Confessions of a Boho Fashionista: The magic of the morning, the sweetness before bed: my top intention setting times!

27fbd5cca28a3193a8bae585506cd1efHey Boho Beauties,

Have you ever felt something sparkly the very moment you woke up? The birds were singing, the sun hadn’t quite made its way to that warm place it kisses us from the sky at, and you felt it. Gurus and goddesses in the past have said it before: the morning is a special time. You have 24 hours before you to set your dreams on fire, and the world is your crystal ball to shake up and make magic from. The morning is a sacred time to reflect, set your intentions, and believe that all that’s around you is conspiring just for your yogi self!

Here’s the cool part: bedtime is even more mystical. Years ago I found a book in an old used bookstore called Mandala. It had a moleskin cover and smelled like sage, and when I opened its crisp pages what I found was advice on how to optimize your thoughts before bedtime. The readings within its pages encouraged me to use the hour before bed to dream up all of my plans, write them down, and go to bed knowing I truly deserved all that I desired. Before bed, your boho mind is ready to dream in a peaceful space. So take that special hour before bed to write down all of your dreams, desires, and auspicious goals.

Here are some tips on how to really take advantage of these two special times of day:

ad319aec3af929591ab7c772532567e91. Keep a journal: Use the morning and evening to write down all of your hearts desires without inhibitions. We often dream of Bali, Venice, and beyond, but never write down our plans. We think of cottages on the coast, dancing with an elephant, and singing a duet our favorite rock star. And when the day passes on, our special desires can get lost. Purchase a journal and use it before the day begins or just as it’s ending.

2. Have an open mind: anything you want is yours, boho babe. In the morning or just before your rest your goddess self, keep your sweet mind wide open to all that’s yours. The whole world is right at the tips of your fingers, so dream big.

81895d5f60fa0bb4acf6b736a9257c273. Create a sacred space: the space you take your rest in, and the place you rise to the worlds magic is a sacred space. Fill your space with objects that make you feel grounded and at peace. I suggest your fave scented candle, some soft throws and pillows, and the mala of your choice.

You have the power of the world with you, bellas and boho babes. Use these special, peak times during the day to harness that power and light it up.

Do you have a buddhaful, go-to practice you use before bed, or in the sweetness of the sunrise? Tell us all about it in the pink section below!

libpicPeace, Love and Magic from

 Your Resident Boho Fashionista, Libby xx.

Magical Mornings: My Top Ten Tricks to Create a High Energy Morning and Make it Last!

Yoga luluEvery yogi fashionista and chai drinking gal should know how to create a magical morning that can last all day long! Here are our top ten tricks to create a perfect morning that last all day long, from Deidre Siranni, Yoga Instructor and Wellness Enthusiast.

1.The Night Before
Have a hot bath to relax and allow yourself to forget about the “to do list”
Once a week, make it a detox bath which includes (baking soda, apple cider vinegar, Epson salts, Himalayan salts)

2.Wake up to an alarm clock that plays music (your favorite genre of course) rather than that dreaded beeping sound.

3.Get out of bed and in to your running shoes.  Go for a 15-20 minute walk or run to get the blood flowing and breathe the fresh air.

4.Cool down with a 5-10 minute stretch and create an intention for the day.

5.From your shoes and in to the shower.  Turn on your favorite upbeat playlist, start up the hot water, and add a few drops of eucalyptus.  Sing along to your favorite tunes while you enjoy an uplifting and clarifying eucalyptus steam shower.

6.Oil pulling with coconut oil.  Put a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth and swoosh it around for a minute before spitting it out.  What I say about coconut oil….”I put that s*** on everything!”

7.Make breakfast your favorite meal of the day.  Choose 5 easy breakfasts that work for you and make which ever one suits your mood for that day.

8.Throughout the day, look for opportunities to try something new.  After all, everything awesome happens outside of your comfort zone.

9.Make a point to say hi to people who you cross paths with whether they are coworkers or total strangers.

10.Do a random act of kindness; you could make the day magical for someone else as well.
Deidre is a Lululemon Ambassador, Yoga Instructor, and Corporate Wellness Enthusiast based out of British Columbia.

lululemon pic 1Find more of her below:
Facebook: Deidre Siranni

Daily Intentions with Lacey Calvert


We caught up with inspiring world yoga teacher and Oakley brand ambassador, Lacey Calvert, to chat intention setting. Here’s what this California girl had to say about her favourite ways to set intentions.

The Morning is the Best Time to Set Your Intention

Waking up each morning, our minds are clear, natural and organic. We haven’t yet been bombarded with news or to-do lists, and this is the most influential time to set our daily intention. About 8 months ago, I noticed myself waking up and immediately checking my email, instagram and anything else I could find on my phone. I realized my brain was getting inadequately stimulated early in the morning, and I wasn’t giving myself time to reflect, set goals, and ultimately setting my intention for each beautiful day I was given.

Each morning that I get the chance to open my eyes and breathe in the sweet air, I know that this is the day that will completely change the rest of my life. I ask myself, what is one thing today that I want to accomplish? How I can influence others to live their most extraordinary life? And, how can show my community how much I care and appreciate them? Finding the answers to these questions everyday allows us to have a clear and intentional outlook on our thoughts and processes throughout our days. We are setting goals and giving ourselves a purpose during our days. We are allowing clarity to start our day, and giving each moment the ability to shine.

I challenge you to set daily intentions. Do your mind a favor and take a few moments each morning. Open your eyes with a purpose, and set your daily intention as your body starts a new day. Dream up the adventures, the freedom, the friendships and the new beginnings that each day can bring us. You have complete control of the days that you live, and you can live a life that you love.

laceycalvertLacey Calvert

Lacey Calvert travels the world teaching yoga to athletes, while enjoying each day she is given. Having being diagnosed with a heart condition at age 17, Lacey found yoga as a beautiful balance between energy and ease. Her passion and enthusiasm shows in her classes, as she challenges your flow with lightheartedness and a smile. Join her yoga journey on instagram @laceycalvert.