Why Make a Living When You Can Design a Life?

eba76a2f8c3079c20f9fd9c907f306aeWhy should we just make a living when we can design a life––and joyfully fund every detail of it through a business or career that celebrates and expresses who we are at our very core?

I asked myself that same question once.

And so began my transition from broke, ridiculously burnt out yoga teacher––taking whatever odd fitness and nutrition jobs (and clients) I could get––to having a thriving, highly sought-after online business with a much more sane schedule and working ONLY with clients who really valued my time and were a perfect match to my style, flavor, and skill set.

(In 2 words? Sweet relief.)

It took almost 3 years to make the full transition. And I definitely hustled my little bootie off the entire time––researching, learning, implementing––pulling more than my fair share of all-nighters to get all the work done that would set me up for a lot more freedom in my life. But there’s no question it was worth the effort. And the wait.

I mean, I stare at the ocean from my front porch every day now. And I get to work from home and personally witness all of my two year old’s priceless firsts. You bet your ass I’d do it all over again. In a heartbeat. In fact, I DO do it all over again. Roughly every 6 months I update my Lifestyle Design Plan, and when I do, my business has to adapt to meet my newly clarified needs and preferences. And, ahem, to adequately represent the latest and greatest that my newly evolved self has to offer.

So even now, “post transition”, it’s all still a giant work-in-progress. But: It’s a joyfully and financially sustainable work in progress. And that’s really the true goal of Lifestyle Design.

While yes, one of the ways I define Lifestyle Design is “designing your life so that you get to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want, MOST of the time”, it’s not about setting yourself up so that you never have to work another day in your life. It’s about setting yourself up so that you CAN work:
• your way;
• your schedule;
• doing what makes you feel like yourself, only STRONGER; and
• sharing the very best of who you are with others who are happy to pay for the exact gifts that you have to offer.

When you go from life-by-default to life-by-design, you empower yourself to keep at your work––progressively, happily, perpetually uncovering, refining, and sharing your gifts over the long term in a way that pays the bills and provides you a lifestyle and schedule that feels custom designed by YOU.

So it’s your-kind-of-balanced.With the perfect amount of whatever it is that you truly value and need in order to feel and function at your best. This might sound selfish, and the truth is… it is. AND, it’s also the greatest gift we can give to the world and to ourselves what Joseph Campbell calls, “the privilege of a lifetime… of being ourselves.” And we give the world the true gifts that we were put here to give, for the benefit of those who need them most. Brillant.

So we’ve established WHAT Lifestyle Design is and WHY you want to get on that train. As for the HOW, visit www.AbundantYogi.com and watch the free video I made for you entitled “Lucrative Self-Realization”, the first in the “Do It For The Love AND The Money” training series.

Kris-300-square-bio-pic-1This article was written by Kris Ward. Kris is the founder of AbundantYogi.com where she offers training and certification in Lifestyle Design Coaching™ and leads heart centered entrepreneurs toward lucrative self-realization and deep self-care. You can connect with Kris on her Facebook Page and Twitter Profile.
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A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime: Top 3 Mantras for Every Chapter of a Boho Girl’s Life

e_AuR9YHPvA2P4xJqLfAIDtSJ1nbY8XFd7gztLcqONUMantra #1
From adolescence to adulthood we are taught to ignore our natural born intuition because the rest of world holds the potential to harm us. We are conditioned to act a certain way by constantly hearing things from our elders like:

Don’t talk to strangers!
Don’t touch anything!
Don’t run!


One of the most important mantras that I have had to realize and re-learn time and time again because the world has tried to teach me otherwise is: I will return to my inner sense (innocence.) This is SO important. A boho’s intuition is almost always correct. We can tell if someone means to harm us, if we should feel something, if and when our bodies need to move in a specific way…we know what is good for us! Mantra #1: I will return to my inner sense. 


Mantra #2
Often times when something unfortunate or unpleasant occurs we believe that it’s someone or something else’s fault. We continue about our lives and the same unpleasant thing happens to us again, and it’s STILL NOT OUR fault! Then it happens again, we begin to recognize a pattern but are stuck in the habit of our actions…and so the unpleasant thing happens yet AGAIN. Finally we realize that it is our fault and that our actions enabled the unpleasant thing to happen, so we begin to change our ways. We realize that in order for the unpleasantness to go away, we must make a change. Boho mantra #2 is this, simply put: I am responsible for and in control of my life. 


Mantra #3 
As boho girls, we are naturally inclined to LOVE. We love a lot. We love hard. We can be emotional about that love, attached to it, expect things from it. In order to recreate our reality and approach our relationships from a place of PURE love, we must learn to give, to love freely and without any sort of expectation. Once expectations are removed, we can give more, be more, and do more for others. The love that sprouts from those relationships will change the world! Mantra #3: I will LOVE without expectations. 


Boho girls, return to your inner sense. Be responsible for and in control of your own life. Love without expectations!!!
Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.56.51 PMCaley Alyssa is a Yogini & Holistic Health coach in Santa Monica, CA. She’s also a traveler, hiker, bikini lover, bullshit caller, avocado eater, & snuggler (little spoon.)

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5 Things my Grandmother Taught Me About Etiquette that were Really Lessons on Mindfulness

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy grandmother was a wise, understated woman of modest height and build, with a beautiful smile and warm nature. She was the quintessential lady with no air about her. Able to make those around her feel at ease, my grandmother had a way of comforting others by her questions, her words or even presence.

As a long time yoga practitioner and meditator I like to think that I bring mindfulness both to the mat and to my life. I learned early on from living in New York that it’s easier to move yourself than to ask someone else to move and paying attention to one’s surroundings is not just a daily practice, but a moment by moment practice. I always figured it was all of my yogic training and part of being a city dweller.  But lately, I’m finding myself looking at others in both in yoga class and outside and as my grandmothers words ring so loudly in my head, it’s almost as if I have to hold my mouth to stop them from coming out. I’m not sure if it’s age, or just that mindfulness and etiquette are one in the same.

Here are five examples of how my wise grandmother was a really Buddhist all along…

1. ”Not everyone was born with good taste or a sense of humor”
I LOVED when my grandmother said this. I would see someone in a crazy outfit or chew gum like a cow, and I would make a face or a comment to her. My grandma would turn to me, not even crack a smile; she would just touch my hand gently and say, “not everyone was born with good taste and a sense of humor” and move on.

Why this is mindfulness? Love everyone equally for who they are and what they have to offer. In short, Lora, who put you on this earth to judge others?

2. Never put bottles, cans or take out containers on the table
To this day I cringe when I see a bottle on the table. I can’t do it. I just cant! When I see others, do it my inner OCD monster emerges and takes control of the situation.

Why this is actually mindfulness? If we take the time to set a table properly, even if it is taken out, it makes us feel more connected and present with the food we are eating and who we are eating with. We also honor the food that we have in front of us.

3. Always take a plate even if it’s just one cookie.
My brothers and I would so often grab a cookie or something from the fridge, and my grandmother would hand us a plate and a napkin. Of course, we would say “but it’s just one” and she didn’t care.

Why this is mindfulness? Walking and eating is one of the most mindless American things we can do. Not only does it not look good, but there is no way the body can register what you are eating. Taking a plate and sitting down to eat helps the body realize when it is satisfied.

4. Sit down and send a thank you note, before you go to bed.
Who wants to write a thank you note at all let alone before you go to bed! My grandmother was not militant about this, she merely “suggested” I do this.

Why is this mindfulness? Being grateful for what you receive when you receive it and acknowledging it not only presences you to the gift, but makes room for more.

5. Dear, uncross your arms and stand up straight.
Hunching is not only poor posture, but is rude body language to send out to the world and not  a good look for anyone

Why is this mindfulness? Body language and posture is not only how you present yourself to the world, but its how you speak to yourself. Shoulders rolled back gently with your arms to the side is like saying, ‘yes” to the world and “yes” to new opportunities. Crossed arms are quite the opposite.

699539573_wZeAT-XL-960x420As a Nutritional muse, author and speaker, Lora has devoted her life to helping women find a pleasurable path to a balanced lifestyle.

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