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Gina Silvestri, Life Coach & Nature Muse


What do you do to inspire your community?
I activate the seed of potential in people so their consciousness sprouts, blooms, blossoms and soars! This aligns their energetic field with Source Energy, which then uplifts people around them, and raises the frequency of entire communities. This is what I was born to do. I first transformed my own life by healing 17 official medical diagnoses, releasing 150 pounds of weight (yes, a whole person!) naturally, myself, and then creating and tripling my home-based Spirit-Led business, so am now not only honoured, but ecstatic to be guiding others into manifesting the lives of their dreams!
What brought you to the mat for the first time + what keeps you there now?
I had been to many yoga classes in my early twenties, but before studying the work of Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, yoga was just stretching. I learned the mantra from him that I still say when I’m running, walking, and throughout the day, no matter what I am doing, the very one that initially broke through previous constricting barriers in my mind, allowing me to expand then later powerfully transform my life: “If not now, when?” The practice of living in full presence each and every moment keeps me going back. Returning to the mat regularly incorporates my body in this process, and grounds my energy by rooting it back to Mother Earth. This starts as soon as I take off my socks and shoes . . .
Who + What inspires you?
The propensity of life to flow forward and continuously expand truly inspires me. I feel it most intensely when I’m in the forest, surrounded by mountains. I love tapping into the interplay of energy between everything living, and immersing myself in the Source of it all, and remembering that I have access to it no matter where I may be on the planet. Sharing this learning, expansion and JOY with others allows me to feel most invigorated, alive, and aligned with my authentic purpose.
How do you set intentions in your life?
I look at the gorgeous tall trees on the West Coast of Canada where I live, smile, close my eyes, feel their presence, then begin speaking to them, with no words, just energetic emissions directly from my heart. The very first energy I send is Thank You…
Advice for yogis out there?
I have noticed that alignment with integrity – what you know to be truth for you, in every given moment, is an essential guiding force for human lives. If what we are doing, saying, and being feels true, then we are enabled to access our best selves, our best lives. When we trust, allow, and let go of all that stands in the way from acting upon that inner knowing and guidance, we strengthen our body, mind, spirit, and amazing things happen. This is the practice.
Your favourite mala bead and why?
Carnelian Mala of Abundance. Holding the essence of expansion into our highest potential, it assists Life Coaches like me in fulfilling our purpose. Its high energy reflects mine back to me, and I just want to swim in the smoky, earthy tribal colour of it. To dramatic pursuits!
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