My 5 Mantras + What they Mean to Me, Koya Webb

 WScreen Shot 2014-08-28 at 2.06.37 PMhat do you do to inspire your community? 

I love traveling the world teaching holistic health and wellness. Whether it’s delivering a motivational speech, whipping up a raw vegan lasagna or teaching an Acro Flow Yoga class, I love sharing how harmony with all parts of ourselves brings happiness.

 What brought you to the mat for the first time? 

Yoga came to me as a gift, a painful gift that I didn’t want to open. I remember my first class…I cried. I was a track and field athlete in college who put my body through everything it could handle until one day I dropped to my knees from a striking bolt of pain that I later found out was a stress fracture in my 4th lumbar vertebrae. My season was over…my full scholarship threatened, and I all I had to offer the world at that point was an overflow of tears.

A concerned counselor suggested I try yoga. I’d never really heard about it before and remember my first class being full of pain and tears. Somehow I found myself halfway on my head and I thought my head was going to explode. I think if I had a way out I wouldn’t have returned for a second class but I signed up for the semester so I was stuck.

Day after day inch after inch I saw myself improving. After a week I’d cried all the tears my body was capable of and my teacher suggested I focus on my breath. I stopped thinking about the poses and only thought about fully breathing the entire class. After a month my spirits were lifted and I added swimming and biking to my routine to heal my body. I forgave myself for being so hard on my body without proper rest and after a year of therapy and self love I returned to the track to win 3 Championship titles in the High Jump, Heptathlon and Mile Relay which led my team to Wichita State’s first Women’s Track and Field Championship title. My continued practice of yoga has helped me strengthen my body, mind and spirit in SO many ways. I truly believe everyone should experience this gift.

I also use mantras in my daily practice to uplift me when I’m feeling down and set the tone of my day.

My favorite mantras are:

I am a being of love.

Saying this mantra takes me quickly out of feeling like a victim and empowers me to be a creator. A being of love can find the love in even the darkest situations and bring light to the toughest times.

Love is all there is.

When I say love is all there is it reminds me that no matter what happens I can always choose love. When I am outside of love it is usually because of fear and when I return to love things seems to magically work out.

I am healthy, wealthy and wise.

Health is extremely important to me because I am a teacher and entertainer. When I’m healthy, have an abundance of cash flow, and making intelligent decisions, I’m more beneficial to the planet.

I am beautiful.

Being a fitness model you are judged a lot on how you look. Some say I’m too thick…too skinny…not enough muscle…too much muscle. If I’m not careful I can sometimes feel insecure and try to change myself to fit some unachievable mold. When I chant “I am beautiful” I remember I am beautiful just the way I am.

Thank You.

Chanting thank you is my favorite expression of gratitude to the universe for always providing what I need when I need it. Sometimes I think about something I want to manifest and I chant “Thank You” to express gratitude because I know what I need is on its way.

_MG_0024columnKoya Webb is an internationally recognized holistic health and wellness coach, author, motivational speaker, and professional fitness model who is helping revolutionize raw/vegan cuisine, yoga and the holistic living landscape.


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