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Essential Oils 101 with Hol:Fit

I’m so excited to talk a little today about something that has really changed the way I approach health in my body and in my home and quite honestly – it’s causing a revolution across the globe.

I’m talking about 100% pure love from the earth in the form of essential oils.

How many of you have used herbal or homeopathic medicine before? Well did you know that pure essential oils are stronger than that? In fact, 1 drop of pure peppermint essential oil is the equivalent of about 28 cups of peppermint herbal tea? Pow!

Ange Oil 1


You may be like me and have a bottle of tea tree oil, lavender or perhaps a ‘bigger gun’ like oil of oregano. I had these for years in my cabinet and would pull them out from time to time. I can’t say I really knew much about them at the time, but bought them to start making a few of of my own cleaners. As a mama of 2 girls, when I first became pregnant, I was suddenly uber aware of all the toxins we face everyday.

Well fast forward to about a year ago, a friend and I were talking about this company doTERRA, that produces the most pure + potent essential oils in the world. If you’ve ever taken a coaching program with me or follow me on social media, you know that I’m very passionate about giving the body the cleanest, most whole materials so that it can heal itself and thrive. My daily VIP list includes whole foods {lots of plants}, clean water, daily sweaty movement, love, creativity + gratitude.  And now these essential oils have blown my mind and become my latest passion.

Here’s why:

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts made up of volatile organic compounds. Although they are fat soluble, they do not include fatty lipids or acids found in vegetable and animal oils. Essential oils are very clean, almost crisp, to the touch and are immediately absorbed by the skin. Pure, unadulterated essential oils are translucent and range in color from crystal clear to deep blue.

They are used for a very wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used a single oil at a time or in complex blends depending on user experience and desired benefit. They are usually used by one of three methods: diffused aromatically, applied topically or taken internally if they are 100% pure.

Ange Oils 3

Today, doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils are the highest quality you can purchase. This is due to their indigenous sourcing, extraction methods and testing. They are so pure you can use them on everyone from babies to pets!

If I was to just pick 3 oils that I love + use every day it would be these gems:

Ange Oil 4

Ange Oil 6 Ange Oils 5

You totally want to learn more right? Well I’m excited to spend time with you all on Aug 7th doing a live chat from 1-130pm EST right here on bohodaily.com and the Tiny Devotions Facebook page. RSVP here. 

Bring your questions – I’m excited to hang!


AngeAnge Peters is the Founder of Hol:Fit, Holistic Nutritionist + Online Health Coach, doTERRA GOLD Leader/Wellness Advocate,  Cohost of The Holistic Health Diary Podcast, Ambassador for Tiny Devotions + Lululemon, Mama of 2 girls.

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Juicing vs. Blending: A Guide for Your Inner Nutritionista

smoothieNowadays, you can’t swing a yoga tote without knocking over five juice and smoothie stands. The secret is out! Juicing and blending are all the rage but unlike most trends, these are here to stay. But to juice or to blend? Both are so delicious and so incredibly healthy – which one is best? What’s a girl to do? Before giving up on both and drowning your sorrows in a carton of coconut ice cream, let me explain why juicing and blending are both awesome and then I’ll tell you my own personal fave!

Juicing is the process in which water and nutrients are extracted from fruits and vegetables while insoluble fiber is removed. What you have left over is like pure liquid gold – delicious naturally flavored water that’s rich in vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and other phytronutrients which pass directly into the bloodstream providing instant nourishment at the cellular level! The downside is that juicing can be a bit expensive compared to blending because it requires handfuls of fruits and veggies just to get one glamorous glass and of course you lose the fiber in the process. Juicing can also cause blood sugar levels to rapidly spike, particularly if you’re juicing mostly fruits (which is why I tell my clients to juice mainly vegetables and to flavor with fruit). Try to drink a fresh glass at least every other morning and be sure to drink it right away since light and air will break down the juice’s valuable nutrients.

Blending on the other hand uses up the entire fruit or vegetable—skin and all—meaning that you’re retaining all the fiber. So unlike juicing, a blended smoothie is much more filling. And that’s not a bad thing! Dietary fiber is vital to good health and optimal nutrition. The blending process even helps to mechanically break apart the fiber making it easier to digest than eating whole and sparing you of the chewing process.  This makes smoothies an excellent snack or meal replacement option, particularly since blending is typically faster than juicing. The downside however is that there’s a limit to how much you can cram into your stomach or Vitamix so fiber aside, you’re getting less nutritional bang for your buck in a single serving of smoothie compared with juice.

And the winner is…
If I had to choose a favorite between the two, it would be juicing and here’s why. By removing the fiber, we lighten our digestive load meaning our guts don’t have to work as hard to break down the food or absorb nutrients, leaving the body more time and energy to spend on repair. This is particularly helpful for those of us (like me!) with stomach diseases or disorders that inhibit the digestion of fiber (ahem, IBS). And when you consider how quickly nutrients are absorbed through juice, juicing can even replace supplementation for some, helping to save a little extra money. Plus juicing is hella hydrating! But hands down the best way to achieve vibrant health is to incorporate both juices and smoothies into your daily routine so they’re both winners in my book. I’m sure we can all raise a glass to that. Cheers!

HeadshotBeata Rydyger, BSc, RHN, is a Holistic Nutritionist, Health Writer, and Natural beauty expert. Find more of her below: 

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Wellness Wednesdays: DIY Skin Care

Welcome to Week 6 of our Wellness Wednesdays series with Ange of Hol:Fit !

Today Ange is sharing her favourite 3 Step DIY Healthy Skin Care approach with us! She’s showing us all of the DIY tips and tricks of how to get the at home Boho-glow, so check it out in the video below.


Try Ange’s DIY Recipes:

Oil Cleanser: 50% Castor Oil + 50% Avocado Oil
Mask: 50% Aztec Clay 50% water + 1 drop of doTERRA Lavender Oil
Nourishing Face Oil: 50% Jojoba + 50% Almond, doTERRA Frankensense + Cedarwood Oil

Ange Peters, the founder of Hol:Fit  is a holistic personal trainer & nutritionist, online holistic health teacher, podcaster of The Holistic Health Diary and an Ambassador for Tiny Devotions.
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Wellness Wednesdays: DIY Healthy Hair Care Recipes

Welcome to Week 5 of our Wellness Wednesdays series with Ange of Hol:Fit

Today Ange is sharing her favourite DIY Healthy Hair Care Recipes with us and you can find all the links for the recipes she talks about below the post.

Do you have a DIY recipe or clean hair care brand that you love? Share below!


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Ange Peters, the founder of Hol:Fit  is a holistic personal trainer & nutritionist, online holistic health teacher, podcaster of The Holistic Health Diary and an Ambassador for Tiny Devotions.

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