Yoga On-the-Go: 8 Unique Global Studios

10568908_811011888939591_5349308521966414934_nThere is nothing that I find more inspiring than enjoying a beautiful yoga practice between explorations, feeling the vital breath and energy that renews and invigorates the spirit during an empowering journey through this extraordinary world of ours. That’s why I always bring my yoga mat; you never know when you are going to happen upon the perfect place to practice!

Yoga gives us a “time out” and a “tune in”. It’s an incredible opportunity to slow down during any hectic time and re-focus our energy into the possibility of becoming strong, grounded, and centered. Even when you’re on the move, traveling to any and all exotic locations, taking the space to practice yoga can enhance the experience that you are having. Also, who doesn’t love a little bit of yoga in a place that you have never visited before?

The research was done and we found eight bliss-inducing studios around the globe that will help you sweat, stretch and get your flow on! With your passport in hand, be sure to do yourself a favor and check in to them when the wind leads you to your destination:

1. YogaTree Studios, Toronto, Canada: “Come grow with us” is the slogan, and how very apt it is! With four yoga studios in the Greater Toronto Area, including a fifth location to be added this fall, YogaTree is ready to meet you in the midst of a this bustling, Canadian city. Each studio has its own unique design, catering the vibe to the energy of each unique area of Toronto, and with classes that range from Hot Yoga and Ashtanga to Restorative and Beginner’s Yoga, there is truly something for everyone. An experience not to be missed!

 2. Liberation Yoga, Los Angeles, United States: You walk in, and you immediately feel at home. The studio is designed with comfort, love, and kindness in mind; rice paper lanterns, beautifully painted murals, andde licious Nag Champa incense wafting through every carefully crafted room. There is an enclosed garden attached to the space, so indoor and outdoor classes are part of the menu. Expect a fun, welcoming, youthful vibe and a variety of classes to keep you both pumped and zenned!

3. Rituel Studio, Paris, France: Miss out on your yoga while vacationing in France? “Paris” the thought! Rituel Studio has everything you’d expect in a classic French vibe, mixed with the intensive strength of a fortified yoga and fitness studio. Here, you will find pilates, cardio classes, and yoga for a blend that creates a fit body and calm mind. They even have classes for kids! When in Paris, be sure to stop by for the best of all yogic worlds.

4. Yoga Shala, Reykjavik, Iceland: Amidst the scenic ,Nordic beauty of the incomparable country of Iceland stands Yoga Shala, a bright and blissful space ready to fulfill all of your yoga desires. With reasonable drop in rates, a variety of classes (including Ashtanga, Acro Yoga and Mysore), this studio is the perfect stop for the valiant-hearted adventurer. Classes are taught in English as well as Icelandic, so you will never feel left out of the loop!

5. Hamsa Yoga Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark: Get ready for the ultimate in wellness! When it comes to a healthy life in mind, body, and soul, the people of Denmark really make the grade. This gorgeous and unique studio has nearly eveyr type of class imaginable, whether you like to feel your heart race, or you need to take a moment to wind down. There is also a wellness clinic attached, so make sure to enjoy a skin treatment or thai yoga massage after your practice!

 6.  Karma Yoga, Shaghai, China: Vast open studios in the heart of a historic and metropolitan Asian city? How could you skip it?! This studio is warm, bright, and positively enchanting. Located in the heart of Shanghai, you’ll find everything here from power yoga, to beginner’s classes, to meditation workshops and wellness clinics. This studio is all about living the life of the yogi, and you are guaranteed to get the full, authentic experience from the moment you walk through the doors. Outstanding!

7. YogaCara Healing Arts, Mumbai, India: Here, you are communing with the source. Yoga began in India, and so it is an impossibly humbling experience to join in the very origins of your practice. There are classes for all yoga needs, including Ivengar, a type of Hatha Flow that strongly integrates Pranayama breathing with strong, stable movements. You will also find a wellness clinic with massage options, a zen garden, workshops, and a teacher training institute. Be sure to make the trip!

8. Abundance Yoga and Pilates, Auckland, New Zealand: A gorgeous yoga experience in one of the most gorgeous parts of the world! With a strong focus on building strength and endurance in the body, Adundance has some of the best Power Yoga and Pilates classes that you can find, guaranteeing that you will feel refreshed and revitalized with each class. Their community is incredibly open to the stories of new travellers and visitors, so don’t be surprised if they offer you and opportunity to stay with them full time!

Yoga is Universal. It is a fascinating thing to observe how different parts of the world work with their practice and integrate teachings into their daily lives. Having your mat with you throughout the world is not only important to the yogic journey, but it is also a doorway into the soul of your practice. Be prepared for a stretch and a sweat, and you will have the world’s love at your fingertips.


Lauren is a guest writer for the Huffington Post and Social Media Coordinator in Toronto.



The Power of Living Your Truth with Sarah Ezrin

Sarah Ezrin  |  Brentwood Ambassador

There is a bright light within each of us. A shining diamond made up of pure joy and peace. This is our true nature or most authentic self.  Unfortunately many only see glimpses as their lights get dimmed by stress, fatigue, distraction.

Yet nothing obscures one’s innermost brightness more than being on the wrong path and not living your truth.

So how do you discover your dharma? By listening to the silence between the thoughts. This is where intuition and the heart lie.

I grew up in Los Angeles in an entertainment family, so it seemed only logical to go into show business. I worked in publicity and production and while I was great at my jobs, it was extraordinarily stressful. Every day I felt like an imposter, like I was swimming against the tide.

Luckily, my sister was an avid yoga practitioner and suggested I get into a practice. I’d dabbled since college, but never fully committed. As I got deeper into the practice and thus deeper into myself, the discordancy of what I was doing versus who I was became more pronounced.

Through spiritual practice, we learn to quiet limiting beliefs and fear-based thoughts and tune into the heart.  And my heart was becoming clear that my path was helping others.

Like most of us though, I had become complacent. I made okay money, I had a good job.  Insert excuse, after excuse.

The reality was I was scared. Change is frightening and uncomfortable! Especially if the outcome is unknown.

It was not until my mum got diagnosed as having terminal cancer that I truly understood the importance of seizing every moment and gathered the courage to quit my job and follow my dreams.

The instant I made the decision to pursue teaching yoga, things seemed to fall into place.  When you are on the right path, the universe gives you photo-1-2signs and there is an ease.

Now this is not to say things are easy. There is a difference. If life were simple it would be boring! Obstacles are placed on our paths to test our resolve and make it (and us) much stronger.

The Amazonite Mala helps me stay connected to my truth. It is helpful in alleviating fears and doubts and plugging one into deeper intuition.  The green stone is also the color of the heart chakra.

When living from an authentic and connected place you are immediately successful.  Your innermost light shines like a beacon and you attract opportunities and people that reflect that brightness.

Life is short. Take the leap and spend it doing what you love! The universe will support you.

 About Sarah 

Sarah Ezrin, E-RYT-500, is a yoga teacher and writer based out of Los Angles. With a profound love of travel, she runs around the world teaching and doing yoga. For Sarah, the practice not about the tricks or the postures; it is about connecting to one’s center and living from your greatest truth.

Bohemian Bunnie’s journey with Music + Yoga

Andrea-Whitt-Shania-Twain DSC_0906-1I vividly remember my first yoga class almost six years ago. A friend of mine took me to try Bikram Yoga on Memorial Day. The studio was packed with nearly 100 sweaty, stinky yogis, all following word for word what the instructor was saying. I couldn’t believe how each person knew exactly what to do and how the class moved so consistently as a whole. At the time I was super low on cash so I passed on joining the studio. From that experience I remember verbally setting my intentions to my friend who took me to my first yoga class. I specifically stated that I wanted my life to be so that I could afford to go to yoga class any day that I wanted, write and perform music as I pleased and create art as part of my career as well.

A few months after attending that inaugural class, I saved up enough cash to purchase a three-month package of unlimited yoga. I used the hell out of that subscription series! Looking back, attending class 5-6 days a week for the first 5 months was the absolute BEST thing I could have done to jump my practice to the next level. Currently I attend class 2 days a week (I also see a trainer once a week) and I’m still becoming more limber and stronger class by class. I’ve been encouraged by so many teachers to enter a yoga competition (seems like an oxymoron…but really just and excuse to work hard and challenge yourself) maybe this year will be it!

Off the mat I’m a professional musician, artist and blogger. When I’m not living in sunny Los Angeles, I tour with Shania Twain. I’m inspired by musicians who stand out from the crowd, perform music that is true to themselves, and work hard to get where they are. Shania definitely falls into this category. Kacey Musgraves is a recent favorite; I’m also a big fan of Phish and Stevie Nicks.

Ellie-fitness-bon-voyage22Ellie-fitness-bon-voyage-newI’m always working at becoming better at whatever I’m involved in. I absolutely love the journey! I perform with huge musical acts but I still strive to practice 3 hours a day just to be a better musician. It’s that never ending drive to learn that gets me excited to wake up every day.

My favorite Tiny Devotions mala would have to be the African Jade mala. The description is dreams, friendship, luck and strength. I always have big dreams, I love making friendships along the way and I have to constantly remind myself to stay strong despite any obstacles. The entertainment business is cut throat and I feel very lucky and humbled to be where I am.

Billi-Blues-boho-free-people-DSC_3256Stay connected to Bohemian Bunnie