6 Mantras to Repeat when you Need to Let Go

10706747_768029876587892_254045983_nIn the past few years I have had the really rad experience of becoming a yoga teacher. I have gone from chugging 5 diet sodas a day to chugging my veggies each morning. I have learned Sanskrit words for poses and been to a few chanting festivals. Kirtans, tattoos, loving soul sisters walking the same walk, mala beads, out of body experiences, meditation, opening a studio and been in step with LOVE (always).

Here’s what I’ve learned through all my readings, teacher trainings, workshops and teaching/practicing from the mat: we are all on a similar journey. Our paths may not be the same and our lives will look entirely different, but deep inside we are all walking the same walk. It’s a simple mantra that puts itself on replay whenever we need it most: more love, less bullshit. It’s as simple as that.

All of us are looking to let go and release that which no longer serves us in order to step into our path, into greatness and into a deeper connection of love. Today I want to share with you 8 mantras for letting go in order to help you let go and step into that greatness.

1. Ishvara Pranidhana – This mantra is my FAVORITE. As one of the yoga sutras, this is my constant connection to the divine (and my tattoo). Ishvara means divine, God, universe, higher power. It is blind faith, surrender and trust that no matter where we are right now, it is exactly where we are supposed to be. It’s a love and an acceptance. It’s the truest amount of trust you can put into yourself and the universe. Repeat this mantra as you count your rudruksha beads or place it as your intention at the beginning of a Prana Flow class.

2. Om Shanti – Om Shanti is more than one of those yogic greetings that you see at the bottom of every yoga teachers email, it’s an intense and beautiful mantra with a meaning of peace. I often tell my students that om “simply means creation” but it is so much deeper than that. It may even stem from the big bang theory when the world exploded into itself and was created the vibration of OM. It is the all encompassing idea that we are all connected. Shanti means peace and in combining these two words together we are able to wish for peace and love to all beings. By wishing peace for all you are including yourself and allowing anything that no longer serves you to leave you immediately. Chant this with your favorite incense as you relax before bed.

3. Om Gum Ganapateyi Namaha – This mantras translation is to release obstacles. It is a call or a devotion to Ganesha, one of the most popular deities. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and by using this mantra in your meditation, it is helping you to let go of that which is blocking your path. And do you want to know something extra tricky? Sometimes Ganesha PUTS the obstacles there for us to maneuver around, the idea that wherever we are is EXACTLY where we are supposed to be is always present. Sometimes we need to work around things and learn the lesson before we can fully move on into grace.

4. Lokah Samasta Sucinho Bavantu – May all beings be peaceful and free. This mantra allows us to release jealousy, anger and any negative feelings to make way for peace for all. Chant this whenever you need a boost. Sometimes chanting for not only ourselves, but for others can give us the lightest of intentions and the biggest opening in our hearts.

5. Om Shrim Maha Laksmeyi Namaha – Lakshmi is the goddess of good fortune and wealth. This chant is for abundance, so if you’re needing to let go or release any money blocks this would be the perfect mantra for you. I often grab my citrine quartz as I chant this mantra and begin to release anything that is blocking me from receiving abundance.

6. Om Namah Shivia – I honor the divinity within me. This mantra is one of the simplest and yet most complex of mantras. It allows you the opportunity to accept yourself where you are today. It allows you to let go into the knowing that you are enough, you are perfect and you are divine. Honor and love yourself, always.

This week I hope you hold onto one of these mantras that resonates with your spirit. As with all things boho babe and yogi lifestyle, you get to choose which one you’re connected to and hold onto it for as long as you need. Whenever you need a refresher, come back here and check these mantras out to infuse your malas with more love.

1157699_383157768473367_247012539_n-199x300-150x150Jenny Ravikumar is the owner and a yoga instructor at Barefoot Yoga Shala.

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An interview with Kate, voice of Sunshine and the Bear

Hi, I’m Kate! I’m a 28-year-old fitness nut living in Charm City (aka Baltimore, MD). I love food and working out (oh, and did I mention food?). Until about a year ago, I thought I was a badass. I’ve played  sports starting at a young age, going all the way through college and I always loved how strong that made me feel. But, over the past year, I’ve discovered a new type of strength – a more silent power that I unlocked by finding my way onto a yoga mat.

1619313_10101179889928027_496316266_nAs I mentioned, I’ve always been an athlete. So you’d think that at some point I would have tried yoga…wrong. I was too busy training doing stairs or plyometrics or lifting at the gym (or being a scaredy cat). It took me a long time to finally admit to myself that of all the things the fitness world had to offer, yoga was one of the most intimidating for me. It’s only now that I realize why – when you’re practicing yoga, it’s you and only you. I’ve almost always been part of a team. The idea of opening up, and maybe failing, on my own was daunting. There’s so many pressures in the world to be perfect, particularly for young women. We say we know ‘perfect isn’t a reality’, but that doesn’t stop us from trying to keep up with the proverbial Joneses…

Long story short, someone finally got me to a yoga class. I’m pretty sure my friend tricked me, but either way I’m glad I got there. I immediately loved it. Where I had feared I’d be judged for my lack of knowledge and practice, I was pleasantly surprised with an overwhelming welcome and support. What was I afraid of all this time? Letting go. I had to let go of my fears. Let go of my closemindedness. Let go of the path I was on and give myself the opportunity to look at all the amazing things going on around me.

So I did. And in that letting go, I found strength and the power of intention I never knew I had. I discovered that you can always begin again, even if you fail. It wasn’t a hard on-switch, but more like a sunrise…slowly creeping light in.

So that’s my tale of finding strength in letting go. Letting go of my fears and trying something new. Allowing myself the opportunity to fail and begin again. I’ll leave you with this parting thought: we are ever-evolving and growing on this journey we call life. Right now, we’re just somewhere along the road so if it gets hard or scary, just know that there might be something amazing around the bend.

I hope to see you on the mat. <3

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