Calling all Bohemians! Our #BohoSelfie Contest Starts TODAY


We are constantly blown away by the photos our community shares of them wearing their malas, stacks and scarves, so we decided to do a little something special…

The Tiny Devotions #BohoSelfie Contest!

Are you a boho beauty? A yogi fashionista? Do you rock your mala beads on the regular?  Snap a sweet photo of yourself in your favourite Tiny Devotions product and tell us your intention.  Use the hashtag #BohoSelfie and don’t’ forget to tag @TinyDevotions in your photo (we don’t want to miss you).

The soul behind the most creative and inspirational #BohoSelfie will win a Tiny Devotions gift bundle including a scarf, a mala and a stack, valued at $300. They will also be featured in a live Q&A on our Boho Daily blog. The contest runs June 25 – June 28.

Can’t wait to see what magic you stunners create….  xx

Peace, Love, Mala Beads,

The Tiny Devotions Team

Live %100 out-loud, unabashed and real with LA Finfinger.

Lafinfinger2We caught up with Pittsburgh based yoga instructor and artist, LA Finfinger, to chat about inspirations and intentions this past week and the future Wanderlust teacher had some buddhaful things to share with us!

What do you do to inspire your community?

We throw the term inspire around often and I wanted to actually dig into it. I think I can give you a solid yes and here’s why.

I live 100% out-loud, unabashed, and I’m real. That includes a lot of things. It means that I write about the way I experience the world (good and bad).

I collage things together the way that I’d like to see them – images are gorgeous, meaningful, and covered in glitter.

I teach yoga the way I like to practice it – a little hot, a lot of flow, and a lot of real that’s heavily salted with laughter and inspiration.

I also share. Often.

I share with my students, other yoga teachers, other writers, other artists, my family, and my friends.

I laugh at my own jokes. (I can’t imagine why everyone doesn’t do this – if you don’t think it’s funny why would anyone else?!)

I change directions when things don’t work. (This is VERY often.)

I ask for help. (Daily.)

I’m also not afraid to turn unsolicited help down if I don’t need it.

Lafinfinger1I think that being an inspiration means more than just showing up and spewing inspiring things at people. I think it means showing up and living out-loud as yourself day after day even when it’s uncomfortable (especially when it’s uncomfortable).

We all know that life isn’t black and white. I think the more days that we spend seeking beauty – whether we’re creating it, Instagraming it, speaking it, or being it – then the more that we are all contributing to the collective inspiration of each other. It’s not hippie mumbo jumbo – it’s simple and true.

As life happens – make art. I have been known to travel with glitter, Mod Podge and washi tape! Art doesn’t have to be high-brow to be art. (My favorite pieces are quite low-brow and have often been confused as things made by grade-schoolers.) It can be a quick instant photo, a 2 minute watercolor on the back of an egg carton, or a poppy-stained lip before you run out of the house for the day!

My favourite stones are Herkimer diamonds, citrine, and pink jade!


LafinfingerFind more of LA Finfinger on her social media channels at: 

The Web:
Twitter: @lafinfinger
Instagram: @lafinfinger

You can also catch her this summer at Wanderlust in Philadelphia!


Bringing the Community Together with Yoga

Meet Ayami Hiroshige,

A little background about me… I was a competitive gymnast until the age of 15. I took dance in college, and I have always been fairly physically active . However, slightly overweight in 2012, I finally decided to change my life around with fitness and diet. I started being more active with the fitness community on Instagram and found some yoga accounts early 2013 – @laurasykora and @masumi_g – Masumi helped me with my first yoga pose… grasshopper – I was hooked


I participated in the #balanceARMy challenge on Instagram in February, took my first yoga class in March 2013 at my local Lululemon store and started my home practice. I fell in love.

@yogabeyond hosted “Fam Jam” out in NYC in the summer of 2013… and we joked about trying to get LA/west coast yogis together – LA Yoga Addicts (LAYA) was born. Since August 2013 we have hosted multiple events and workshops and are always trying to grow the yoga community in southern California and connecting people around the world.

Our vision with LAYA is to make yoga accessible to EVERYONE – bringing arco, aerial, lyra, hooping, slackline, etc to the community. We host and co-host workshops and events in and around the LA area. I would love to introduce people to what I have completely fallen in love with.


My initial thoughts about yoga were that it was more yin – holding stagnant poses for endless amounts of time, and that didn’t attract me at all. When I discovered yoga involved arm balances, inversions and actually required some athletic grace and some flexibility, a whole new world opened up for me. Most people are curious about arm balances – it’s like we’ve all been so busy being “adults” we have forgotten to play… and yoga helps remind us not to take things so seriously. Being on my mat, getting inverted and pushing my limits brings me back to the present, helps me connect me to what is important and allows me to finally feel free. It is a dream to be able to help others discover this too.