The Beauty of Yoga with Haley

haley2We recently got the chance to talk about the beauty of yoga with our beautiful British gal pal, Haley, from across the pond. She told us all about her personal experience with the practice and how its beauty helps her to teach better, and live a more inspired life!

The Beauty of Yoga

I LOVE yoga. You could say I eat, sleep and (literally) breathe it! My practice gives me so much freedom and a chance to lose myself in the dance between the breath and the movement. I think yoga is a beautiful way of being expressive and so I use it as a therapy; enabling the release of emotions through the use of asana and meditation.

How I’m Influenced to Teach

My teaching style is heavily influenced by Kundalini and Hatha merged together to create a flow,which enables my students to be uplifted and inspired; transformed by the beauty of yoga. I love meditation and use it as a daily escape, or mini vacation – just without the expense, packing and airport queues! I believe that life is nothing but a series of moments flowing one after another so live in that moment, love in that moment and make each moment count. I try and live by this every day and if I feel myself slipping I just remind myself that the only moment we ever truly have is Now.

To see more of Haley’s adventures in yoga check her out her website, or visit her social media channels.

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