How To Host a Full Moon Party


…By hosting a Full Moon Party!


The energy of the new moon brings about a perfect time to energize your crystals, set new intentions, and cast away anything that no longer serves you. Full moons are symbolic of turning points, manifestations + closure.


During a Full Moon, the Moon is on the exact opposite side of the Earth from the Sun, bringing us a brightly lit spectacle. People used to plant, hunt, fish and even move by the seasons and cycles of the moon.

Living by the natural cycles of the universe and can keep you grounded and in a flow of abundance. Here are some simple steps to throwing your own Full Moon party:


1. Pick your venue:
Are you hosting the party in your home or outside? Lanterns, fairy lights, sparkly tinsel and starry decorations add moon-vibes to your indoor space. Drape your space in silver + white accents to bring light to outdoor settings. 
Tealight candles or a burning fireside will add a soft glow until the moonlight shines upon your party.


2. Recruit your Full Moon crew:
Rally together friends + family who motivate you, spark your soul and bring awareness. Invite those who may not be as spiritually advanced, too. You might be surprised and impressed by their Full Moon manifestations. 


3. Gather supplies:
Make sure you have everything you need for you + your guests to feel comfortable. Grab some note pads and pens for guests to manifest their intentions – or release baggage – by writing it down. After writing your intentions down, go around your circle of friends and share. Set up crystal grids with gemstones to direct cosmic energy towards a certain goal.
Cleanse your gemstones by placing them outside in the moonlight, or burn candles + smudge sticks to symbolize something you’re letting go of. Tarot cards are also a fun, spiritual activity you might wish to include.


4. Set the mood:
Cushions, blankets, incense burning, fire crackling. Play some soft, inspiring music and snack on fresh, detoxifying foods. Take your tribe on a stroll to watch the moon (or howl away!)


5. Place your written intentions somewhere sacred:

Perhaps it’s under your pillow, or placed neatly within a spiritual crystal altar. By writing your intentions down and verbally sharing them with friends, you hold yourself accountable to achieve them. The best part of this? It’s proven you’re actually more likely to achieve goals set this way. Take the time until the next New Moon or Full Moon to reflect upon how far you’ve come and what needs work.

We’ve put together the perfect kit for cleansing your gemstones! Check out the Full Moon Party Activation Kit



Lustin’ in Wanderlust: A First Timers Guide to Wanderlust. My Top Five Must Haves and Must-Sees!

voyagerYoga lovers unite! 

It’s my greatest honour to be teaching at Wanderlust Whistler this year July 31 – Aug 4. I am so excited to be there to lead classes and have also started filling my schedule with all the amazing things that I want to do. 

Like some of you, it’s my first time to Wanderlust and it can seem pretty overwhelming. But, all the stories I have heard and the experiences everybody tells me just reaffirms the fact that it’s going to be spectacular! 

I’ve consulted a few of my fellow yogi friends (Alice H, Derek M, Don S and Melissa H) and their wise advice for an amazing and transformative Wanderlust weekend, with so many like minded individuals include the following…

Kick it all off with the opening parade and join the party that follows. It is quirky and amazing all at the same time and the perfect way to initiate into your Wanderlust experience

IMG_9567Get yo’ groove on with a bunch of peeps in a spontaneous dance party under the sun! DJ Drez will be spinning it up outside Lululemon so get your booty on the dance floor!

Bring some walking shoes and make your way to a morning hike where your hard work will pay off with the beautiful mountain scenery of Whistler as well as having one of the many talented musicians play for you. 

Find your way to the peak of the mountain for a class for the best scenery, the freshest of Canadian mountain air and the experience of a lifetime!

Practicing with several hundred yogis at the main stage will connect you into that greater whole. The energy will be incredible and you’ll get all the sunny goodness while you do it!

Wanderlust gives you a fantastic opportunity to practice with some of the greatest teachers and pioneers of the yoga world but don’t overlook the teachers you’ve never heard of. They are going to be hidden gems! 

UnknownWhen it’s time to slow down the physical body, then head to the unique lecture series Wanderlust has put together called the Speakeasy. They’ll have inspiring talks on mindful living with a fantastic line up that spans all cuts of people. 

And finally… (and sadly not gluten free friendly). Get your way to pick up some really amazing and interesting artisan breads made fresh daily at PureBread (

Can’t wait to see you there! 
Can’t wait to take in the experience myself! 

In love and always in your service,

Kate W. Mak


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