Holy Gomukhasana! With Amy Steiner

amys1In the past month, I got married, resigned from my full-time job, taught my first international yoga class, and left my beloved Miami Beach community to spend some time traveling abroad with my new husband. Holy Gomukhasana. It was everything I had ever talked about doing and it has been terrifying and wonderful at the same time.

None of it would have happened without my yoga practice. Well, maybe it would have – but yoga definitely accelerated the process. Yoga is what inspires me to live a life that I love. Before I practiced yoga, I played safer, smaller. I was fine with things the way they were and definitely got anxious when asked to step outside my comfort zone.


amys2Through my yoga practice, I have learned to trust more, to explore new poses and opinions, to be dedicated to what I believe in, to love the hell out of everyone and everything, to play BIG. I am constantly inspired by what other people are doing in their practice and how they are living their lives. I am equally as inspired by the 5:30am Ashtanga practitioner, the daily meditator, the brand new yogi. You inspire me when you set goals, take yourself on, when you try your first handstand.


Yoga has put my passion pursuit in overdrive. I’ve been lucky to surround myself with people who set giant goals and share them with others. My personal goal of teaching yoga was something I knew I wanted but it sort of lurked around in the back of my head before I put it down on paper and committed to a teacher training – one of the best decisions I ever made. Having taught in Miami for the past three years, I have learned more about sharing myself, connecting with people and loving my life than I ever did before. So here I am, showing up for my life, following the flow of my passions and working to take my fervent love for yoga abroad and share some sweaty Miami Beach vinyasa with foggy Londontown and beyond.


My favorite mala is the Full Moon mala to take me through these exciting new beginnings. It gives me the strength and grounding to take big leaps and the connection to spirit that is the backbone to all greatness.


amys4Amy Steiner


Amy Steiner is a Miami Beach based yoga instructor with a passion for hip-hop and flow. A lifelong athlete, she was drawn to yoga after running took a toll on her body. She discovered her true authentic self on the mat and knew she wanted to share yoga with others. Amy is currently traveling through Europe and teaching her inspiring and creative vinyasa classes along the way. Join Amy’s yoga journey on instagram @miamy.






Confessions of a Boho Fashionista: Shine Bright

TDFW13shootLondonWEBREZ236Hey Boho Beauties,

Have you ever been to a power flow yoga class? Some of the power flow vinyasa classes I’ve sweat my boho brains out in have been seriously wild—but I can’t say I’ve always felt that way. In fact I used to avoid them like it was nobody’s business.

When I first really got into taking yoga classes, I lived in a big city where power flow classes were totally cool. People would line up in sub zero temps just to take a class from the most popular instructor in the city. She was tall, fit and she made everyone feel like her studio was their home.

She’d tell you to downdog, jump back and crow with an easy voice, as if she were asking you to grab a glass of sweet apple tea and join her to hang out. For weeks I’d show up to her classes and chill in the back row, wondering if I’d ever get this right.

Then one night, a different instructor was teaching the dreaded 8 p.m. powerflow.

We flowed and flipped our dog, we wild-thinged and hung upside down. As I pushed through beads of sweat, my eyes met a familiar face in the mirrors, there was my favorite instructor taking class right next to me. She held the postures like a mythic goddess, effortlessly smiling her way through each one. She literally shone.

After class she stood at the front desk getting ready to teach.

“How do you do it?” I asked her.

“What do you mean?” She said.

 “You make it look so easy.”

“Oh, it’s not easy! I just make it feel easy—and then it is. You can do it too, you know. “ She winked at me and popped off to teach her class.

tight_and_bright_Zoom_largeWhenever I remember that teacher, who never put limits on herself, let success be her very best friend and shone bright, I put on my Tight and Bright Stack and head to my favourite powerflow class. Remember, Boho Beauties that you can make it easy and shine bright too.


Peace, Love and Magic from Bohemia xx