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Aromatherapy 101: My Top 8 Tips on How to Use Essential Oils to Get Your Best, Boho Beauty Sleep

HBC-JJ09-herbal-watersFew things are as blissful as lying in bed and feeling like you are floating on a cloud. We all know that a full evening of uninterrupted beauty sleep can make all the difference in your day. But for a lot of women, sleep loses out to other self-care practices (like yoga, massages, and BFF dates at our local coffee shops). But with the addition of aromatherapy, transporting into slumberland can be a divine and connected experience. You should elevate it to the ultimate self-care practice. Use these scents-ible tips to pamper yourself, prettify your sleep rituals, and live a more aligned life.

Scent your sheets
Create scented sheets that feel luxurious, inviting, and exciting by adding a few drops of essential oil to a wash cloth in the last 10 minutes of your dry cycle when you launder your linens. Try adding sweet orange or marjoram before you climb in at night.

Bottle a face mist blend
Blend a custom concoction of essential oils with water to make an evening face mist to add to your pre-bed routine. In a mist bottle combine 4 ounces of water with 4 drops of lavender essential oil and 4 drops of lemon oil. If you have drier skin, add a few drops of a carrier oil to the blend.

Settle into a pre-bed meditation
Before bed add a calming and spiritual meditation to your evening routine. Use an essential oil like clary sage as an anointing oil on the temples to welcome in relaxation and renewing.

Wake up with aroma
Keep a bottle of essential oil or two and perk up in the AM with a scent of your favorite uplifting oil, a dash of scent under your nose, or a lingering scent behind your temples. Some go-to awaken oils are pine, peppermint, rosemary, and sweet basil.

Create a pillow potion
Before you dive head first into your pillow after a long day, spritz a pillow potion blend on your bed. In a mist bottle combine 4 ounces of water with 4 drops of Roman chamomile and 4 drops of lavender.

Sink into a sleepy soak
Before you turn in for the night, unwind with an evening soak of Epsom salt and lavender. Up the relaxation factor by unplugging completely and sipping on your favorite tea as you bathe.

Cool with a cream
Add a few drops of lemon or another citrus oil to an unscented, thick cream and apply to your feet before you slide into bed. In the warmer months explore with placing the cream in the fridge or by adding a cooling oil like peppermint to the blend.

Wind down to dream town with a diffuser
Add Roman chamomile to a diffuser nightly to begin the wind down ritual of turning down and inviting a relaxation response before you head to dream town each night.

What current pampering rituals are part of your nightly routine? Which aromatherapy tip are you dying to add to your evenings this week?

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