It’s Your Last Chance to Receive Buddhaful, Kris Carr Wall Art, Boho Babes!


It’s a Crazy, Sexy, Special Spring Gift!

Kris-Carr-Mala-BeadsPssst….We’re so excited to share some serious Kris Carr resilience and love today!

All orders of the Kris Carr I am Resilient and the I am Love Malas, will receive a beautiful Limited Edition, intention-filled, Wall Art!

Your sacred Kris Carr Mala will arrive to you with a little bit of extra magic! The I am Resilient and I am Love  Limited Edition Wall Arts have been specifically designed by Kris and her team, to promote self nurture, healing and love. So, how do you choose your beautiful Kris Carr Mala? We’ll tell you a little bit about these sacred pieces:

IAmResilient-WallArtI am resilient (turquoise)

The intention behind this mala is to nurture your innate ability to heal and thrive. It was designed to be a reminder that you are your own best friend and have strength beyond measure. We get bumped, bruised and tossed around a lot as life navigators. This mala is meant to be a touchstone during those times—it’s available to cheer you on and to remind you that you have a vast well of inner resources!

Stone meanings:

  • Turquoise represents healing & protection
  • Black Onyx represents strength
  • Rose Quartz represent love

IAmLove-WallArtI am love (fuschia)

The intention behind this mala is to reinforce the sacred practice of loving and caring for yourself so that you can be the person you’re meant to be in the world. This mala was designed to center and calm you when you’re feeling unbalanced or overwhelmed. And it was crafted to ground you in the infinite power of the love that comes from within.

Stone meanings:

  • Freshwater Pearl enables one to accept love & assists in self-love
  • Fuchsia Jade represents health, wealth, longevity, harmony & balance
  • Turquoise represents healing & protection

Check out the sacred Kris Carr Malas today to receive your special I am love or I am resilient gift!