Diggin’ Deep: Scorpion, King Pigeon + Child’s Pose

My three favorite yoga poses? This is just like asking me to pick my favorite Bible verse! There are so many to choose from, and each one significant. They have each taught me something about myself or have changed me in some way. So choosing only three is quite difficult, however, there are three that have truly made a huge impact on my life.

1. Scorpion Handstand or in Sanskrit, Vrschikasana.
This challenging asana not only requires strength and flexibility, but it requires humility, patience, willingness, and practice. For me, this pose sums up my practice of yoga, which is why it has made its way into my top three favorite asanas. When I first witnessed this being done on a YouTube video, I had just begun practicing yoga on a daily basis. Beginning to practice scorpion resulted into a turning point in my practice. Yoga, which what I thought was just a fancy word for stretching at that time, was proving to be much, much more. Before attempting my first scorpion, not only was I intimidated by the external look of the asana, but I was also afraid. It was then that I realized when practicing yoga, you are not only working towards a strong body, but also a strong mind. It takes a lot of strength to overcome thoughts full of fear and doubt. Scorpion pose demands that you move beyond what you think your body is capable of, and open your mind to possibilities we may not think exist. When I practice scorpion now, it brings me back to when I began my yoga journey and shows me how far dedication and practice has taken me. I can now find comfort, empowerment, and peace in Vrschikasana.

Childs pose

2. Child’s pose or in Sanskrit, Balasana.
Up until recently, I used to dread Child’s pose. Coming from a gymnastics and dance background, my mentality since I was a child has been to pursue perfection, to never give up, and to always push myself harder. When I began practicing yoga, my brain had to be rewired to think the opposite. Perfection should never be a goal in your yoga practice, because there simply is no such thing. Everyone’s body is built differently, created to move differently, and grows at a different pace, therefore making everyone’s standard for perfection different. In a yoga class, it is common for teachers to refer to Child’s pose as a place for you to rest if you get tired, overwhelmed, or to regulate your breath. This was never a pose I felt I needed to visit because I thought I needed to push myself in my practice, no matter how tired I was. It wasn’t until I strained my back when I began visiting this pose on a daily basis. This pose asks that you humble yourself; that you listen to your body when it is showing signs that it is tired and overwhelmed, and you honor it by giving it a moment to rest. This pose has taught me that humbling yourself and honoring your body is not admitting defeat, but displaying your strength.



3. King Pigeon Pose or in Sanskrit, Kapotasana.
Although Kapotasana is one of the deepest backbends in the Ashtanga Intermediate series, it surprisingly was not unpleasant to learn. Kapotasana was such a beautiful asana to learn because as I began moving deeper and deeper into the pose, my heart opened more and more to all of the possibilities I never thought existed. Kapotasana has helped me to accept where I am in my practice and just embrace the process, embrace the journey.

HEADSHOTI’m Kayla Perry.  I am 19 years young, born and raised under the sunny skies of Miami.  I am a lover of Jesus, people, life, and yoga.  I am a self-taught yogi and began just one year ago, but can no longer imagine my life without it.  I am a student, an artist, and a creator.  I desire to share my passion for yoga and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle with others.  The more I learn the more I teach, the more I teach the more I learn.

Pilates Posture: Stand Tall Like a Goddess

10480178_777129688994478_4898179285751687696_nI’ve been 5’9″ for as long as I can remember. I was always in the back row of every class picture. My friends in the front row. My parents nagging me non-stop  to “throw” my shoulders back. Pull my shoulders back. Stand up! It wasn’t as if I was being rebellious. I just didn’t know how important it was to my health, future and life it would be to Stand Tall.

Truth is there is not one person who does not need to have proper posture.  But, it’s not that easy to have proper posture when you have spent so many years without it. Also, our lifestyles are not always conducive to proper posture. We sit too much, drive too much, have desks that are not properly measured to us. Our lifestyles constantly reinforce poor posture because we don’t enforce good posture.

I know poor posture is not intentional. In fact I can’t think of one person who is yearning to be the little old lady with the hump back.  But, guess what? Hump back didn’t just wake up like that. Nope, it happened ever so gradually over her entire lifetime.

As a Pilates instructor I work with clients of all ages, careers and fitness goals. I hear it all the time when I adjust their bodies into alignment how “strange” it feels or “crooked”. Because we don’t always realize how out of alignment we are, how slouched we are. Right now you’re probably reading this and thinking of someone you know who needs to work on their posture. Hold that thought, I am going to have you check your posture in a minute.While I am sure you know what “good” posture is let’s review.

Proper posture is having the ability to stand, lay or sit upright against the earth’s gravitational pull. Darn gravity! Training your body to stand, walk and lay without straining in one place more than the other is good Posture.Having good posture means using your muscles to support your body evenly. Yes, you have to use your muscles to hold your bones up.  Your posture is on point when your body is in a nice plumb line: Ears are over shoulders, shoulders are over hips, hips are over knees and even weight is spread throughout your feet.

What’s so important about Good Posture anyways?

Aside from looking correct, confident, strong and well, attractive. Posture is important to your body functioning at it’s best.  When you sit, stand or lay with correct posture you body is able to use it’s muscles in the correct alignment, decreasing wear and tear on the body. This posture also aides in reducing stress on your spine and overall spine health. The muscles in your body will not fatigue so quickly as they are able to work in the fashion they were designed. You’re less likely to overuse a particular muscle and therefore reduce the likelihood of pain and aches in the body especially the back. Oh and again, you just look better!

Still not convinced your should pay attention to your posture? No worries, let’s talk circulation. If you are slouching you’re affecting the blood flow to your spine and other major body parts. Your spinal column is the passage of information from your brain to your body. Picture a freeway, everyone is going in one direction. Their are on ramps and off ramps. What happens when a car stalls at ramp? It backs up traffic. Information isn’t getting to parts of the body the way it was designed. Overtime this can become chronic.  Poor posture will also lead to back pain and aches or even injuries, which then will lead to furthering the bad posture. Think about it. Last time you had an ache or pain did you stand taller or hunch more?

Now that I have your attention let’s check YOUR posture.

Stand against a wall. Your feet will be about shoulder distance apart and six inches from the wall. Your head, shoulders and hips will be against the wall. When you do this you neck and low back should have less that a two inch space from the wall. If it’s larger than you are looking at signs of poor posture. If you cannot get your head, shoulders and hips against the wall at the same time, that’s a sign of poor posture.

Check your body’s alignment regularly with this exercise.

The Wall 

Set up just as you did to check your posture. Double check that your head, shoulders, hips are against the wall to start. Then with soft knees curl your head off the wall, then one vertebra at a time articulate your spine off the wall until your hands are in front of your knees. Missed a vertebra? Stop! Start over. If you miss it again then that’s as far as you go. Continue to roll up and down focusing on one bone at a time. Using your core will help you get through the whole spine one day. Do this a few times and then roll all the way up and hold.

Again, double check your landmarks. Head, shoulders, hips against the wall. Lift your arms to shoulder height. Keeping your arms parallel to the floor and each other plug your shoulders on the wall. Reach your arms forward, the shoulders will leave the wall then plug them back on the wall. Do this again a few times. Reaching forward, plugging back in. You’ll feel the muscles of your upper back warm up and pull your collar bones wide to allow for your shoulders to touch the wall. These muscles are necessary for keeping your shoulders “on” your back and not rounding forward.

The last time you plug your shoulders on the wall hold. Draw small circles with your arms. Keep the circles controlled, only as big as your can maintain your shoulders on the wall. Do 5-10 then reverse.

photo-13-150x150Lesley Logan author of Profitable Pilates and Los Angeles Magazines Best of LA Pilates instructor has been teaching in LA since 2008.  She currently  teaches at Westwood Pilates and Equinox West Hollywood  where she also runs the Pilates studio.  As a goals coach for Fitness Instructors around the world she enjoys seeing her clients hit their personal and career goals!

Website: www.lesleyloganpilates.com

Facebook: Lesley Logan Pilates 

Love and All is Coming: Five Ways to Open your Heart

mala-beads-yoga-tiny-devotions-photographer-photographer-richelle-hunter-photography-summer-of-soul-1231. Get outside of your comfort zone. I’ve broken my fair share of hearts. My heart has been broken so many times; I’ve decided to just let it stay open. Let yourself FEEL (everything).

 2. Notice your surroundings. Where are you? In your room? On the subway? In the park? Take in the space around you and embrace it. Use your senses. As you embrace the space, you will be able to see yourself and the others inside of it more clearly. Once you see the space, feel for its vibrations and breathe with them. It’s possible that because of certain experiences in the past, you might enter a space with preconceived ideas. Preconceived ideas automatically block the heart.

 3. Listen with both of your ears. Watch yourself listening and as you watch the listening, you will be less likely to be in your head, calculating and comparing. Listen to everyone like they’re about to tell you the deepest truths (they are, even if they don’t know it). If you listen like this, every sound, every word you hear will bare its full weight and you will be able to connect with ease and your heart will be happy.

4. Give & Forgive. If an instinct tells you to give something- give it! It could be an object, a conversation or a hand. Most likely it will be an act (no matter how small) that will make a deep impact. True giving comes from the heart; it’s a feeling, an instinct. It is not a trade (nothing wrong with trades because they’re useful and practical but don’t confuse them with giving) giving is never attached to a motive or an expectation. Forgiving is an extension, a branch of giving. Resistance to forgive is calculative work that will lead to more confusion and misery. Confusion and misery are actually highly addictive because they satisfy a need for “right” and “wrong”. Only in our truest, unconditioned states (of divine love) can we give and forgive to others and ourselves.

 5. Love is one. Know that love does not know the difference between a grain of sand, a fly, yourself, or the sun. You are a part of a whole. Breathe that in. There is no small love, medium love, or big love. There is only love.  One love fits all. #loveandalliscoming.

WHO_5762Talia Sutra is a New York based yoga teacher, urban hippie, vegan foodie and body artist. 

Instagram: @Talia_Sutra 

Random Act of Kindness: Pin ‘n’ Win!

Kristyn-Winner (1)Hi Boho Beauties. . .

My name is Kristyn and I blog over at creativewithkristyn.com I am a believer in living with intention, living life to the fullest and sharing love and light wherever possible.

I was recently chosen for Tiny Devotions beautiful “Random Acts of Kindness Campaign” on Pinterest. I was their first winner and it was such a wonderful pre-yoga class surprise! So many of my social media friends were retweeting and tagging me to let me know I had won a Tiny Devotions Mala, I could not believe it! What is this amazing campaign?  It’s simple. It’s awesome. It’s bound to blow your mind.

Pin ‘n’ Win: Random Act of Kindness with Tiny Devotions

How does it work?

For the next 12 months Tiny Devotions will be sharing and spreading the love by committing Random Acts of Kindness. They will be choosing  Pinterest users who’ve re-pinned photos of their stunning malas, stacks and other buddhaful Tiny Devotions’ accessories, once a month and will be gifting them whatever mala, stack or accessory they’ve pinned. There’s no deadline. There’s no catch. Just pin a photo of your favourite bohemian accessory and you could win!  Cool right?

How did I win?

So, how was I chosen? I am a Pinterest junkie. ;) Aren’t we all? I love checking out what Tiny Devotions has on Pinterest. They are always posting wonderful pictures of their malas, scarves, stacks…everything! They also post inspirational quotes that I always connect with and find so relative. I have pinned and shared the Tiny Devotions love so many times, they felt I should be their first winner!

How can you win? 

Are you a life lover and a light spreader? If you are reading Boho Daily, then I know you are. I encourage you to spread the love-Tiny Devotions love! Re-pin your favourite TD posts and you could be gifted with a Random Act of Kindness!

Share your manifests, love, light, and kindness with the world on Pinterest. Tweet out an inspirational message to your followers. Create an Instagram collage or quote that just might bring a smile to someone’s face. All of those are ways to spread the love and are random acts of kindness! You truly never know whose day you will brighten just by that small act.

Thank you again, Tiny Devotions, for having me on your blog today to talk about the campaign. I am truly in love with this campaign and look forward to continuing to spread the Tiny Devotions love and committing my own random acts of kindness as I move along this beautiful thing we call life.

Peace, Love, Yoga,



#PracticeIsPerfect: 5 Tips to Keep your Attitude Sparkling when the Going gets Tough

_P9A04251. Unplug. Seriously. As I type this in a local, busy coffee shop in New York, I find myself at the same exact time wanting to scream at the top of my lungs because of how BUSY this life is. Or, how BUSY we make it. If you are like me and at any given time have Instagram, Facebook and Gmail open and available, it’s time to check yourself. Unplug for a while. Unplug when you start to feel like this whole world is about to rain iPhones and Androids. Let go. Close your eyes and just practice silence. Be still. Perhaps it’s the hour right before bed. Brilliant idea. Why let your mind go nuts with social media right before you are trying to reconnect with yourself and your dreams. Tip number one: unplug for at least one hour a day

2. Get selfish. That’s right. Start doing something for YOU. This might be exercise,  a morning latte, or a good book. And if you one of those people who just thinks “how can I possibly find time to be selfish with three kids and a dog!” then this tip is really for you! The busier we get, the more frustrated and mundane our daily lives become. Look at it this way: That 75 minute yoga class was not just for you. It was for your loved ones, your boss, your dog…it was for everyone in your life that you care most about because essentially it helps you become a more peaceful, more passionate human. It helps create a better version of you. You may think you are being selfish but if you realize that time outs for yourself is exactly what you need to become that peaceful person, than just do it! Tip number two: it’s okay to be selfish sometimes. 

3. Find nature. A simple walk in the woods or the beach is the perfect escape to get grounded when the going gets tough. Nature teaches us many things- one of the most important being patience. Walk through nature and you will instantly be reminded that there is no rush. Go get some salt-water time, some mountain time, or even try opening a window to remind yourself what life is truly all about. Tip number three: go outside. 

 4. Eat. No, I am not saying go buy a box of cookies and eat your feelings away. What I recommend doing is take a little time out to check your diet. Some foods will actually create more stress on our bodies and if our mind is already in a funk, then why suppress our system even more with the wrong foods? Start slowing down the way you eat. Just because your mind is running a mile a minute, doesn’t mean your mouth should! Check out your diet and make sure you are getting adequate nutrients. When stressed, foods loaded with antioxidants, vitamin C, zinc and omega 3’s are all good choices. Tip number four: eat with intention. 

 5. Journal. Even if you don’t actual write anything down, start “mind journaling” in your head every am/pm. Start with gratitude. Once you remind yourself just how blessed you really are, even the biggest problem will seem smaller. You are so loved. So start telling yourself that! Every day: three things you are grateful for. I do it while still in bed. Seriously, it helps! Tip number five: start a gratitude diary. 

katie boho blogAlbany native Katie Collins teaches a strong vinyasa flow with a focus on foundation and alignment, making balancing and inversions more accessible, mindful and most importantly, fun! Katie completed her 200 hour YTT in the summer of 2013 under the guidance of Justin Wolfer and quickly learned what it meant to embrace her practice with mind, body and SOUL! Along with the physical practice and teachings of yoga, Katie also has a passion for holistic living and will be entering her second year of nursing school in fall 2014.  Her classes are a dynamic flow that will incorporate human body awareness with a sprinkle of strong core work, flexibility, and the journey towards inversions. Katie is also a regular blogger for Elephant Journal, an ambassador for BOGA paddleboards, Jade Yoga Mats, and a representative for GTS clothing and her own personal journey. 

Twitter: @katietheyogi 

Instagram: @katietheyogi 

Yoga On-the-Go: 8 Unique Global Studios

10568908_811011888939591_5349308521966414934_nThere is nothing that I find more inspiring than enjoying a beautiful yoga practice between explorations, feeling the vital breath and energy that renews and invigorates the spirit during an empowering journey through this extraordinary world of ours. That’s why I always bring my yoga mat; you never know when you are going to happen upon the perfect place to practice!

Yoga gives us a “time out” and a “tune in”. It’s an incredible opportunity to slow down during any hectic time and re-focus our energy into the possibility of becoming strong, grounded, and centered. Even when you’re on the move, traveling to any and all exotic locations, taking the space to practice yoga can enhance the experience that you are having. Also, who doesn’t love a little bit of yoga in a place that you have never visited before?

The research was done and we found eight bliss-inducing studios around the globe that will help you sweat, stretch and get your flow on! With your passport in hand, be sure to do yourself a favor and check in to them when the wind leads you to your destination:

1. YogaTree Studios, Toronto, Canada: “Come grow with us” is the slogan, and how very apt it is! With four yoga studios in the Greater Toronto Area, including a fifth location to be added this fall, YogaTree is ready to meet you in the midst of a this bustling, Canadian city. Each studio has its own unique design, catering the vibe to the energy of each unique area of Toronto, and with classes that range from Hot Yoga and Ashtanga to Restorative and Beginner’s Yoga, there is truly something for everyone. An experience not to be missed!

 2. Liberation Yoga, Los Angeles, United States: You walk in, and you immediately feel at home. The studio is designed with comfort, love, and kindness in mind; rice paper lanterns, beautifully painted murals, andde licious Nag Champa incense wafting through every carefully crafted room. There is an enclosed garden attached to the space, so indoor and outdoor classes are part of the menu. Expect a fun, welcoming, youthful vibe and a variety of classes to keep you both pumped and zenned!

3. Rituel Studio, Paris, France: Miss out on your yoga while vacationing in France? “Paris” the thought! Rituel Studio has everything you’d expect in a classic French vibe, mixed with the intensive strength of a fortified yoga and fitness studio. Here, you will find pilates, cardio classes, and yoga for a blend that creates a fit body and calm mind. They even have classes for kids! When in Paris, be sure to stop by for the best of all yogic worlds.

4. Yoga Shala, Reykjavik, Iceland: Amidst the scenic ,Nordic beauty of the incomparable country of Iceland stands Yoga Shala, a bright and blissful space ready to fulfill all of your yoga desires. With reasonable drop in rates, a variety of classes (including Ashtanga, Acro Yoga and Mysore), this studio is the perfect stop for the valiant-hearted adventurer. Classes are taught in English as well as Icelandic, so you will never feel left out of the loop!

5. Hamsa Yoga Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark: Get ready for the ultimate in wellness! When it comes to a healthy life in mind, body, and soul, the people of Denmark really make the grade. This gorgeous and unique studio has nearly eveyr type of class imaginable, whether you like to feel your heart race, or you need to take a moment to wind down. There is also a wellness clinic attached, so make sure to enjoy a skin treatment or thai yoga massage after your practice!

 6.  Karma Yoga, Shaghai, China: Vast open studios in the heart of a historic and metropolitan Asian city? How could you skip it?! This studio is warm, bright, and positively enchanting. Located in the heart of Shanghai, you’ll find everything here from power yoga, to beginner’s classes, to meditation workshops and wellness clinics. This studio is all about living the life of the yogi, and you are guaranteed to get the full, authentic experience from the moment you walk through the doors. Outstanding!

7. YogaCara Healing Arts, Mumbai, India: Here, you are communing with the source. Yoga began in India, and so it is an impossibly humbling experience to join in the very origins of your practice. There are classes for all yoga needs, including Ivengar, a type of Hatha Flow that strongly integrates Pranayama breathing with strong, stable movements. You will also find a wellness clinic with massage options, a zen garden, workshops, and a teacher training institute. Be sure to make the trip!

8. Abundance Yoga and Pilates, Auckland, New Zealand: A gorgeous yoga experience in one of the most gorgeous parts of the world! With a strong focus on building strength and endurance in the body, Adundance has some of the best Power Yoga and Pilates classes that you can find, guaranteeing that you will feel refreshed and revitalized with each class. Their community is incredibly open to the stories of new travellers and visitors, so don’t be surprised if they offer you and opportunity to stay with them full time!

Yoga is Universal. It is a fascinating thing to observe how different parts of the world work with their practice and integrate teachings into their daily lives. Having your mat with you throughout the world is not only important to the yogic journey, but it is also a doorway into the soul of your practice. Be prepared for a stretch and a sweat, and you will have the world’s love at your fingertips.


Lauren is a guest writer for the Huffington Post and Social Media Coordinator in Toronto.


Web: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/lauren-messervey/

Confessions from a Boho Fashionista: Eating for the Soul. My Top 6 Spirit Friendly Ingredients Fit for Every Goddess!

b0125a8cf3de4f3a7b9be90df3363071Hey Boho Beauties,

Have you ever dug into a special meal and felt so totally satisfied in your entire body and soul, but couldn’t quite put your finger on why you felt that way? The chow you were chewing was seriously phenomenal. It left your belly happy; your spirit excited, and had you glowing all day long. Every bite was beyond—to the point of ecstatic bliss.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago when a few special green goddesses (and gods) came into my life that I discovered the difference between lack luster lunches and delicious dinners.  These fine friends showed me the magic of eating for my soul.  You see, the things you put into your body literally feed your soul. You charge your brain, spirit, and body system with the foods you eat and the right choices can make all the difference.  Here are the top six items I keep in my kitchen to set my soul on fire with every meal:

Cilantro. Some folks hate the stuff, but these fresh leafies have me begging for a second helping every time. Let’s get down to the dirty on cilantro! Rich in vitamin-C and K, this nutrient rich ingredient is a serious anti-oxidant. You feel amazing when you add cilantro into dishes on the regular because it fights off viruses, toxins, and disease causing agents that make you feel sick. Every goddess deserves to shine, so if you love the taste like I do, try cilantro on your next salad or sprinkle some on top of warm veggies.

3d055b8700a8f936e35383bcc29863a8-1Garlic. This is one of my all time faves. It’s not just used for disease prevention, detoxification and other types of therapy—it tastes amazing! Back in the day it was used as an aphrodisiac, so if you’re having a sweet evening in with your honey add a little extra of the spicy stuff to your dinner and cozy up, babes.

Basil. This soft, dark leaf is so diverse! Alone it tastes a little like the dark licorice you’d chew on as a child, but in meals it can change something bland into total magic! You can use it in your fave caprese salad, or make an amazing organic peach pie with a splash of this healing herb.  Basil is known for keeping our hearts healthy and our joints smooth, as it is a known anti-inflammatory and essential in cardiovascular health.

Mint. Mint is the little green bad boy that can change a beverage, salad or meat dish into something seriously special on the double.  It’s unique taste matches well with other organic ingredients fruits, cheeses and meats and it aids in digestion. It has been known to help with fatigue, weight loss and nausea to say the least. Mint in the morning is a big game changer. Add mint to your fresh fruit tomorrow morning and notice your belly singing and thanking you!

Coconut Oil. I put coconut oil on nearly everything. My skin, my nails, my food: everything! This oil is so healing and it tastes amazing. It has been proven to aid in brain and heart health, and it regulates ones metabolism like it’s no one’s business. You can massage your leafy greens, use it in your smoothies or use it as a replacement for other oils. Use a small amount in your cooking and notice the delicious flavor!

a411c110c452af078eca6953ce11f2f5-1Kale. Kale is king of the green palace in my kitchen. This dense dark leafy takes precedence over all others when it comes to salads, smoothies and stir-fries. Here is the trick: massage your kale, boho bellas. When kale is massaged it’s dense walls break down a little and the “green” flavor isn’t so harsh. Its flavor literally changes and its texture softens. Take your favorite oil (coconut!) and massage your kale for a few moments. It will be ready to devour and you’ll enjoy it much more!

These are my top 6 soul friendly ingredients that are staples in my kitchen. I know you have a few that really send your spirit soaring. Share them with me in the comments below and we’ll talk food, bellas!!


libpicPeace, Love and Magic

 From Your Resident Boho Fashionista, Libby xx

How Do I Know My Mala Beads Are Working?


Wanderlust Whistler: Jamie Anderson Style!

Didn’t make it to Wanderlust Whistler this year? Don’t sweat it. American pro snowboarder and yogi, Jamie Anderson is sharing a photo diary of her epic Wanderlust adventure with our Boho Daily community! You might recognize Jamie from the Olympic podium. She snagged the gold medal for women’s slope style in Sochi this winter. When she’s not making magic happen on the mountain, Jamie can be found getting her downward dog on. Yoga is one of her passions.

Wanderlust Whistler through the eyes of Jamie Anderson…

There is nothing like practicing yoga on top of a mountain during a magical sunset!


Taking in this sacred meditation space at the Olympic plaza… The power of love and intention!


Strength does not come from an outside source, it comes from within. We are all capable of anything we believe in! Manifest, Believe & Achieve! 


Love is the ultimate renewable resource. #blissology 


Yoga slackers! Taking my balance to a whole new level…


“Let go” #tribalmarkings from @amirimage 


Hand stands are the best. Mind-body-spirit connections….


So grateful for this community of conscious beautiful beings, coming together to celebrate Life, nature, Music, Yoga, Healthy food, and good vibrations!  Namaste friends.

Website: www.itsjamieanderson.com 

Twitter: @JamieASnow 

Facebook: Jamie Anderson Snow 

Instagram: Jamie Anderson

9 Eco Products for Stylish Yogis

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 11.52.26 AMYoga means union, and is a process by which we can become more connected with ourselves, and recognize our interconnectedness and oneness with all beings and the earth. When we realize the effect we have on the environment, and the inherent unity we have with it, we can live more harmoniously with the natural flow of life.

My favorite products have a low impact on the environment, are kind to animals, and are made without exploitation or oppression of humanity. When the products we use and the money we spend are in line with the philosophy of yoga, we come closer to the union we seek. Our choices, our dollars and our words are ways in which we cast a vote towards consciousness or disconnection. When we realize the power that we have to make changes with our choices, we give voice to what matters and to our morals.


1. My Tiny Devotions Daydream Mala: I love connecting with the energies of the earth through what I wear, especially because I live in a city. Crystals, minerals, and stones remind me of the miraculous power of creation. Sandalwood is grounding and reminds me of the support that the earth has to offer. When we meditate and practice yoga, we become more mindful and can utilize our own inner resources and the earth’s resources in ways that will benefit our descendants and show respect for all we have been naturally given. My mala is a constant reminder of that commitment. www.lovetinydevotions.com


41OYrO1KWiL._SL500_AA300_2. Manduka Black Mat Pro: This mat has a lifetime guarantee, so you’ll never need to buy another yoga mat. Manduka is committed to ecology, sustainability and life long support for your yoga practice. They also recently created the world’s first 100% recyclable yoga mat. How awesome is that? www.manduka.com


3. Miakoda Hand Crocheted Cowl: This eco-friendly, vegan, organic company is made in a small factory in NYC by Julia Ahrens.  When it’s cold, I never leave home without my hand crocheted cowl. They’re made with love by my sister who carries out a mission close to both our hearts. www.miakodanewyork.com


4. KiraGrace: KiraGrace is an American conscious yoga clothing company run by an amazing woman CEO named Kira Karmazin. This company celebrates women’s beauty and individuality while supporting the bigger picture– KiraGrace donates 100% of the proceeds of the Warrior T-Back Yoga Tank to Off The Mat Into The World, supporting the community locally and globally and showing commitment to progress and change in the name of unity and justice. www.kiragrace.com


5. North Coast Organics Natural Deodorant in Death by Lavender: The armpits and the skin are vulnerable to absorption of toxins, so I choose products that are natural and non-toxic. North Coast Organics is committed to kindness to animals and the environment, contains only natural and organic ingredients, and are even made on equipment cleaned only with natural products. http://north-coast-organics.com/


6. Leni Penn, Light Grey Ostrich Tote: Made in the USA with all vegan materials, this incredibly authentic feeling and looking leather alternative is gorgeous, durable, and compassionate. No animals are harmed, and it comes in multiple sizes with different ways of closure. The bags are versatile enough for you to take to practice, the beach, or wherever your travels take you…  www.lenipenn.com


7. Simplecare Products, Coffee Bean Fresh Scrub: Owned by a woman entrepreneur, this small company uses only vegan and wholesome products that are good for you, for animals, and for the earth. The products are handmade, detoxifying, and ecologically responsible. www.simplecareproducts.com


IMG_6719_210aa4d2-3cfa-4dcd-a55a-fdbb87ba4aad_large8. Stone & Violet, Crystal Grid Board:  Artist, woodworker, and crystal specialist Lauren Gray visits a lumberyard weekly to salvage wood that is destined for the landfill and creates boards emblazoned with sacred geometrical patterns for use in crystal grid work. Creating grids is a beautiful way to bring ritual and intention into a particular space, ceremony, or practice, and helps me to navigate the highs and lows of life, show my gratitude, or invite energy that I want to cultivate in my life. www.stoneandviolet.com


9. My Zen Home, Dhyana Cushion: I love the support and sustainability the Dhyana Cushion brings to my meditation practice. I can feel comfort and also know that this company’s organic products are easy on the earth. The owners of the company are committed to the practice, and have been seen burning sage to clear the energy before opening their booth at yoga festivals worldwide. www.myzenhome.com


We live in a world of abundance and beauty, and it is a practice of gratitude to enjoy all of the physical creations and manifestations of others’ energy. However, remember when purchasing that it is important to enjoy what you already have. Sometimes, the most ecological choice is what you don’t buy, or choosing not to make a purchase. Try to repurpose, reuse, and recycle old or others’ belongings into something you can save from throwing away. Because there is no “away,” and everything we do impacts this earth. Purchase quality products that use resources responsibly and promote freedom and justice for all, and they will support your own personal growth and last for years to come.


IMG_0024 (1)Laura is passionate about connection to body, spirit, and the earth. She works with attention to alignment and each individual’s current physical and emotional circumstances (the only possible starting point) to create a practice that is fuelled by deep breathing, a strong connection to core, reverence for ancient wisdom and ceremony, and the use of the practice of yoga to be more alive in each moment. She’s forever grateful to her teachers, formal and otherwise, and has completed a 200 hour training in vinyasa, the Forrest Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training and Advanced Teacher Training with Ana Forrest, a year-long mentorship program with Forrest Yoga Guardian Dr. Heidi Sormaz and holds a BFA from The University of the Arts.
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