Love and All is Coming: Five Ways to Open your Heart

mala-beads-yoga-tiny-devotions-photographer-photographer-richelle-hunter-photography-summer-of-soul-1231. Get outside of your comfort zone. I’ve broken my fair share of hearts. My heart has been broken so many times; I’ve decided to just let it stay open. Let yourself FEEL (everything).

 2. Notice your surroundings. Where are you? In your room? On the subway? In the park? Take in the space around you and embrace it. Use your senses. As you embrace the space, you will be able to see yourself and the others inside of it more clearly. Once you see the space, feel for its vibrations and breathe with them. It’s possible that because of certain experiences in the past, you might enter a space with preconceived ideas. Preconceived ideas automatically block the heart.

 3. Listen with both of your ears. Watch yourself listening and as you watch the listening, you will be less likely to be in your head, calculating and comparing. Listen to everyone like they’re about to tell you the deepest truths (they are, even if they don’t know it). If you listen like this, every sound, every word you hear will bare its full weight and you will be able to connect with ease and your heart will be happy.

4. Give & Forgive. If an instinct tells you to give something- give it! It could be an object, a conversation or a hand. Most likely it will be an act (no matter how small) that will make a deep impact. True giving comes from the heart; it’s a feeling, an instinct. It is not a trade (nothing wrong with trades because they’re useful and practical but don’t confuse them with giving) giving is never attached to a motive or an expectation. Forgiving is an extension, a branch of giving. Resistance to forgive is calculative work that will lead to more confusion and misery. Confusion and misery are actually highly addictive because they satisfy a need for “right” and “wrong”. Only in our truest, unconditioned states (of divine love) can we give and forgive to others and ourselves.

 5. Love is one. Know that love does not know the difference between a grain of sand, a fly, yourself, or the sun. You are a part of a whole. Breathe that in. There is no small love, medium love, or big love. There is only love.  One love fits all. #loveandalliscoming.

WHO_5762Talia Sutra is a New York based yoga teacher, urban hippie, vegan foodie and body artist. 

Instagram: @Talia_Sutra