Are you ready?


I am ready to have everything I want. I deserve it.
I am ready to revive my light.
I am ready to manifest my dreams.
I have realized my worth.
I am ready to tap into all the beauty that awaits me.


Whether it’s calmclarity or love you’re seeking, there’s a gemstone for that!
Gemstones are believed to emit their own special vibration and healing energy. Combine the abundance of energy in each gemstone and super-power your intentions to manifest anything you can imagine by layering single Mala Bracelets with your Mala.


If you want to experience significant progress in manifesting your dreams, you need to be intentional about the work you’re doing every day.Print your own downloadable Intention Setting worksheet to travel within, dig deep + honor your intentions. This worksheet will help you to set clear, attainable goals and make your dreams happen!

Creating your own Sacred Space


It’s important to take time to step back to rejuvinate and replenish yourself. A time for reflection, for looking within, assessing and setting intentions. For some it can be a certain activity or ritual that helps them feel relaxed and replenished and for some it can be a certain place. We wanted to share a few tips on how to make a rad boho inspired space to wind down, reflect on your journey and just relax.

1. Location, location, location. The space can be small or large, inside or out as long as it encourages a peaceful mindset, a place to replenish your mind, body & soul.

2. Find inspiration in what you love. Chose what smells, sounds, looks, and feels good to you. Things that give you energy, inspire you. This could be comfy cushions, scarves, blankets, vision boards, art, stones & crystals, essential oil diffusers. You name it.

3. Journal. Have something you can write on, to record any questions, feelings or inspirations from your day. It gives you a chance to express yourself and allows you to dig deep, reflect and encourages you to relax and unwind.

4. Add plants & flowers, they increase energy, color & oxygen. Different colours represent different feelings & emotions, include colours that align with your intentions.

5. It is important to enter your space with your intentions clear, to leave the chaos outside of your space, so as to allow cultivation of only your truest potential.

Remember that this space is yours, created by your intuition. Honour that intuition, let it flow through you, don’t be afraid to make alterations to your space at anytime as you progress through your journey.

My Top 6 Ways to Overcome Jetlag on a Yoga Adventure!

10592947394_d879c221ff_bI travel internationally about every other month teaching workshops and teacher trainings on three difference continents.  People ask me how I managed to stay balanced flying around the world the way I do and acclimating to different time zones.  Sleep has become a ritual for me, something I prepare for, meditate on, and pray for!

I need deep sleep to be able to be alert and present for my students. I needed to find a way to get good quality sleep on these trips.  Sleep deprivation can accumulate and cause a variety of problems such as increased anxiety, risk of hypertension, obesity, depression, heart attack, and just being straight up delirious!  Sleep is important and deep sleep heals!

It’s important to understand that deep sleep heals the body, the mind, and our spirit. Our daily dose of shut-eye regulates our weight, strengthens our immunity, protects our health, repairs our tissues and cells, and restores our energy. Sleep also allows us to process situations in our lives balancing our emotions, helping us to better solve our problems, and feeds our creativity.  When our mind becomes quiet in deep sleep, our energy in our heart chakra increases and we wake up feeling more inspired to move through our day.

Here are my top 6 sleep strategies:

1. Create a ritual before you go to bed to calm your energy down.  Excessive worry, activity and traveling, can all disturb the spirit and activate the mind—making it near impossible to fall asleep and stay asleep. Try rubbing an ayurvedic oil (I use sesame oil for us vatas) all over your body in a circular motions paying attention to your joints to reduce any swelling especially from flying.  Wait about twenty minutes allowing the oil to soak in and jump in the shower or a warm bath to rinse it off.  You could also try some of my favorite essential oils such as lavender or peace & calming. These oils are extremely healing for the nervous system and aid in the relaxation response that puts us in a state of healing and grounding.

2. Try warm milk before bed or any kind of valerian tea or herbal tea with relaxing herbs. Avoid alcohol before bed because it will disturb deep sleep and can create anxious dreams usually waking you up in the middle of the night creating some type of hyperactivity.

3. When traveling and adopting to time zones I will take melatonin to keep me asleep. I find it helps me get through the first couple nights of jetlag.

395474_275052729233929_1837254280_n 4. Turn the lights down and do restoratives like legs at the wall (Viparita Karani) using an eye pillow to add some weight to the eye sockets. This helps my brain relax and eyes to stay shut.

5. If you do get stimulated easily, stay off the computer and avoid TV shows that create any kind of fear or worry.  It’s best to shut all electronics off before bed and soak in this quiet time with a warm bath and light reading instead.

6. Avoid eating at least two hours before bedtime and try to make dinner your lightest meal.  Eating late will stimulate your digestive system and also can create disturbing dreams.  When traveling, this may be hard but better to sleep through the night and wake up on an empty stomach.

These suggestions don’t just apply to overcoming jet lag, but are great support for good deep sleep at home. Make sleep a priority!  Do what is necessary to take care of yourself and promote healthy sleep.  Watch how the quality of your life improves when you commit to these rituals before bed.  You will see that you will become more inspired, joyous, and actually excited for each day to begin!

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Get in touch with your intuition and never look back with Tami Apland.


My whole life has been based on one leap of faith after another.  I grew up in a relatively small town outside of a relatively small city in central Virginia. From a very early age I knew that I felt out of place there and was always planning my escape. Not because I had a horrible life, in fact it was quite the opposite. I have a wonderful family and I adore them very much, but I know in my bones that I am an adventurer, a wanderer and a free spirit of the truest kind.  Once I finished high school, part of college before deciding it wasn’t for me and landing a sufficiently paying office job I felt as though I had hit a wall. Where would I go from here? Without having a grand vision of the bigger picture, I followed my heart and took some steps.

I’ve had a passion for movement I believe since I was in my mother’s womb. I danced for 10 years before sustaining a gnarly ankle injury that required reconstructive surgery at age 15, I found yoga at 16 and decided to complete a teacher training at 22. I put said training on a credit card, racked up a pile of debt and three months after I finished the training I quit my “safe” job, packed up my Volkswagen and headed West to be with the man I had fallen in love with years earlier.  I was the first in my family to do something so drastic. They were nervous for me, but I felt solid in my decision. What’s that saying? Oh yeah, you only live once!


tami2My new life became about falling in love all over again, snowboarding, hiking, meeting new people, creating meaningful relationships, exploring new places and essentially finding out who I really was at my core. It was, at times, terrifying, but also incredibly liberating. I didn’t always have money, but I was following my dreams and that, to me, was invaluable.


My advice to all of you beautiful, free-spirited boho yogis is this: Get radically in touch with your intuition, learn to trust it and never look back. Remember, you’re not going that way! Speak your truth with bold confidence and don’t be afraid to go against the grain or popular opinion. Get clear in your purpose. If that’s too overwhelming, start with getting clear in your purpose for right now and go from there. Practice yoga everywhere! Meditate on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Find something that makes you feel wildly alive, and do it often. Breathe deeply, love hard and keep both your heart and mind wide open to your own powerful potential.

My favorite mala is the Freedom mala, for all that it represents. It reminds me that I am in charge of my own life and the choices I make. I am free to do and be whatever and whomever I want. And let’s be honest, what could be better than that?


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“Live light, because everything is already okay.” with Liza Laird.


Our beautiful bohemian friend, Liza Laird, sat down with us to tell us all about her yoga journey and the things that inspire her to live life with intention. We were so lucky to hear what this goddess had to say!

What brought you to the mat the first time?

The first time I got on the mat I was in my early teens and took a yoga class with my mom at a local gym. I recall being embarrassed by my mom and not really loving the class. Something must have stuck with me, because over the years I found myself always coming back to the mat. Once I got past being an awkward, embarrassed teen, I discovered the peace, love, and inspiration I felt from yoga and meditation.

How do you set intentions in your life?

I set intentions in my life based on my core values of quality, authenticity and fluidity.  I ask myself if my intentions are in line with my values, and if they are not I clarify my intentions to make it so.

Who inspires you?

On a daily basis, I am inspired by my husband who supports me in everything I do and loves me deeply. My mom is the person who first brought me to yoga (and taught me to knit), and she inspires me with her outlook on life and her master knitting skills. My dad has sick handstand skills, and so my envy for his gymnastic abilities helps me push my practice further each day. At 65, my father presses gracefully into a handstand. I just hope one day I will be able to do the same.

My mentor Ashley Turner inspires me. Ashley is a total rockstar and has such profound teachings to share with her unique combination of yoga and psychotherapy. After taking one of her workshops in NYC, I was inspired to sign up for my first yoga teacher training program. Her Urban Priestest Mala is one of my favorites!

Jodie Rufty was my mentor in my teacher training, and her style of teaching resonates with me. Jodie lives her life so authentically she inspires me to do the same.

What inspires you?

I find inspiration in a lot of things, but one thing I am particularly appreciating these days is the post yoga class glow. There’s no feeling like it. It’s like hitting the reset button in life and creates the opportunity for clarity, purpose and selfless intention to transform the world around you. I also find myself inspired when hiking in the woods with my dog Cosmo. Being in nature always makes me more grounded, and my dog’s curiosity and excitement on hikes definitely rubs off on me.

IMG_3303What is your favorite mantra and why?

I actually have two mantras that I repeat daily. One was inspired by my husband, and the other is an ancient Sanksrit mantra. Everyday I remind myself of this mantra – “Live light, because everything is already okay”. It is by repeating these words that I am able to feel ease and clarity.

The second mantra I love is one that I learned in my yoga teacher training with Jodie Rufty – “Om Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya, Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya, Mrtyor-Maa Amrtam Gamaya” (“Take me from the untruth to the truth, take me from the darkness to the light, and take me from death to immortality”). This mantra has always helped me become grounded and come back to my truest self.

What advice do you have for all the boho yogis out there?

Meditate every damn day! Even if you only have 3 minutes to sit or lay and meditate. Take that time. It will change your life. Your mind will find clarity, your heart will be open, and you will be more at ease. Also, find one yoga posture or movement that makes you feel confident and try to do it daily or every other day. I find that handstands make me confident, and happy baby always makes me happy, so those are two poses I practice daily.

What is your favorite mala and why?

My favorite mala is the Mermaid Mala! I love this mala because it represents confidence and love. It is beautiful and whimsical all at the same time. I find that it makes me smile, which in turn inspires me and gives me confidence.

You can find more of Liza Online at: Liza1