Three Healing Affirmations Perfect for Summer

Summer is a great time to use healing affirmations to build a stronger, healthier and more loving relationship with yourself and your body. I have personally experienced the amazing power of healing affirmations in my own life, after having lost over 60 pounds naturally and healed my body of chronic health issues.

before_afterYour thoughts are powerful
Psychologists estimate that you have over 60,000 thoughts a day but the interesting thing is that 95% of them were the same thoughts you had yesterday!
In my experience, affirmations always work best when you first set a healing intention.
So, if you are ready to create a healthier body and mind for the summer, let’s first take a look at the power of setting a healing intention.

Setting your healing intention
Think of your healing intention as the general direction you want your life to head in. It doesn’t need to be specific. In fact, your healing intention can be quite broad. The important thing is to let your healing intention be something that brings you real joy and delight.  Mala beads are a great way to focus and grow your intention.

Examples of a healing intention might be that you want

  • To follow your dreams
  • To listen to your heart
  • To love your life

After you have set your healing intention, now is the time to turn your attention towards the quality of your thoughts.

What are the thoughts that you say quietly to yourself?
Within all of us, lives an inner voice, like a record player, that plays away in the background. It offers a ‘live commentary’ on you and how you are living your life, (amongst other things!)
When your thoughts are disapproving, critical or negative, this voice acts as your ‘inner critic’.
But, with awareness of your mind and your thoughts, you can learn how to transform it from your inner critic to your inner cheerleader!

How to befriend your inner voice.
If you catch yourself saying something negative about yourself, just stop mid-sentence .
Congratulate yourself for noticing. Quickly ask yourself, ‘what is something kinder and more loving that I could say to myself?’ And then repeat that thought instead. Let this replace old, repetitive negative thinking. Critical thoughts transform effortlessly into healing affirmations when you flip them into more supportive, kind and loving ones that make you feel good from within.

Here are 3 healing affirmations to start using…

Affirmation #1: Today, I am choosing to be kind and gentle to myself.

Affirmation #2: Today, I am learning how to express my creativity in the world.

Affirmation #3: I am feeling healthier and stronger with each day that passes.

Use the power of healing affirmations this Summer!

To achieve your goals and dreams, transform negative or sabotaging thoughts into new, empowering and healing affirmations instead. Trust in the process and know that transformation and healing happens naturally within the space of conscious awareness. To get your Free e-course called ‘5 Steps to Transformation’ and find out more about how to transform any area of your life, please click here

Katrina Love Senn is a Healer, Teacher & Author of “Losing Weight is a Healing Journey” & Founder of Yoga Girl Revolution.


Juicing vs. Blending: A Guide for Your Inner Nutritionista

smoothieNowadays, you can’t swing a yoga tote without knocking over five juice and smoothie stands. The secret is out! Juicing and blending are all the rage but unlike most trends, these are here to stay. But to juice or to blend? Both are so delicious and so incredibly healthy – which one is best? What’s a girl to do? Before giving up on both and drowning your sorrows in a carton of coconut ice cream, let me explain why juicing and blending are both awesome and then I’ll tell you my own personal fave!

Juicing is the process in which water and nutrients are extracted from fruits and vegetables while insoluble fiber is removed. What you have left over is like pure liquid gold – delicious naturally flavored water that’s rich in vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and other phytronutrients which pass directly into the bloodstream providing instant nourishment at the cellular level! The downside is that juicing can be a bit expensive compared to blending because it requires handfuls of fruits and veggies just to get one glamorous glass and of course you lose the fiber in the process. Juicing can also cause blood sugar levels to rapidly spike, particularly if you’re juicing mostly fruits (which is why I tell my clients to juice mainly vegetables and to flavor with fruit). Try to drink a fresh glass at least every other morning and be sure to drink it right away since light and air will break down the juice’s valuable nutrients.

Blending on the other hand uses up the entire fruit or vegetable—skin and all—meaning that you’re retaining all the fiber. So unlike juicing, a blended smoothie is much more filling. And that’s not a bad thing! Dietary fiber is vital to good health and optimal nutrition. The blending process even helps to mechanically break apart the fiber making it easier to digest than eating whole and sparing you of the chewing process.  This makes smoothies an excellent snack or meal replacement option, particularly since blending is typically faster than juicing. The downside however is that there’s a limit to how much you can cram into your stomach or Vitamix so fiber aside, you’re getting less nutritional bang for your buck in a single serving of smoothie compared with juice.

And the winner is…
If I had to choose a favorite between the two, it would be juicing and here’s why. By removing the fiber, we lighten our digestive load meaning our guts don’t have to work as hard to break down the food or absorb nutrients, leaving the body more time and energy to spend on repair. This is particularly helpful for those of us (like me!) with stomach diseases or disorders that inhibit the digestion of fiber (ahem, IBS). And when you consider how quickly nutrients are absorbed through juice, juicing can even replace supplementation for some, helping to save a little extra money. Plus juicing is hella hydrating! But hands down the best way to achieve vibrant health is to incorporate both juices and smoothies into your daily routine so they’re both winners in my book. I’m sure we can all raise a glass to that. Cheers!

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The Power of Pilates, Barre and Fitness: My Top 8 Reasons to get sweating and get smiling.

0479b183bcd612b2e8356c8ca1526764Okay sure, we would all love to hear the secret workouts that have shaped, sculpted and stopped the clocks of aging for celebrity bodies like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and the Kardashians’, and I hate to break it to you, but there is not a “secret workout” that will solve all problems. There are, however, hints and tips available to help enhance your workouts so you can get the most out of them…consistency, variety and challenging yourself are KEY!

IMG_4572As a fitness fanatic, I LOVE changing up my workouts; whether it’s getting my om on in a hot yoga class, enjoying the fresh air with my pup on a light jog, building my booty-strength deadlifting, or participating in one of the Pilates classes at my studio, I love the way working out makes me feel. Most importantly, I have FUN doing it! At my new studio, Breath of Fresh Air Training Facility, I have been able to offer all of my favourite types of workouts: athletic conditioning, yoga, Barre, Learn to Run and my absolute favourite Reformer Pilates. Pilates is SUCH a great way to gain lean, toned muscles, get stronger and improve flexibility at the same time.


Check out my Top 8 Reasons why I choose to get sweaty and have fun!

1. Progress – I workout to get stronger, faster, hold longer, improve form, etc. There are always ways to intensify your workout, even intensifying the same exercise (especially in Pilates, as many of my clients will know).

2. Be Present – I love being able to turn my mind off, to focus on just one thing. When I am deadlifting a new person best, holding snake on the reformer or pushing through to finish off that 10km, I can’t think about the million other things, you have to be present and stay with the moment.

3. Muscle – We all enjoy the aesthetic benefits that come with working out and while I love what squats have done for my glutes, I also love the FUNCTIONAL aspect even more. Strong glutes help to rehabilitate and prevent injury for your low back, hips, knees, ankles – you name it; they are important! I love educating my clients on why it is important to work the muscles that we often target in Pilates: glutes, abdominals, deltoids (shoulders), etc. Sure, they look GREAT in tank tops, but more importantly they keep your body safe from injury.

4. Health – After two kidney transplants and back surgery to correct a scoliosis curve, I am extremely health conscious and do everything I can to ensure my body is getting the proper nourishment, training and care it needs to function optimally.

5. The Cycle of Wellness – Everything is connected. When you have a great workout, you don’t want to go home and grab a bag of chips for snack, you WANT to fuel your body properly. In addition wanting to eat better, you typically drink more water (especially when you have your instructor telling you to DRINK UP), you sleep better, you are happier and less stressed, and as a result, you want to do it AGAIN! Consistency is key to getting the most out of your lifestyle and the more you do things, the more they become an enjoyable habit!

6. Talk the Talk & Walk the Walk. – As a fitness instructor my clients inspire me every day with their progress and hard work and I enjoy attempting to return the favour by continuing to keep myself in shape and challenge myself to do new things. Otherwise, who am I to advise my clients on how to live a healthier, fit lifestyle?

7. Socialization – I love the atmosphere of group classes in my studio, they are fun, friendly and totally kick ass. I love when I have the opportunity to hop into a class and get my workout in at the same time as passing around a couple of jokes here and there. It’s nice to feel like you are a PART of something and that is exactly the type of clients I am lucky enough to attract at the studio.

8. Chocolate, Sunshine, Tea, Warm Socks & Mala Love – Things that just make everything better! It warms my heart to have clients come a few minutes early to class and enjoy a cup of tea to help them unwind before their session or to meet up early and chat up with a friend they are meeting for the class. I love the simple, little things that make life so special!

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Wellness Wednesday with Hol:Fit – Beautifying Foods

Welcome to week three of our 6-week Wellness Wednesday Series with Hol:Fit!

This week is all about letting our glow come through the inside out!
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