4 Ways to Find Inspiration Daily

223e2a68d99cafe186c67b03e6bc2c3cAs a writer and yoga teacher, I am constantly on the lookout for inspiration. I love watching people in creative yoga poses, passionate discussions with friends (using apps like the new Conversation Starters by Danielle Laporte) and sitting at cafes with large floor to ceiling windows to enjoy the view and people watch for the afternoon.

Inspiration is something I always need as I never want my well to run dry, so I’ve created a quick list of places we can find inspiration in a pinch.

 1. Pinterest. My favorite place to draw in inspiration would be Pinterest! It is such a creative hub full of everything you could need. In the past few months I have used it to style my newly PINK and blonde hair, create a few fun vegetarian dishes for our family and grab fun quotes for my Facebook pages. I have also used it to create a bit more style in my life. As I LIVE and breathe in yoga pants, it’s nice to have a few “days off” outfits.

But here’s the trick my boho friends – some days you need to re-inspire yourself. This is when you need to look at your own pins. What inspired you weeks ago, or yesterday? Instead of constantly searching for the new, see if you can find some inspiration from a few days past. The same goes for old notebooks, blog posts or emails – check it all out and see what inspired you in the first place.

 2. Get outside! In nature. In the city. By the ocean. People watch. Listen to others stories. Sit in an urban garden. Watch the stars. Hear the stillness of the lake or the crunch of the leaves underfoot. Tune in and be present to the world around you. Step away from your computer. Go LIVE, connect and breathe into each moment. Or as Emerson says in my favorite quote: “Live in the sunshine, Swim in the sea and Drink the wild air”

10632365_1535952673301109_401587611_n3. Write a bucket list. This is one of my favorite things to do! I LOVE writing lists and do so for everything: to-do lists, Core Desired Feelings, a themed word for my year ahead, seasonal goals and intentions etc. I am constantly finding inspiration by plotting out what it is I want to do and how I want to create a life I love. By digging deep every few weeks or months, I am able to connect to how I want to feel and what it is I truly want in life.

The biggest key here is visibility. I always use a beautiful card each year and create a list of fun goals, intentions, to-dos and wishes. I place this card on my desk at work, or my meditation altar in order to see it all the time! This is why I choose a beautiful card; it’s something I want to view often to connect with my own inspiration and intentions.

 4. Go on a date. You can go on a date by yourself or with a loved one. If you’re alone, bring your notebook. Record musings of your day, conversations you’ve overheard and drops of the chai tea you let loose over your thoughts. If you’re with a friend get creative: think outside the box, bring along that same notebook and make some BIG plans. Instagram your delicious lattes and promise one another that you have #bigthingsbrewing. Dream big and then talk about those dreams OUT LOUD. If you’re out with your honey, do something unique. Go pumpkin picking. Explore Six Flags in the fall. Drink lattes after a late night movie. Watch the stars as you hold hands and fall back in love.

Your life is truly yours to live. You get to choose whether you want to snuggle in with a delicious mug of chai and use Pinterest for hours on end, or if you’d like to explore the world as you watch it spin around you. Get out there boho babe and CREATE inspiration by being you. Live life out loud, have FUN, connect, breathe and play.

1157699_383157768473367_247012539_n-199x300-150x150-150x150Jenny Ravikumar is a yoga teacher, blogger and studio owner of Barefoot Yoga Shala. As a teacher and self-proclaimed boho mermaid, Jenny has been bringing her yoga lifestyle knowledge to the online world for years through her blog, jennyravikumar.com. She specializes in helping women dig deeply into self-love & care, while also explaining yoga philosophy and love on her blog and through her courses/private online groups. You can catch her teaching 6 days a week in Massachusetts or pouring love all over the internet 24 hours a day.

Disconnect to Reconnect

img9 (3)

#PracticeIsPerfect: 5 Tips to Keep your Attitude Sparkling when the Going gets Tough

_P9A04251. Unplug. Seriously. As I type this in a local, busy coffee shop in New York, I find myself at the same exact time wanting to scream at the top of my lungs because of how BUSY this life is. Or, how BUSY we make it. If you are like me and at any given time have Instagram, Facebook and Gmail open and available, it’s time to check yourself. Unplug for a while. Unplug when you start to feel like this whole world is about to rain iPhones and Androids. Let go. Close your eyes and just practice silence. Be still. Perhaps it’s the hour right before bed. Brilliant idea. Why let your mind go nuts with social media right before you are trying to reconnect with yourself and your dreams. Tip number one: unplug for at least one hour a day

2. Get selfish. That’s right. Start doing something for YOU. This might be exercise,  a morning latte, or a good book. And if you one of those people who just thinks “how can I possibly find time to be selfish with three kids and a dog!” then this tip is really for you! The busier we get, the more frustrated and mundane our daily lives become. Look at it this way: That 75 minute yoga class was not just for you. It was for your loved ones, your boss, your dog…it was for everyone in your life that you care most about because essentially it helps you become a more peaceful, more passionate human. It helps create a better version of you. You may think you are being selfish but if you realize that time outs for yourself is exactly what you need to become that peaceful person, than just do it! Tip number two: it’s okay to be selfish sometimes. 

3. Find nature. A simple walk in the woods or the beach is the perfect escape to get grounded when the going gets tough. Nature teaches us many things- one of the most important being patience. Walk through nature and you will instantly be reminded that there is no rush. Go get some salt-water time, some mountain time, or even try opening a window to remind yourself what life is truly all about. Tip number three: go outside. 

 4. Eat. No, I am not saying go buy a box of cookies and eat your feelings away. What I recommend doing is take a little time out to check your diet. Some foods will actually create more stress on our bodies and if our mind is already in a funk, then why suppress our system even more with the wrong foods? Start slowing down the way you eat. Just because your mind is running a mile a minute, doesn’t mean your mouth should! Check out your diet and make sure you are getting adequate nutrients. When stressed, foods loaded with antioxidants, vitamin C, zinc and omega 3’s are all good choices. Tip number four: eat with intention. 

 5. Journal. Even if you don’t actual write anything down, start “mind journaling” in your head every am/pm. Start with gratitude. Once you remind yourself just how blessed you really are, even the biggest problem will seem smaller. You are so loved. So start telling yourself that! Every day: three things you are grateful for. I do it while still in bed. Seriously, it helps! Tip number five: start a gratitude diary. 

katie boho blogAlbany native Katie Collins teaches a strong vinyasa flow with a focus on foundation and alignment, making balancing and inversions more accessible, mindful and most importantly, fun! Katie completed her 200 hour YTT in the summer of 2013 under the guidance of Justin Wolfer and quickly learned what it meant to embrace her practice with mind, body and SOUL! Along with the physical practice and teachings of yoga, Katie also has a passion for holistic living and will be entering her second year of nursing school in fall 2014.  Her classes are a dynamic flow that will incorporate human body awareness with a sprinkle of strong core work, flexibility, and the journey towards inversions. Katie is also a regular blogger for Elephant Journal, an ambassador for BOGA paddleboards, Jade Yoga Mats, and a representative for GTS clothing and her own personal journey. 

Twitter: @katietheyogi 

Instagram: @katietheyogi 

How to Rise at Wanderlust: My top 3 Soul Workouts to Optimize your Adventure

wanderlust-festival-vermont-yoga-2Wanderlust is certainly an adventure. It’s a four-day nature-fueled yoga bonanza loaded with opportunities to explore. Below are a few ways to optimize your experience:

1. Release your expectations
Expectation is the mother of disappointment. And no one has time for disappointment when there’s happiness to be had! Give yourself the freedom to flow and change course throughout the day. This openness allows you to spend more energy enjoying each moment instead of making sure you get everything on your schedule done. Tune into your body and what you need that day. For example, maybe the power yoga class you originally planned on doing will change into a more relaxing meditative practice. As I always say, less expectation, more exploration!

2. Get out of your comfort zone
Call me crazy, but I love opportunities to get out of my comfort zone, and Wanderlust is a great way to do just that. For example, you can try a new style of yoga, a meditation class, smile and say ‘hi” to a stranger, or even try out some new dance moves at the concerts! Try at least one thing out of your comfort zone during Wanderlust and feel the sweet expansion and sense of fulfillment that comes along with it.

3. Connect with nature  
Part of the Wanderlust experience is being in the mountains and immersing yourself in nature. I highly recommend you take an opportunity to enjoy your surroundings. There is always so much going on at the festival, so maybe take a mid-day break to go sit in the grass and write in your journal or even take a nap. That’s is what I call Nature Therapy!

Releasing your expectations, getting out of your comfort zone and connecting with nature are my top ways to ensure you have an extraordinary experience at Wanderlust. Try them at Wanderlust, and then try them again when you get home from Wanderlust… because your everyday life is an adventure too.

amanda christianAmanda Christian is a soul-fueled writer, yoga teacher and creator of weekly YouTube videos called Soul Workouts. You can catch Amanda guiding yoga treks this summer at Wanderlust Squaw July 17-20th

Website: http://www.amandachristian.com

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/amandachristiantv

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/amandalece

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/amandalece

The Sanctuary of Yoga with Amanda Christian.

AmandaHeadshot2CropWhether I’m soaring through the trees on my mountain bike or carving some turns in fresh power on my snowboard, I can’t help but feel at peace in nature.

Nature is where I go to heal, listen and come back to myself over and over again. It’s my sanctuary, guru, temple, teacher and a place I feel inspired, or put another way, I feel in-spirit.

I feel the same way when I’m practicing yoga.

When I was doing my 200hr yoga teacher training, my teacher said, “yoga is about using the body to go beyond the body” and for some reason, that sentence deeply resonated me. That idea has helped me to set an intention for my yoga practice, which is to be in-spirit. One of the most beautiful gifts of yoga is when you find freedom from all your thoughts about yourself, even if it’s just for an instant.

With each class, each breath, each pose, I have an opportunity to express the most authentic version of myself right now. I crave those moments of freedom and I find them often in my yoga practice and in nature.

In my weekly Soul Workout videos over on my blog, I share simple practical techniques for how you can live in-spirit. As I mentioned, yoga is one tool, but I also share many subtle mind shifts that can create miraculous changes in your life.

So whether you spend time in nature, practice yoga, study other spiritual teachings, or practice a combo of them all, it starts with an intention. Let the intention light your spirit and guide you to a place of freedom.

I am definitely drawn toward the White Jade Highest Potential Mala as a gentle reminder to concentrate on the things that truly matter in life and to help you focus on living in-spirit.

AmandaCYogaPose2Learn more about Amanda here:

Web: www.amandachristian.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/amandachristiantv
Twitter: www.twitter.com/amandalece 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/amandalece

You can also catch Amanda guiding yoga treks at Wanderlust California this summer!

Catching up with Madhuri Phillips


I started a daily yoga practice 20 years ago with my boyfriend at the time, who taught me a power yoga sequence that he learned from a book. I practiced daily with fervor.

However, it was after a dance injury when I began to study yoga seriously, which led me to live at an ashram in India for 6 months. There I was exposed to a much deeper understanding of what yoga is beyond the physical asana.

I did hours on end of karma yoga (selfless service), chanting, yajna (fire ceremony) and meditation which transformed my perspective not only of yoga but of life and my relationship to it.

The ongoing practice/ sadhana of yoga is about spiritual maturity, which to me essentially means knowing and trusting myself—deepening my expression of love and joy.


Inspiration comes to me in so many forms: through adversity, in nature, through movement and sound. A glance, a sunbeam, a blooming flower, a smile.

I feel incredibly connected and inspired when I am teaching or working with a client and can feel the transmission of an ancient lineage bringing awareness and love into our consciousness, uplifting and healing.


My advice would be to listen to your inner knowing, even when it doesn’t make logical sense. Trust in what makes you feel expansive, loving and alive. Trust that you are here to experience joy and learn how to release the blind spots that stand in the way of loving yourself.


madhuri9My first experience with a mala was when I was given one for mantra practice. I used a tulsi wood mala for 12 years to chant my mantra daily. I never looked at the mala as it stayed tucked away in its little pouch, potent with the vibration of the sacred sounds. Every mala is sacred and brings such personal meaning, intent and vibration.

Infuse your mala with your hearts desire and let it uplift you and remind you of your highest potential.

Madhuri wants to live in a world where who we are is more important then what we  accomplish and where laughter and joy have precedence over a 60 hour work week.

As a much sought after Ayurvedic Practitioner (CAS), Bio-Energy Practitioner & Yoga Teacher Trainer (ERYT), she’s been honoured to offer her teachings at the Toronto, Victoria & Vancouver Yoga Conferences, the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA), the International Bellyfit Conference, the Vancouver Yogathon, and on My Yoga Online.

Along with her popular Ayurvedic Yoga DVD, her recently released book, “Your Irresistible Life: 4 Seasons of Self-Care Through Ayurveda & Yoga Practices that Work” is now available.

Explore how to work one on one with Madhuri at www.madhuriayurvedayoga.com

 About Madhuri

Madhuri is an Ayurvedic Practitioner (CAS), Bio-Energy Practitioner & Yoga Teacher Trainer (ERYT). Along with her popular Ayurvedic Yoga DVD, her book, “Your Irresistible Life: 4 Seasons of Self-Care Through Ayurveda & Yoga Practices that Work” is now available. Explore how to work one on one with Madhuri at: www.madhuriayurvedayoga.com