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We are constantly blown away by the photos our community shares of them wearing their malas, stacks and scarves, so we decided to do a little something special…

The Tiny Devotions #BohoSelfie Contest!

Are you a boho beauty? A yogi fashionista? Do you rock your mala beads on the regular?  Snap a sweet photo of yourself in your favourite Tiny Devotions product and tell us your intention.  Use the hashtag #BohoSelfie and don’t’ forget to tag @TinyDevotions in your photo (we don’t want to miss you).

The soul behind the most creative and inspirational #BohoSelfie will win a Tiny Devotions gift bundle including a scarf, a mala and a stack, valued at $300. They will also be featured in a live Q&A on our Boho Daily blog. The contest runs June 25 – June 28.

Can’t wait to see what magic you stunners create….  xx

Peace, Love, Mala Beads,

The Tiny Devotions Team

How do you craft your bliss, boho babes?


We’v e partnered with our ambassadors, Jacki Carr and Mary Beth Larue, from Rock Your Bliss to set your boho soul on fire! We know you are all bliss crafters who live their lives with intention, dream up big plans, and are serious soul sisters. This is why we created the Craft Your Bliss challenge! We want to know how you make your life blissful everyday. Today is the last day to turn in your beautiful Craft Your Bliss challenge pictures and videos for the sweet soulful prize of a Rock Your Bliss Mala. We just can’t wait to see what you have for us, boho beauties! We will announce the lucky goddess tomorrow morning. Now go boho bellas and show us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook how you Craft Your Bliss!


Confessions of a Boho Fashionista: The magic of the morning, the sweetness before bed: my top intention setting times!

27fbd5cca28a3193a8bae585506cd1efHey Boho Beauties,

Have you ever felt something sparkly the very moment you woke up? The birds were singing, the sun hadn’t quite made its way to that warm place it kisses us from the sky at, and you felt it. Gurus and goddesses in the past have said it before: the morning is a special time. You have 24 hours before you to set your dreams on fire, and the world is your crystal ball to shake up and make magic from. The morning is a sacred time to reflect, set your intentions, and believe that all that’s around you is conspiring just for your yogi self!

Here’s the cool part: bedtime is even more mystical. Years ago I found a book in an old used bookstore called Mandala. It had a moleskin cover and smelled like sage, and when I opened its crisp pages what I found was advice on how to optimize your thoughts before bedtime. The readings within its pages encouraged me to use the hour before bed to dream up all of my plans, write them down, and go to bed knowing I truly deserved all that I desired. Before bed, your boho mind is ready to dream in a peaceful space. So take that special hour before bed to write down all of your dreams, desires, and auspicious goals.

Here are some tips on how to really take advantage of these two special times of day:

ad319aec3af929591ab7c772532567e91. Keep a journal: Use the morning and evening to write down all of your hearts desires without inhibitions. We often dream of Bali, Venice, and beyond, but never write down our plans. We think of cottages on the coast, dancing with an elephant, and singing a duet our favorite rock star. And when the day passes on, our special desires can get lost. Purchase a journal and use it before the day begins or just as it’s ending.

2. Have an open mind: anything you want is yours, boho babe. In the morning or just before your rest your goddess self, keep your sweet mind wide open to all that’s yours. The whole world is right at the tips of your fingers, so dream big.

81895d5f60fa0bb4acf6b736a9257c273. Create a sacred space: the space you take your rest in, and the place you rise to the worlds magic is a sacred space. Fill your space with objects that make you feel grounded and at peace. I suggest your fave scented candle, some soft throws and pillows, and the mala of your choice.

You have the power of the world with you, bellas and boho babes. Use these special, peak times during the day to harness that power and light it up.

Do you have a buddhaful, go-to practice you use before bed, or in the sweetness of the sunrise? Tell us all about it in the pink section below!

libpicPeace, Love and Magic from

 Your Resident Boho Fashionista, Libby xx.

Happy Hunting, Boho Babes!

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Urban Priestess Ashley Turner Sheds Light on Meditation one guru and goddess at a time!




We’re popping on our Urban Priestess Malas and channeling some seriously divine Ashley Turner energy! We just can’t wait for this amazing event coming up April 21-25, where our Ambassador Ashley Turner will host a free, online meditation summit with 30 of the world’s best spiritual gurus and goddesses. Go put your fav Mala on and check out this amazing event, boho babes!


Catching up with Madhuri Phillips


I started a daily yoga practice 20 years ago with my boyfriend at the time, who taught me a power yoga sequence that he learned from a book. I practiced daily with fervor.

However, it was after a dance injury when I began to study yoga seriously, which led me to live at an ashram in India for 6 months. There I was exposed to a much deeper understanding of what yoga is beyond the physical asana.

I did hours on end of karma yoga (selfless service), chanting, yajna (fire ceremony) and meditation which transformed my perspective not only of yoga but of life and my relationship to it.

The ongoing practice/ sadhana of yoga is about spiritual maturity, which to me essentially means knowing and trusting myself—deepening my expression of love and joy.


Inspiration comes to me in so many forms: through adversity, in nature, through movement and sound. A glance, a sunbeam, a blooming flower, a smile.

I feel incredibly connected and inspired when I am teaching or working with a client and can feel the transmission of an ancient lineage bringing awareness and love into our consciousness, uplifting and healing.


My advice would be to listen to your inner knowing, even when it doesn’t make logical sense. Trust in what makes you feel expansive, loving and alive. Trust that you are here to experience joy and learn how to release the blind spots that stand in the way of loving yourself.


madhuri9My first experience with a mala was when I was given one for mantra practice. I used a tulsi wood mala for 12 years to chant my mantra daily. I never looked at the mala as it stayed tucked away in its little pouch, potent with the vibration of the sacred sounds. Every mala is sacred and brings such personal meaning, intent and vibration.

Infuse your mala with your hearts desire and let it uplift you and remind you of your highest potential.

Madhuri wants to live in a world where who we are is more important then what we  accomplish and where laughter and joy have precedence over a 60 hour work week.

As a much sought after Ayurvedic Practitioner (CAS), Bio-Energy Practitioner & Yoga Teacher Trainer (ERYT), she’s been honoured to offer her teachings at the Toronto, Victoria & Vancouver Yoga Conferences, the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA), the International Bellyfit Conference, the Vancouver Yogathon, and on My Yoga Online.

Along with her popular Ayurvedic Yoga DVD, her recently released book, “Your Irresistible Life: 4 Seasons of Self-Care Through Ayurveda & Yoga Practices that Work” is now available.

Explore how to work one on one with Madhuri at

 About Madhuri

Madhuri is an Ayurvedic Practitioner (CAS), Bio-Energy Practitioner & Yoga Teacher Trainer (ERYT). Along with her popular Ayurvedic Yoga DVD, her book, “Your Irresistible Life: 4 Seasons of Self-Care Through Ayurveda & Yoga Practices that Work” is now available. Explore how to work one on one with Madhuri at:



Ritual can be done anywhere, by anyone, and in any way with Jessica Cartwright

full_IMG_6179_edited-2Living in Montana provides a constant source of inspiration. There is so much natural beauty and an abundance of healthy, heart centered energy. It’s a wondrous thing to wake up every day in what the natives called the Valley of the Flowers. I feel immensely grateful to live here and do what I love – teach yoga, energy heal, get lost in nature, and inspire others.

Another beautiful gift that Montana has given me is the importance of ritual. Ritual is grounding and gives us purpose. It’s what our ancestors did on a regular basis and allows us to feel connected to this earth and our place here within it.

Ritual can be done anywhere, by anyone, and in any way.

When I hiked Machu Picchu last year I turned it into a spiritual journey. I used my malas to set an intention with every step. I ran the beads through my fingers and honored a loved one, said a healing affirmation, and charged them with love and purpose through every step.

MountainSplitNow it’s a ritual to use my malas in meditation when I need recharging; to cleanse them along with my crystals on the full moon; to practice 108 sun salutations at the change of every season; to place them on the top of my mat during my yoga practice.

 Breaking away from technology and connecting in a more meaningful way, through ritual, is a blessing. It allows us to hear the whispers of our ancestors as we ease into the groundedness of feeling earthly, relishing the seasons, and delighting in being human.

I love the Devotion mala for this reason; it reminds me of my devotion to ritual and to the purpose we all have in this life. It also reminds me of my devotion to the dreamworld, to spirit work, to the seasons, to my ancestors, to the land where I live, to my relationship with my self, and to the source of connection that lies within us all, at our heart centers.

MachuHeadstand Let creating ritual be fun! Just like the excitement that comes from picking out the perfect mala for you, exploring meaningful rituals in your life will feel freeing, empowering, and invigorate you! Ideas are to smudge your house, pat your buddha, carry crystals with you, celebrate the full moon, all of it works. Go with what feels good!

In my opinion ritual is anything that you come back to regularly, that steps you out of your normal routine (habit) and provides a feeling of meaning, purpose, and connection. So look for inspiration and get creative in how to bring ritual into your life. It’s sort of like deepening our roots so that our branches can grow even further.

Your malas are your best ally in bringing ritual and intention into your every day. Let them connect you to the ways you want to feel, to the love and groundedness that connects us all, every time you touch, wear, and practice in them!


– Jessica Cartwright

Go On More Adventures. Be Around Good Energy. Connect With People. Learn New Things. Grow.



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Confessions of a Boho Fashionista

Hey Boho Beauties,

I’m warming up with a cup of sweet cinnamon tea and I thought I’d open up my moleskin and pop down some intentions for the weekend. That’s right bellas—it’s not just for New Years or special occasions, the power of intention works all the time.

The greatest time for goddesses to set intentions is in the soft light of the morning, while your dreams are still fresh and your heart is wide open.

It’s winter-time in Canada, but a true gypsy keeps her summer-heart all year round. That’s why as I write this down, I’m reflecting on the spirit of the summer passed and the nights I spent watching dragon flies dance (just like we gypsies do) and the Super moon that lit up the night sky.


A Super moon is a special phenomenon that happens very rarely. This chance occurrence creates a serious sense of magic and creativity. In ancient times, beautiful princesses who adorned themselves in crystals and gemstones would sit under the moon, cast their dreams below its light and pray for the creative genius that would spark from the moon’s light.

The Super moon does more than just spark creativity—it wraps a warm sheath of unconditional love and divine power on the beauty who dances under its light. When you’re under the glow of the super moon, you trust in your creative nature without a shadow of a doubt. This is because the Super moon provides unconditional love that guides us on our bohemian paths.

In the chill of the winter, when the sky is dark and the moon is nowhere to be found, I’m wearing my Supermoon Mala and setting my intentions on the divine creativity that lives deep within us all.

Put on your Super Moon Mala’s beauties, remember your summer-heart and go light some creative sparks.

Peace, Love and Magic from Bohemia