Wanderlust Whistler: The Must Haves

explore-702x398Heading to Wanderlust Whistler this weekend? You lucky devil. Situated between two of Canada’s most beautiful mountains (Whistler and Blackcomb), Wanderlust Whistler is a yogi’s dream. Fresh mountain air, epic music, amazing yoga instructors, we could gush about it all for hours. But we’ll spare you. Instead we’ve put together a list of must-haves! Much more useful right?

IMG_59321. Mala Beads. We may be biased, but word on the street is mala beads are the latest and greatest trend to hit yoga since luon. Wear your intention loud and proud this weekend! We’ve even got a Wanderlust Mala and Bracelet intentionally crafted by us to embody the spirit of Wanderlust Festival. The ultimate souvenir? We think yes.

2. Bright, Bold, Tights. Black is so basic. This summer it’s all about being bold. That’s why we are obsessed with our Teeki tights. Not only are these bad boys super stylish and comfortable, they’re also made from recycled plastic bottles. Eco chic? Yes please.

3. Summer Scarves. Versatility is your friend at Wanderlust. So are summer scarves. These light weight, bold patterned scarfs don’t just have to be worn around your neck. Bandanas, head wraps, sarongs, the sky’s the limit. Style is all about being creative after all.

4. Your Soul Mat. A yogi’s relationship with their mat is very serious. You sweat together. You savasana together. You balance together. You grow stronger together. Find a yoga mat you really love and bring it with you everywhere. We’re huge fans of Manduka mats. Crafted using simple, enduring, natural and whenever possible, renewable resources, these mats mean business.

5. A Beautiful Journal. A weekend spent meditating, dancing, laughing and yoga-ing up a storm in one of the world’s most breathtaking places, don’t tell us you won’t be inspired. When inspiration hits, be ready. That’s why we recommend bringing a beautiful journal or notebook with you. When your mind’s not busy be blown by Wanderlust Whistler epicness try and take a few minutes to jot your ideas down. You’ll thank us later. Trust.

xx – The Tiny Devotions Team.

Styling Intentions with the Babes at Skinny Fat Girl Diary!

We here at Skinny Fat Girl Diary, are so thrilled to be featured on Bohodaily.com… A place that celebrates green juice, a healthy lifestyle, and agrees that the best way to explore life… is in your yoga pants! We discovered this community of goddesses after falling in love with Tiny Devotions’ scarves; handmade works of art, both stylish and practical. But more than fabric, they inspire us to focus on our intention. The scarf is a colorful reminder during a hectic day, to breathe, enjoy the moment, and reconnect– just what we need at the SFG Diary.

We are three health fanatics living in LA, with crazy work schedules – all while, cooking, yoga-ing and bedazzling for our blog. It’s overwhelming what we strive to accomplish in an hour, day or week… and we know we aren’t alone! That’s why we created a space to find the silver lining along life’s journey. Why cry, when you can bake vegan-inspired carrot cake and laugh together?

Here’s three different ways to style your intentions…

Jackie, the brunette amongst blondes, embraces the bohemian look… it’s sexy, laid-back and looks fabulously effortless.  When I saw their hipster scarf, it was love at first sight!  My first fashion rule is “comfort,” so any way I can jazz up a simple outfit with something stylish… I’m in! The Hipster scarf makes me feel like I can conquer anything, and not to mention look pretty chic while doing it… it even makes my yoga pants look inspired!

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 4.34.08 PM

Lauren seems to never stop running… that is until she saw the Prana Del Mar scarf. I’m absolutely obsessed with bright colors this summer. Until recently, I never really embraced my body type and used to hide it behind lots of dark colors. Something shifted after a couple month in hot yoga rooms and I became grateful to be strong. So, I’m embracing my sense of adventure with bright teal jewelry, pinks, cut-offs and my Prana Del Mar scarf in tow.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 4.34.00 PM

Valorie never sleeps. Seriously… this girl is like the energizer bunny– she does it all (until 4 am) and still looks fabulous! Summer is usually hotter than Haiti but thankfully in Los Angeles, summer evenings tend to get pretty chilly– especially close to the water! I’m all about laid-back California style—splashes of color and a white jean are the perfect beach-side combo. This Sanibel scarf is seasonal perfection, glowing with hues of pink and orange… Colors are a reflection of your attitude; I’m staying in the spirit of summer by staying happy and active in bright, light colors!

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 4.33.54 PM





Love at First Sight? How I Found My First Mala

photo1 (61)I first saw a mala on social media while browsing my home feed filled with inspiring yogis.  It didn’t take me long to find the Tiny Devotions website and start dreaming of buying a mala of my own.  A couple of weeks passed and I still had the shop open in one of my tabs.  I had been thinking about which mala to choose…what should my intention be?

What have I been trying to achieve lately?

Taking a step back and looking at who I am now, I realized that one of my major goals in life is to be true to myself above everything else.  Being a sophomore in college means that I’m part of a generation of people that are constantly bombarded with media and ads that portray the “ideal lifestyle” and the “perfect person.” I go to a huge school where trends are very prevalent and lots of students get sucked into them.  All of those things combine and make it easy to lose sight of who you are.

My search for a mala that would inspire and remind me to always be myself ended with the Authenticity Mala.  I was amazed by it’s beautiful beads and mesmerizing grey stone.  It’s description was inspiring and I really identified with it, and I knew then that it was the one for me.  I couldn’t agree more with the statement, “genuine character is hard to come by”, and I believed that wearing and admiring it would help me remember that the best thing you can ever be is yourself.  Flash forward a week or so and I wear my mala almost daily and am constantly feeling empowered, grounded, beautiful, and most importantly, like myself, in it.

DSC_0061Katie Lienhard is a yogi, runner, college student, and blogger.  She’s studying nutrition and loves everything about food.  She even works at a farm-to-table restaurant and a café that finds its home in a holistic health center!  Some of her goals are to become a Registered Dietician, a certified health coach, and a yoga teacher, though she’s not rushing to reach them (all good things take time!).  Katie loves writing about her experiences and passions and learning A LOT along the way.

Website: www.katielean.com

Twitter: @ktlienhard

Instagram: @ktlienhard

Facebook: www.facebook.com/katieleanblog

Imitation, Contemplation, Originality, and Truth: How to Find your Authentic Self

df1UuKW7hQjiixS93G9pQbGjU4PAZpBcVmopAYmMXggNothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic.

Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from it’s where you take them to.”   Jim Jarmusch

Finding an authentic voice in the over-saturated, rather noisy yoga world can be difficult these days. What does it even mean to BE authentic? As a friend of mine says, “Your choices are always your own, but it is inspiration that will spark your next move, and more than likely it will come from an external source.”

Could it be that authenticity means aligning with what is in the deepest folds of one’s heart? Alignment and the expression of that vulnerability. Excavating something so deep can take time, a lifetime even, and changes over the course of that time can make what was once authentic seem fickle or silly. Irrelevant, even. The proverbial sparrow tattoo on one’s ribs that once symbolized creativity, freedom, escape? Maybe now, once kids have hit the scene, tethering one to day-to-day realities, and responsibilities, that sparrow seems more like a messenger from another lifetime, a relic from someone else’s adventurous past. But maybe the reminder of this other self, this evidence of growth and change, is the most authentic talisman one can carry.

Our desire to belong and our desire to be unique: these twin drives move us and shape us and frustrate us. So often we may feel as though we are voicing what someone else already has said, but  perhaps that is part of the process of finding one’s authentic self. The great masters began their education by copying the works of others. In replication there is contemplation, and slowly, eventually, there is authenticity, originality. Distillation and refinement to Truth.

Wherever you are on your journey, keep seeking, keep learning, keep trying and testing. You are putting your own mark on whatever it is that you choose to put focus on. Be open to listening, and to asking: Is this me? Is this NOT me at all?

Allowing ourselves to creatively explore all the paths to differentiation: this is authenticity. Because maybe you are speaking what has already been said, but as my favourite children’s author Nancy Tillman says,

For never before in story or rhyme / (not even once upon a time) / has the world ever known a you, my friend, /and it never will, not ever again…

Because maybe it has already been said, but never before by you, in your voice, from your heart.

Let what inspires you from the outside be what ignites you from the inside. It is what the world wants, and it is what will define you… authentically. Listen to what resonates in those deepest folds, and express with wild abandon. This is where originality is born.

natalieNatalie Halt  is one of founders of Gather Yoga. She competed internationally on water skiing’s Pro Tour and World Cup circuits for a decade, sustaining her top performance with a yoga practice that began in 2000. Natalie is now a certified yoga teacher, and the mother of two boys. She lives in South Carolina, USA.

Website: www.gatheryoga.com

Facebook: Gather Yoga 

Twitter: @GatherYoga 

Instagram: @GatherYogaCollective




So you want to be a Pilates Instructor? Core Moves to Reach Your Goal

306678_415889805116183_397922527_nIt seems like just yesterday I dropped into a Pilates Studio Mat Class and experienced my first 100.  If you have done Pilates before you  know that feeling. The deep connection that seems to draw inward and yet move outward.  I was hooked! I  changed my work schedule around to go to as many classes as I could.  Pilates became a large part of my fitness life.

Like many Instructors out there becoming a Pilates teacher was a career change.  Pilates Instructor wasn’t on my “When I grow up” list. Luckily my previous jobs and life experiences prepared me for success.  In fact I believe most of you have many of the traits needed to  teach. You just need the right Pilates training and a few of my favorite tips.

So, you want to be a Pilates Instructor?

What’s your Why? Why do you want to teach Pilates? This will help you when the learning gets tough, tiring and daunting. Like all new things there is a lot to learn. There will be days when you just feel like you need a break.  Knowing WHY you wanted to start teaching in the first place will keep you on track to your goals and dreams.

 Getting to the Core of Success:

1)Picking a program! This is the biggest leap.  Go to Pilates Method Alliance website. They have a list of approved programs in the world.  No two programs are alike but this list will help guide you I’m the right direction.

2) The Price is not always right…When researching programs make sure you are finding out all that is covered. Programs come in a WIDE range of prices and in the education world you really can end up getting what you pay for. Often times lower cost programs mean less apprentice hours, one on one attention, less equipment learning or less levels of training. Make sure the program you pick gives you training on equipment but also anatomy, business and Pilates history.

3) Who trained them? Pilates is young enough you can trace the lineage back to Joe Pilates himself. Can the person training you do that?

4) Who do you want to teach?  If you want to teach in a physical therapy office pick a program that can gear you up for that. Also, you want the studio to have clients to observe that are most like whom you would want to teach. If your goal was to teach pre natal pilates then you probably wouldn’t want to pick a program that was mostly elderly clients.

5) Policy’s make them and stick to them. It’s hard to charge a client a late cancel but your time is just as valuable as theirs. Your teaching is your business and you need to run your schedule that way by making and following policies.

6) Days off. Everyone has to have a day off and so do you. Make one and keep it sacred. Being unavailable can make clients want you even more!

7) Continue taking Pilates sessions! Having Pilates in your body is just as important as your clients. Find a mentor, schedule a standing session and make sure it happens regularly… No excuses

8) Take other fitness classes to see what it is your clients and future clients are in to. You can get cues that you can use to help make an exercise make sense. Taking other classes is great for networking with other fitness professionals that can refer their clients to Pilates sessions with you.

9) Exposure! You need to be Google-able. A website, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Yelp etc is necessary for allowing potential clients to find you! Then enjoy your clients becoming your walking billboard. Help them hit their fitness goals faster and they’ll tell all their friends about you!

10) Do what you LOVE and LOVE what you do! Seriously, there is no such thing as burnout if you keep yourself inspired by learning, taking, teaching and resting!

Training takes 6 months to a year and then you’re on your way to teaching your Why! It’s an  incredible journey to a career that constantly inspires you, challenges you and teaches you. Working with people and helping them become their best selves is incredible. So, you  want to  be a Pilates Instructor? Amazing, Go and Do!

photo (13)Lesley Logan author of Profitable Pilates and Los Angeles Magazines Best of LA Pilates instructor has been teaching in LA since 2008.  She currently  teaches at Westwood Pilates and Equinox West Hollywood  where she also runs the Pilates studio.  As a goals coach for Fitness Instructors around the world she enjoys seeing her clients hit their personal and career goals!

Website: www.lesleyloganpilates.com

Facebook: Lesley Logan Pilates 

Confessions from a Boho Fashionista: My All Time Favourite Ashrams and Why you Should go at Least Once!

78mhI8OXYsp-xUZISMWvrHvhG4LP86mdCmVKnxkIsNIHey Boho Beauties,

The last time I created one of my most solid intentions was at my all time fave ashram. “I am love.” It came to me in a moment of sweet silence when turquoise waves were soothing the white shore at Paradise Island, Nassau. Yoga babes and gypsy goddesses alike have shared moments of pure bliss like this with me, when their time spent at an ashram turned from 7 day vacay to life changing journey. If you’ve never been, an ashram is a spiritual center meant for healing, yoga, meditation and karma exchange. Dreamers like us go to there to shed old energy, create new light and return to the true beauties that we are. With so many places to get our ashram on, it’s hard to choose a spot.

Here are my top 3 fave ashrams that you should visit now. . . 

375a58bba4bf3d2ec1d27d4c6465ac03Val Morin, Quebec, Canada: Spiritual warriors, truth seekers and gypsy goddesses have been opening their third eyes in the lotus pose at this ashram since the 60’s! It’s the very first ashram on North American soil and the headquarters of Sivananda Yoga Centres. Yoga queens should check out this peaceful paradise if their looking to clear out the old and increase their bliss ten fold. Situated in the heart of 250 forested acres of the Laurentian mountains, this place has serious soul. Pack light and prepare to enjoy woodland paths, a dip in fresh water pools and overflowing gardens. 

Grass Valley, California: We’re all California girls at heart, so taking a trip to the Sivananda Retreat Center in golden Grass Valley California will be like the ultimate homecoming. There’s 80 secluded acres of pure sweetness on this woodland property that is steps from Nevada and a skip to San Francisco. You can walk through the unending meadows and contemplate your heart’s desires or go on scenic hikes to create some special intentions. Spend the afternoon dipping your boho toes in the pond, or break free and go white water rafting, this place has it all!

 Paradise Island, Bahamas: If Ashrams had a gold medal, Paradise Island would be winning by a long shot. This stunning and scenic peace center is a must-visit for all goddesses looking to get seriously spiritual in an idyllic setting. Bronzed mamas can sit by the bay in silence, planning up their most auspicious dreams, releasing the unneeded and conspiring the new. Listen to the waves, feel the sun kiss your skin and let your inner guru lead the way at this world-renowned bliss factory. This place is a true sanctuary that has natural beauty similar to yours, boho babe, so grab your passport and get south!

Have you found heaven at an ashram? I know you bohemian bellas have been, and I’d love to hear all about your experiences at these sweet fantasylands. Tell me all about it in the comments below!

libpic-1Peace, Love and Magic from

Your Resident Boho Fashionista, Libby xx



In a Boho Crisis? 10 Mantras for Getting Unstuck

5CVvUHlWHh7mfxS4HGU5n_reDb1Drob3B2Apfs0bUWUWe all experience the feeling of being stuck in our lives – in our job, relationship, living situation, growth, and it is up to you to shift your perspective in order to move past the boundary you’ve created for yourself and have a breakthrough!

Choose 1 of the following mantras that speaks to you, and begin to meditate on this single thought. When you feel yourself come into a space of frustration, anger, resentment in the current situation – take a breath, repeat your mantra, and let go.

 I realize my true potential and take action to accomplish my dreams.

I choose to live beyond my perceived boundaries.

I accept my fears, yet do not allow them to define me.

I lift myself from the heaviness I feel.

I live in abundance, I have all that I need to move forward.

I embrace change.

I am excited to see what life has to offer on the other side.

I am open to receive.

I deserve happiness. I choose happiness.

I trust my path.

 The first step in getting “unstuck” in your life is recognizing that you’re stuck in the first place. Once you create awareness around this fact, you can begin to transform your thoughts and therefor open yourself up to possibility and a new way of life!


MarissaRoseYoga8Marissa is a Yoga Instructor inspiring others to live a fulfilling and healthy life.  She has completed two 200hour Yoga Alliance certifications in Hatha and Power Vinyasa yoga. Marissa is also Reiki certified, Yoga Sculpt certified, and a SUP Yoga instructor. She was brought out to California via social media and has made beautiful Southern California her home ever since. Marissa believes in manifesting and setting goals in order to reach your most desirable dreams in life. She teaches and leads trainings for CorePower Yoga as well as offers private yoga, SUP yoga, and reiki healing sessions for those who are ready to dive deeper into themselves and discover their true life purpose.  Photo by: Brian Crawford Photography. 

Website: www.marissaroseyoga.com

Instagram: @marissaroseinspired


Twitter: @marissaroseyoga 

Facebook: Marissa Rose Inspired 

Why We Wanderlust

Rock Your Bliss, Jacki Carr and MB LaRue share about the magic of Wanderlust Squaw Valley.

Our Tiny Devotions ambassadors, Mary Beth LaRue and Jacki Carr of Rock Your Bliss (www.rockyourblissmovement.com) took on Squaw Valley, California this past weekend to present at Wanderlust Festival, to be students and to connect on and off the yoga mat.

They share why they Wanderlust and how to truly rock the bliss at Wanderlust Festival:

1)   Disrupt the Status Quo and travel.  We left our routines, our computers and our comfort zones at home.  At Wanderlust Fest, you took the opportunities to chant, to cry, to trail run, to meditate and pause long enough to hear the birds.

2)   Connect with Nature and live in a pop-out camper RV.  We rocked airBnB and took the road, err room less traveled and opted for nature over hotel luxury.  The screens were open, the air was mountain fresh and the sleep was divine.

3)   Every Moment is an Opportunity to Practice.  Where does your yoga live, breathe and thrive?  On and beyond the mat, you experience connection, commitment and self-love.

4)   DANCE more.  Every night at Wanderlust and in the midst of a yoga practice, you can move your body, feel the music and dance.   We shook our tail feathers to MC Yogi, Big Gigantic and with Shiva Rea! There is a beautiful awakening, a radical connection and your body will thank you when you can let go, shake and dance more.

5)   Reconnecting and Vibrating with new friends from all over.  The power in tribe, a hug from a new friend or a high five is so liberating.  We are all in this together, so be in inquiry over judgment, make eye contact over avoidance and always connect.   unnamed

6)   Be a student again and again and again.  Although we taught and presented at Wanderlust, it was magical to be inspired by the likes of Kerri Kelly, Shiva Rea, Eoin Finn, Sally Kimpton, Gurmukh, Seane Corn, Susanne Sterling and so many more.  Take time to look up to those that have paved the way and never stop learning.

7)   PLAY.  Wanderlust is like a playground, summer camp and concert all in one. It’s full of color and life and adventure. You take time to play in your practice, play with your dance moves, and play with others in community.

Join Rock Your Bliss at one of their upcoming retreats or workshops around the world. Their unique combination of yoga + coaching brings action to intention. It’s how dreams become reality. They believe that sustainable, ohmygodilovemylife bliss is not a pipe dream, but one that can be created by anyone.

They want to get to know you and for you to know us: real, honest, nitty-gritty down to the good stuff.

Top 5 Sacred Stones for a Mermaid

For thousands of years gemstones have been used in physical, emotional and spiritual healing. We chatted with Tamara Lee, owner of Mermaid Sun Yoga + Pilates in beautiful British Columbia about what gemstones are near and dear to her heart and why… 

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 2.52.52 PMAmazonite: Amazonite’s healing energy is as powerful as the river for which it is named. It is known as the stone of courage and truth. This captivating turquoise green stone soothes the spirit and calms the soul.  Amazonite promotes kindness, alleviates fear and anxiety, and provides balance and harmony. It also soothes the chakras and is particularly rejuvenating to the heart and throat chakras.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 2.52.18 PMSmokey Quartz: Primarily associated with the root chakra this stone is known for its protective and grounding qualities. Smokey quartz is considered a stone of serenity because of its positivity and ability to overcome negative emotions. It aids in the process of letting go and brings wisdom and luck to everyday life!

Black Onyx: Black Onyx provides a strong stable energy representing self-control, intuition, and protection. This glamorous gemstone absorbs whatever energy you need from the Universe. Black Onyx is associated with the planet Saturn, the element fire, and the Leo zodiac sign. Determination, focus, and direction are traits that can be enhanced with this precious gem.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 2.56.33 PM White Jade: Reach your highest potential with the purest jade stone. White Jade brings focus and concentration back to what truly matters. This stone assists in decision making by filtering distractions to achieve optimum results. White Jade guides energy to the most advantageous outlet. What a gem!

Moonstone: The moonstone is characterized by its enchanting shimmer of light.Its connection to the power of the moon surrounds it with magic and mystique. This gemstone is an amulet of protection for travelers, a gift of love, a channel for prophecy, and a path to inner wisdom. Being a perfect expression of yin energy, the soothing and mysterious energy of the moon, moonstone is the bringer of calm, peace and balance. This stone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration and benefits meditation. The peace and calm that moonstone generates has an other-worldly quality to it; it is infused with an enchanting, soft glow of optimism and creative energy.

mm2.jpgTamara Lee is a yogi, writer & fan of leggings dedicated to inspiring an active lifestyle. Her studio, Mermaid Sun Yoga and Pilates, is based off the beautiful coast of British Columbia and offers modern fitness and flexibility training with a playful lighthearted charm. 

Facebook: Mermaid Sun Yoga & Pilates 


A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime: Top 3 Mantras for Every Chapter of a Boho Girl’s Life

e_AuR9YHPvA2P4xJqLfAIDtSJ1nbY8XFd7gztLcqONUMantra #1
From adolescence to adulthood we are taught to ignore our natural born intuition because the rest of world holds the potential to harm us. We are conditioned to act a certain way by constantly hearing things from our elders like:

Don’t talk to strangers!
Don’t touch anything!
Don’t run!


One of the most important mantras that I have had to realize and re-learn time and time again because the world has tried to teach me otherwise is: I will return to my inner sense (innocence.) This is SO important. A boho’s intuition is almost always correct. We can tell if someone means to harm us, if we should feel something, if and when our bodies need to move in a specific way…we know what is good for us! Mantra #1: I will return to my inner sense. 


Mantra #2
Often times when something unfortunate or unpleasant occurs we believe that it’s someone or something else’s fault. We continue about our lives and the same unpleasant thing happens to us again, and it’s STILL NOT OUR fault! Then it happens again, we begin to recognize a pattern but are stuck in the habit of our actions…and so the unpleasant thing happens yet AGAIN. Finally we realize that it is our fault and that our actions enabled the unpleasant thing to happen, so we begin to change our ways. We realize that in order for the unpleasantness to go away, we must make a change. Boho mantra #2 is this, simply put: I am responsible for and in control of my life. 


Mantra #3 
As boho girls, we are naturally inclined to LOVE. We love a lot. We love hard. We can be emotional about that love, attached to it, expect things from it. In order to recreate our reality and approach our relationships from a place of PURE love, we must learn to give, to love freely and without any sort of expectation. Once expectations are removed, we can give more, be more, and do more for others. The love that sprouts from those relationships will change the world! Mantra #3: I will LOVE without expectations. 


Boho girls, return to your inner sense. Be responsible for and in control of your own life. Love without expectations!!!
Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.56.51 PMCaley Alyssa is a Yogini & Holistic Health coach in Santa Monica, CA. She’s also a traveler, hiker, bikini lover, bullshit caller, avocado eater, & snuggler (little spoon.)

Twitter: @CaleyAlyssa
Instagram: @CaleyAlyssa