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Wanderlust Whistler: The Must Haves

explore-702x398Heading to Wanderlust Whistler this weekend? You lucky devil. Situated between two of Canada’s most beautiful mountains (Whistler and Blackcomb), Wanderlust Whistler is a yogi’s dream. Fresh mountain air, epic music, amazing yoga instructors, we could gush about it all for hours. But we’ll spare you. Instead we’ve put together a list of must-haves! Much more useful right?

IMG_59321. Mala Beads. We may be biased, but word on the street is mala beads are the latest and greatest trend to hit yoga since luon. Wear your intention loud and proud this weekend! We’ve even got a Wanderlust Mala and Bracelet intentionally crafted by us to embody the spirit of Wanderlust Festival. The ultimate souvenir? We think yes.

2. Bright, Bold, Tights. Black is so basic. This summer it’s all about being bold. That’s why we are obsessed with our Teeki tights. Not only are these bad boys super stylish and comfortable, they’re also made from recycled plastic bottles. Eco chic? Yes please.

3. Summer Scarves. Versatility is your friend at Wanderlust. So are summer scarves. These light weight, bold patterned scarfs don’t just have to be worn around your neck. Bandanas, head wraps, sarongs, the sky’s the limit. Style is all about being creative after all.

4. Your Soul Mat. A yogi’s relationship with their mat is very serious. You sweat together. You savasana together. You balance together. You grow stronger together. Find a yoga mat you really love and bring it with you everywhere. We’re huge fans of Manduka mats. Crafted using simple, enduring, natural and whenever possible, renewable resources, these mats mean business.

5. A Beautiful Journal. A weekend spent meditating, dancing, laughing and yoga-ing up a storm in one of the world’s most breathtaking places, don’t tell us you won’t be inspired. When inspiration hits, be ready. That’s why we recommend bringing a beautiful journal or notebook with you. When your mind’s not busy be blown by Wanderlust Whistler epicness try and take a few minutes to jot your ideas down. You’ll thank us later. Trust.

xx – The Tiny Devotions Team.

Calling all Bohemians! Our #BohoSelfie Contest Starts TODAY


We are constantly blown away by the photos our community shares of them wearing their malas, stacks and scarves, so we decided to do a little something special…

The Tiny Devotions #BohoSelfie Contest!

Are you a boho beauty? A yogi fashionista? Do you rock your mala beads on the regular?  Snap a sweet photo of yourself in your favourite Tiny Devotions product and tell us your intention.  Use the hashtag #BohoSelfie and don’t’ forget to tag @TinyDevotions in your photo (we don’t want to miss you).

The soul behind the most creative and inspirational #BohoSelfie will win a Tiny Devotions gift bundle including a scarf, a mala and a stack, valued at $300. They will also be featured in a live Q&A on our Boho Daily blog. The contest runs June 25 – June 28.

Can’t wait to see what magic you stunners create….  xx

Peace, Love, Mala Beads,

The Tiny Devotions Team

Confessions from a Boho Fashionista: Mala Break-Throughs

TDbohodailyEvery gypsy goddess, yoga fashionista and boho gal who wears a gemstone Mala knows how magical they are. Maybe you didn’t fall in love with them the first time someone told you about the 108 stoned treasures, but when you finally laid eyes on the unique beaded jewels, you knew you had to have one. They weren’t just a beautiful statement piece that enhanced your oh-so-natural stunning appearance; they helped bring out your inner beauty by pulling you back to all of the important intentions you set everyday.

I fell in love with the first Mala I adorned myself with. The African Jade Mala. It was gifted to me by a yoga teacher of mine right before I set out on journey west that would lead me to a series of big, boho girl life lessons. The Mala had a beautiful jade guru stone and dark cacao rudruksha seeds. Right before I left the studio to go West, my teacher told me that this Mala would give me strength in challenging times and the courage to follow my dreams.  I wandered west, as gypsies do, and kept The African Jade Mala close to me.

There were moments when all that I had planned for on my journey had fallen into little tiny pieces, and I wondered how I would ever pick them up again. I’d cross my fingers over the seeds of my Mala and remember my teacher when I looked at the precious jade guru stone. The Mala she’d given me was a reminder that I was always safe, even when it didn’t appear that way.

When my trip in the mountains finally came to a close, and I made it back to the summer humidity of the lake house that I call home, something remarkable happened.  July’s air was thick, and I moved heavy as I straddled bags, yoga gear and gifts to the front door. When I reached the front porch, I heard a gentle snap: 108 small beads and one beautiful jade stone danced in front of me, off of my neck and onto the sand.

“You’ve had a Mala Break Through” My instructor said, as I listened in tears.  “This is fabulous. You know what this means, darling? It means you’ve come to a new chapter! You’ve learned your lessons and you’re ready for what’s coming. Fantastic!”

whitejadeSince my first “Mala Break Through” I’ve had plenty more, and several exciting chapters in my life, each with unique intentions. Today I’m wearing a Jade Mala, but this time the White Jade Highest Potential Mala, because through all of these karmic break throughs and sweet little lessons, I’ve realized that I have bravery of a goddess to reach my highest potential (and you do, too!)

Peace, Love and Magic from Bohemia xx






Be Present. Be Strong. Be Stunning. Be Well. Be You, with Megan Orser.

megorser1She’s an inspiring young business owner who believes in staying healthy, focused and strong. We caught up with Megan Orser to talk about what makes her world so inspiring!

Hello!  My name is Megan Orser, I am a twenty-something year old certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer and Barre Instructor.  I have recently started my own small training business, ‘Breath of Fresh Air’ and am delighted to be partnering with Tiny Devotions!

Why I got inspired to MOVE.

In my personal life, I have experienced several physical set backs, including two kidney transplants, as well as back surgery to correct a scoliosis curve.  I struggled with an eating disorder throughout high school and as a result, I started working out with a dangerous motivation.  While the motivation didn’t necessarily come from the right place, it was one of the best things I could have done.  I ended up working for GoodLife and started doing personal training sessions there.  My trainer was the first person to identify my eating disorder and refused to train me unless I had properly nourished my body.  She helped me change my mind-set from focusing on being ‘skinny’ to wanting to be healthy and gain muscle.  After that, I was hooked!  I wanted to have the same impact on people’s lives and soon got certified as a Personal Trainer Specialist at the age of seventeen.  From there, fitness has always been a part of my life.  It helps me to stay focused, to stay strong and to treat my body with the respect it deserves.

My Intentions

‘Be Present. Be Strong. Be Well. Be You.’ I spent a lot of time creating the tagline for my business.  I wanted it to mirror the values and intentions that I set for myself on a daily basis.  Be Present. Be Strong. Be Well. Be You.  It just fit.  It captured all of components that I hope to achieve on a daily basis as well as inspire the people around me to achieve.

What is your favourite mala and why?

My favourite mala is the Awakening Mala.  I have wanted a Tiny Devotions Mala for over a year now, but it seemed like such a big commitment and I could not find just one mala that I associated best with; until they released the Awakening Mala.  I immediately fell in love with the crisp white gem and the focus on accepting ones surroundings for what they are.  I was in a point in my life where I needed some motivation to awaken my potential and have the strength to reach my higher potential.






Gina Silvestri, Life Coach & Nature Muse


What do you do to inspire your community?
I activate the seed of potential in people so their consciousness sprouts, blooms, blossoms and soars! This aligns their energetic field with Source Energy, which then uplifts people around them, and raises the frequency of entire communities. This is what I was born to do. I first transformed my own life by healing 17 official medical diagnoses, releasing 150 pounds of weight (yes, a whole person!) naturally, myself, and then creating and tripling my home-based Spirit-Led business, so am now not only honoured, but ecstatic to be guiding others into manifesting the lives of their dreams!
What brought you to the mat for the first time + what keeps you there now?
I had been to many yoga classes in my early twenties, but before studying the work of Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, yoga was just stretching. I learned the mantra from him that I still say when I’m running, walking, and throughout the day, no matter what I am doing, the very one that initially broke through previous constricting barriers in my mind, allowing me to expand then later powerfully transform my life: “If not now, when?” The practice of living in full presence each and every moment keeps me going back. Returning to the mat regularly incorporates my body in this process, and grounds my energy by rooting it back to Mother Earth. This starts as soon as I take off my socks and shoes . . .
Who + What inspires you?
The propensity of life to flow forward and continuously expand truly inspires me. I feel it most intensely when I’m in the forest, surrounded by mountains. I love tapping into the interplay of energy between everything living, and immersing myself in the Source of it all, and remembering that I have access to it no matter where I may be on the planet. Sharing this learning, expansion and JOY with others allows me to feel most invigorated, alive, and aligned with my authentic purpose.
How do you set intentions in your life?
I look at the gorgeous tall trees on the West Coast of Canada where I live, smile, close my eyes, feel their presence, then begin speaking to them, with no words, just energetic emissions directly from my heart. The very first energy I send is Thank You…
Advice for yogis out there?
I have noticed that alignment with integrity – what you know to be truth for you, in every given moment, is an essential guiding force for human lives. If what we are doing, saying, and being feels true, then we are enabled to access our best selves, our best lives. When we trust, allow, and let go of all that stands in the way from acting upon that inner knowing and guidance, we strengthen our body, mind, spirit, and amazing things happen. This is the practice.
Your favourite mala bead and why?
Carnelian Mala of Abundance. Holding the essence of expansion into our highest potential, it assists Life Coaches like me in fulfilling our purpose. Its high energy reflects mine back to me, and I just want to swim in the smoky, earthy tribal colour of it. To dramatic pursuits!
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Go ahead and be one


“Do YOU” advice for the boho girl from Margaux Permutt

We connected with Margaux Permutt to share the inspiration she has for all the boho ladies out there!

IMG_2042How do you set intention in your life?

My meditation practice is the most profound tool I have found for getting clear, getting connected, and being true to myself. One of my yoga teachers and mentors Kk Ledford suggested I try a daily sitting practice a few years ago. My intention surrounding incorporating seated meditation practice in my life was to find access to a place deep within myself that could serve as a source of inspiration and energy. When I go to that place, everything else becomes clear, the obsessions, the anxieties, the fears, settle out, and I am left with this delicious sense of my essence in its pure form. I sit in the mornings, followed by my asana practice. At the end of asana I sit with my eyes closed and express gratitude for my body, my mind, my practice, and all the other gifts in my life. From that place of clarity I set my intentions for the day. I set intentions on a physical level of what I need to accomplish for the day, but also an energetic level of how I want to feel moving through my day. As the day goes and I get busy, I find little moments to drop into my breath and remember my morning practice, and the intentions I set, this helps me to keep going.

My advice for the boho yogi’s out there:

Do YOU! I spent so many years of my life trying to squeeze myself into a mold, or become the perfect version of myself. I’ve realized that who I am flawed and funky is fantastic! I make people laugh, put together ridiculous outfits, swear too much, and strangely people respect me for being me! I am my best when I am authentic. My meditation practice keeps me true to me. I am responsible for myself, and I take that position very seriously. Take time to cultivate yourself based on your own unique pattern of being. You are unlike any other that has ever existed, revel in that, celebrate that.

My favorite mala: The River Dance Mala

I have a strong connection to rivers. I spent my childhood summers swimming in the Tuolumne River outside of Yosemite. I love the sounds of water rushing over rocks and how the river can go from calm to rushing to deep wide pools to cliffs all in the same flow. I had a teacher once tell me “let the river of your life flow” basically telling me to get out of my own way. I also have a deep reverence for the Hindu Goddess Saraswati the river goddess of knowledge, learning art and poetry whose name means, “having many pools.” For these reasons this mala calls to me as a reminder to let the river of my life flow and to allow the goddess of knowledge to flow within me keeping me moving towards right action and my highest destiny.

http://FluidFramePhotography.comStay connected with Margaux Permutt

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The Supermoon Mala