From Bali to Bohemia: My Top 10 Favorite Gypsy Inspired Pieces.

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It’s every gypsy babes right to be fashionably free. We’ve got wild hearts and souls that roam free, so it’s only natural that our beautiful bohemian wardrobes should be a reflection of our spirit. If you’ve been to Morocco, sailed the Central American coast, or bought crystals from the best Thai markets, your dresser is probably super boho like mine. This season, I have some personal faves that really light my fire. Let’s talk about getting our gypsy on from Bali, straight to Bohemia.

Here are my top 10 favorite gypsy inspired pieces:

c0cf67920a01a11a78dd0d3aae0f5cd61: Fringe: Fringe, fringe, and more fringe. Ok, I may have gone a little crazy there. Let’s talk fringe. Chose your fringe wisely, babes. Find a beautiful leather fringed piece, like fringed thong sandles or a crop vest, and pair it with something simple to really make your look pop.

2.  Kate Hudson 1970’s Jeans: These are timeless. I found a beautiful pair of fitted, light washed, slightly flared, 7 jeans in a vintage store in Gastown, Vancouver last summer, and I almost died. They fit me in the best boho way, and they’re the perfect match for my Mala, my little white tee, and my crotcheted vest (and festival season of course.)

3.  Scarves: Every gypsy gal needs a soft, bright, patterned scarf. Your scarf is there for you to adorn your mermaid locks, wear as a beach cover, tie to your leather side bag, or lay on the ground when your taking a little break to lounge. This is a serious staple in your wardrobe and in your life, so pick a few in your favourite colours and patterns that go with your wardrobe.

4. Boho Footwear-Gladiator or Tasseled Sandals and or Ankle Boots: A goddess has got to rock her footwear. Try these ultra chic 70’s style options to really get your gypsy style going.

5. Maxi Skirts: You can pair a geometric pattern or brightly colored maxi skirt with a simple tank to play up the length of the piece. If a skirt cuts off your body type, try a maxi dress as an alternative. Maxi dresses and skirts really give us a chance to express ourselves, and set our boho hearts free. Have you ever noticed how they flow in the wind as you walk? You won’t be disappointed with this purchase, boho girl.

4499ac99cfbbc103e1756cf2af9805386. Cut Offs- There are SO many versions of the cut-off short. I promise you’ll find the right cut off that looks beautiful on your boho bod. Try on a million pairs before giving up on the cut off. This uber stylish, bohemian find will match everything once you find the right pair for you. Go to a vintage store and find the best ones for your bod, or get an old pair of jeans and make your own!

7. Versatile Vest- This is a must have. From faux fur, to chrocheted beauties, there’s a vest out there that’s calling your name and I can’t wait for you to find the right one. Brightly coloured, or cut off crop vests also look fab with a soft tee and maxi skirt, the options are endless in a gypsy wardrobe world, so have fun with it!

8. Head Wraps and Hair Bands- Head wraps are a bold and brave choice. But when a yogi gal rocks a head wrap she looks seriously fierce. If you’re travelling, like we often do, it serves as a practical prop as well. Chose a beautiful head wrap to pull off the ultimate, 70’s freestyle look.

dcb4d5b21cf56441d865398285cb262a9. Floppy Brimmed Hat- The floppy brimmed hat is the ultimate free and femme look. It shouts delicate and gypsy all at once. There are several styles of floppy brimmed hat, so try on many different styles before you find the best one for you.

10. Brigit Bardot Sunglasses- A large sunglass a-la 1960 tops off your gypsy look. Off course, a boho girl never hides, you’re simply shading your beautiful eyes and looking cool while you do it. Find the perfect pair of staple Bardot shades to top off your gypsy look.

Dressing like a boho babe is totally fun, so go out there and pick up a couple of these gypsy inspired pieces, bellas, and start creating magic! What are your fave fashionable pieces? We’re always looking for new ways to dress up our wardrobe, and we love sharing 😉 Tell us in the comments below how you do gypsy! The most important gypsy accessory is attitude, so remember that you’re beautiful beyond your wildest imagination, and let that shine out through your fashionable gypsy garb!


libpicPeace, Love and Magic from

Your Resident Boho Fasionista, Libby xx

The gift of mala beads with Britney Stables.


“The blue moon kissed her forehead and the delicate aroma of sandalwood washed through her hair of gold. Devotion draped around her neck and into her heart. The night was her favorite cup of tea. And she smiled because she knew what bliss was.”

                                                Yogini | bohemian | gypsy | hippie; I am.

Naturally, I am inspired by all things that make the world a happier, healthier and more beautiful place.

I travel around the world seeking wisdom, healing, inspiration and beautiful, things.

I was at an ashram in northern India when I discovered something that embodied the essence of all things I intuitively seek out. I was gifted mala beads by my spiritual teacher (and I fell in love.)

Mala beads, (aka japa or prayer beads) are beautiful garlands of 108 sacred beads that have been worn for thousands of years around the world for spiritual practices of prayer, meditation, and intention setting. Current and anciently, they are used in devotional practices to recite and repeat the name of a deity, a positive mantra, or affirmation, and are known for their unique spiritual and energetic healing qualities.

The number 108 is highly auspicious in yogic philosophy. 1 meaning One, 0; nothingness, and 8; infinity. These three digits symbolize the ultimate reality of the Universe; the paradox of unity, emptiness and the infinite, simultaneously. We are one. We are nothing. But too, we are infinite.

Precious materials are used to create these devotional beads. Highly sacred seeds or woods of rudraksha, tulsi, sandalwood or of the Bodhi tree (the sacred fig tree that our Buddha friend was enlightened under,) and various gemstones are often infused in each piece to support the manifestation of enlightenment in its many forms; peace, love, harmony, bliss, etc.

Basically, the unique vibes of these natural beauties jive with our vibes, and transform our energy. It’s magical.

In the quest of sharing my love of mala, I found Tiny Devotions; a hip, fresh and inspired company that creates the most divine mala’s for us bohemians, gypsies, hippies and yogis. They are beautiful examples of the free spirited lifestyle; living your dreams, following your passions, living more peaceful intention based lives (and looking good as you do it.) 

Wearing my mala and using it in meditation is both grounding and enlightening. It anchors me into a calm and connected state, aligned with the intentions and values I live my life by. Mala’s are a sacred gift that we’ve been blessed with, and I am excited that more conscious and passionate people are discovering the blessing of these beads and using them to invite more happiness, health and beauty into their lives.

britney3Find more of Britney at
Twitter: @britneystables