true faster. Be unapologetic about your desires and needs and allow your heart to guide you.

 5. Press the play button
Are you stuck? Try playing. Anytime I feel burdened or stressed out I press the play button on my life. Some of my greatest ideas have come from inspiration I gained while playing…including my next book title, Mental Makeover, and many of my article ideas. Albert Einstein said play is the highest form of research. You will be able to solve any problem, by taking a life recess and playing your way to happiness.

 6. Gratitude your attitude
Being thankful for what you have and where you are is the catalyst to everything. When you can appreciate what you have, happiness can happen. I wake up every morning and say thank you to the universe, and throughout the day I say thank you multiple times in appreciation of everything. From my morning coffee to my nature walks with my furry fella, to the work I do each day, I’ve found that feeling grateful can increase my abundance, happiness, and inner joy.

7. Express yourself
Part of living an adventurous and fun life is to express yourself authentically. I love headbands; I have over 150 of them and I wear them all the time. Things can become valuable when you use them as an extension of yourselves. My sister in law always has the coolest painted finger and toenails. She has glitter, school colors, designs and hip icons, which extend her sweet personality and are a visible expression of her outlook on life. Being a girl is fun, so play it up by using accessories to express your gorgeous self.
Do you love scarfs, headbands, nail art, or shoes?  Or do you prefer no makeup and walking around barefoot on the beach, what’s your thang? Discover it and express yourself to the fullest.

8. Enjoy the ride
Whatever your goal is…to lose weight, to travel more, to increase the romance in your life or even to find your purpose and passion…getting there can only happen when you accept where you are. Enjoying the journey is the sweet stuff of living a real rich life. Yes, we all have goals and dreams, but the journey to manifesting them is just as rich and juicy as the end result. Enjoy the process and have fun. Life is a dance, so shake your groove thing.

ShannonShannon Kaiser has been labeled a modern thought leader on the rise by CafeTruth. She is the bestselling author of “Find Your Happy, an Inspirational Guide to Loving Life to Its Fullest,” and the founder of the website playwiththeworld.com, which was awarded Top 75 Best Personal Growth Websites and top 100 Self-Help Blogs on the internet by The Institute for the Psychology of Eating. 

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The Art of Happiness with Kate Mak.


We caught up with super inspiring Calgary based yoga instructor and foodie, Kate Mak, to chat about all things inspirational. The Wanderlust instructor and oh-so-lovable lady had some great insights on gratitude and living life with intention.

The Art of Happiness

Life within the present moment is always such a beautiful thing (even through tears and even heartbreak sometimes). I know, that there are days when we wake up and we just feel… off.

On those days, I encourage and invite you to quickly list off 5 things that you are grateful for.

The celebration of life, your mini and large successes, the things that made you smile or laugh that day or even the thoughts that reminded you of great memories you have with special people.

They can be really simple things like this…


  • The way the first sip of coffee tastes and dances in your mouth.
  • How your friend’s eye seems to sparkle while you enjoy each other’s company and conversation.
  • An amazing laugh of a loved one that can shake the room and make it sparkle.
  • For the warmth a fuzzy scarf can offer you on a cold day.
  • Sights and sounds of nature all around you (a sleepy sunset, a bird that sings, the sun upon your face)


happiness_gratitudeThere is science behind expressing gratitude and it can very positively change your day in increasing your happiness. Gratitude is one of the biggest contributing factors to happiness! You can change the course of your own day by starting this exercise early in the morning on your way to work, school, errands or off to coffee with friends. And if you want to take it one step further… then you reach out to somebody you are grateful for. Send them a text, an email, call them up or even send some good ‘ol fashioned snail mail (people love snail mail). Not only will you change the course of your own day, you’ll change the course of their day too. Being an instrument of positive change is an astounding and really lovely thing.

I love the Create Mala because it’s a reminder to one that the life that you want is created and shaped by nobody else but you! You are in control of your happiness and your destiny.

Get out there.
Smile. Laugh. Eat. Practice. Love.
xxx <3


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Dance, Dance, Yoga. With Sandra Thornburg.

sandratAt the age of three, my mother enrolled me in a ballet class. Although, I hardly remember that day, I truly believe that day has led me to where I am presently. I found my passion. DANCE! As I grew, I became more involved and was classically trained. Dance was the avenue I used to express myself. When I performed I felt alive. Through the ups and downs, I can confidently say that dancing saved my life.

About six years ago, my dear friend invited me to her yoga class. To be honest, I was hesitant. After my first class, I knew she introduced me to something special. That day my yoga journey began! After taking may different classes and different styles of yoga, I realized I was also able to express myself through movement. During my home practice, I always enjoy incorporating some of my dancing technique into my yoga practice. Yoga has allowed me to take the time I need to express myself, reflect on my thoughts, show gratitude towards others, and love myself.

After much soul searching, I decided to enroll in a Yoga Teacher Training Program. I completed my 200 Hour YTT Program in February 2014. After completing this training, I realized how much more I have to learn, and how I can’t wait to share my love of yoga with others!

My true intentions are to inspire people to express themselves. This can mean through dance, yoga, movement, art, words, music, fashion, etc. Differences should be embraced. Everyone is different and I am inspired by so many people that specialize in so many different subjects. I find our differences to be beautiful. I believe the more we express, the more we accept and learn to love the differences of others. To me, it’s all about love, acceptance, creativity, learning, and self-acceptance.

My short-term goal is to start teaching yoga this spring.  I am very interested in working with people one-on-one to help them meet their specific goals. Yoga is so wonderful and fascinating because people practice for so many different reasons, and it is an honor and privilege to take part in their journey. I also enjoy teaching and participating in large classes. I love the energy, and will always be a student.  My future goals include continuing to raise awareness on self-acceptance, acceptance of others, self-expression, and self-love. I hope to do this though teaching, practicing, continuing my education, and collaborating with other individuals that place high importance on love, acceptance, and creativity.

sandrat2I can say without a doubt, I am drawn towards the Rock Your Bliss mala.  Life is about dreams, goals, and love! Dream big! Set goals! Spread love to all! Strive to make that difference!

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