Surround Yourself With Sparkle: A Chat with Kate Gagliano

kate gagilano I am so honored to be sharing some sparkle with you.

I blog over at , a blog about living a happy and healthy life! I love spreading happiness, sharing tips, products I love, and more.

I am a mom of two boys, super wife, yogi, wine lover, and glitter addict.

My blog is always growing and changing with me, as life is all about that. A new journey I am beginning and very excited about is happening at the time, yoga teacher training.

Yoga has been so good to my mind, body, and soul. I remember the first time I got on my mat when I lived in Alexandria,VA. I got on that mat and it just felt so right, I felt at peace, and felt the stress I was going through at the time, just disappear . Yoga I just tried that one day, and fell in love with it in every way. I started practicing more at home and at the local gym that had it, and from there I just always kept yoga in my life.

My intention for yoga teacher training is to deepen my practice, learn more what yoga is really all about, and to teach once I graduate. Yoga is more than just getting on the mat and doing poses. I will be sharing my journey on my blog as well, which will be exciting for others to see who might consider trying yoga or becoming a teacher one day too.

I think we all should follow our hearts, and we all should also live life to the fullest each day. A little slogan I have that I love to say is “Surround Yourself with Sparkle.”

Meaning to always surround yourself with positive people, people who uplift you, and to always have a positive light surrounding you. Positivity is everything in life, and having a positive mind and outlook is a great way to live each day.

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So, I hope you take that little note and add some sparkle in your life each day if you need it.

My favorite mala that perfectly fits me, especially at the time now…

new moon malaNew Moon Mala 

This stone represents dreams, new beginnings, and creativity.

Such a perfect fit for me, and what this year brings for me. I had a blessed year last year with this little man being born, future yogi!

Remember to always follow your heart and dreams. Never be scared of failing, we all fail at times, but trying is never a failure. Live each day to the fullest, be kind, be grateful, and love yourself.

Love and Light <3

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