My Top 5 Favorite Yoga Brands

I grew up in a relatively small town in Oklahoma where the most common casual wear choice on Free Dress Day at my private high school was sweatpants or Soffe shorts and an oversized t-shirt (your boyfriend’s if you were cool enough to have one).  When I moved to San Diego for College, I noticed that sweatpants were no longer acceptable-and here began my foray into “yoga pants,” or as we now know them, leggings. In my case, yoga apparel preceded my actual yoga practice, an activity that was also rather uncommon in a small midwestern town at the time. Like most of the women on my college campus, I turned to Lululemon to support my new casual wardrobe and my budding yoga practice.

tiny-devotions-mala-beadsAs my physical and spiritual yoga practice grew, as did my awareness of social justice issues. As a Masters of Social Work student, yoga practitioner, and teacher, my standards for yoga gear have risen dramatically since the day I bought my first pair of shiny black Lulu leggings. In the wake of Lululemon founder Chip Wilson’s controversial comment that “some women’s bodies just don’t actually work” for their clothing line in 2013, which ostracized hundreds of thousands of women who don’t conform to our society’s narrow and exploitative standards of ‘thinness’, many loyal customers (including myself) have turned to other active-wear brands to support their yoga practice and wardrobes. If you’re looking for some great brands to support your casual wardrobe, your yoga practice, or even your work attire (seriously, I can wear leggings with a sweater that covers my bum TO WORK!), here are some of my favorite brands:


Best For: Casual wardrobe, feeling comfy and cozy, supporting the planet.
Selection: Pants, crops, tanks, tees, outerwear, men’s pants and men’s shorts.
What I Love: First, all of Hyde’s products are made from Organic cotton, which means that in addition to being super soft and luxurious due to the lack of chemical residue, the production of Hyde’s styles helps “sustain our planet and alleviate the damage done by unmindful, if commonplace, manufacturing methods” (Hyde Yoga). Additionally, Hyde values Charitable giving and incorporates this into their business model by teaming up with yoga teachers around the country to donate a percentage of the proceeds from various styles to support local and international organizations. 


Best For: Work appropriate leggings, Lululemon lovers, and those of you that like to sweat- on or off the mat.
Selection: Bra tops, tank tops, tees, jackets, workout tanks (with built-in bras), full-length leggings, capri leggings.
What I Love: The quality of all Ellie’s styles is top-tier; they are never sheer and don’t start pilling after a few washes. The brand expertly designs the seams on their bottoms to lengthen your legs and frame your booty, plus with their surplice waistband (higher on the hips, lower under the belly button) your waist looks slim, your booty stays in place and any love handle concerns are neatly tucked away. For convenience, they also offer an “Outfits” section on their website with top and bottom styles pre-matched for you.


Best For: Casual-wear wardrobe, spicing up your practice gear, being cozy.
Selection: Full-length leggings, capri leggings.
What I Love: I have never experienced a softer or happier pair of leggings than my Ana’s Leggings full-length Sunflower leggings. Besides looking like a straight-up ray of sunshine in these bad boys, all of the styles from Ana’s Leggings feel like the softest pair of pyjamas you’ve ever owned. While the dark and neutral colors from other brands most certainly have a practical place in our wardrobes, Ana’s Leggings offers many fun styles and colors to brighten your mood on and off the mat.


Best For
: Casual-wear wardrobe, office attire, meditation practice, living with intention.
Selection: Traditional 108 bead malas, intentional necklaces, mala bead bracelet stacks, scarves, blankets, tanks, intentional bracelets, malas for him.
What I Love: Roughly 90% of my Christmas wish list this year is from the Tiny Devotions shop. Tiny Devotions encourages individuals to connect with their spirituality, follow their dreams and look gorgeous in the process. All of their styles are intentionally crafted with specific semi-precious stones and beads to help the wearer cultivate and develop certain characteristics such as calmness, grounding, assertiveness, and honesty. I use my 108 bead Tiny Devotions malas for my meditation practice, for courage and stress-relief at work, and to deepen my yoga practice by placing it outstretched at the top of my mat before each practice to soak up the effort and energy in the room.


Best For: Casual-wear wardrobe, office attire, gifts for your yogi friends, values-driven purchasing.
Selection: Bracelets, accessories (bags, key chains, hair ties and more).
What I Love: Every single bracelet purchased from Pura Vida helps to provide full-time jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica. Additionally, Pura Vida takes their charitable giving even further by donating the proceeds from various styles to a host of charitable organizations including those related to Enviro-causes, Animal awareness, Education and children, Cancer awareness, Women’s causes, Conditions, Service/military and Memorial causes. I love mixing and matching and stacking my Pura Vida bracelets to create a new style for every day while knowing I’m supporting a host of valuable causes.

Alex is an RYT-200 who began practicing yoga consistently in 2010 (after she discovered “yoga pants”) and fell in love with Acro Yoga a few years after, connecting deeply with the playful spirit of the practice and the community it creates between practitioners. While finishing her final year of a Masters in Social Work program at the University of Denver, Alex is also in the process of completing her 500 hour yoga teacher training at Kindness Yoga, the top rated yoga studio in Denver, Colorado, and preparing for her Acro Yoga teacher training in Summer 2015. For Alex, Yoga and Acro Yoga are tools for herself and her students to get out of their heads and into their bodies; a way to engage with the present moment, connect with a deeper sense and understanding of self, build community, and participate in divine play.


The 3 Major Benefits of Energy Healing

I am often asked what is energy healing?  When I’m asked about my work as an energy coach, I’m often confronted with blank expressions. I love what I do; energy work has been so helpful for my clients, my yoga students, and me.  That is why I am always happy to share my answer and hope to shine a little light on a very important part of ourselves that has the ability to keep us happy and healthy.  People are mostly in the benefits of energy healing. There are so many wonderful things that happen in the body as well as in our outside lives when the energy bodies are flowing in a constant state.  These are the main benefits I have noticed in my life, and in the lives of those that I help.

yoga-tiny-devotions-mala 1.Pain, Ailments and Illness
There are three energy areas in the body, the meridians, chakras, and aura.  Meridians are the 12 major energy highways of the body; they also have connections to our internal organs. Chakras are the seven vortex like energy centres travelling from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. They govern a lot of emotion and personal beliefs about us. The aura is the energy field around the body; it helps to hold a safe space around us. If there are blocks from stress, trauma, or toxins in the body these systems get knocked out of balance. Our energetic systems are layered with our physical body, because of this energy disruptions show up in the physical body as well. Pain, ailments and illness are all symptoms of a source energy block. This is sometimes easily seen, and other times the trauma or issue is buried deep within the system from years of ignoring the problem.  You may have seen this in yourself or in others, such as stomach issues and headaches from stress. We all carry differing levels of blocks from major or minor emotional traumas. Have you ever noticed that if you let something go that was bothering you all of sudden it feels like a weight has been lifted? I have had this happen many times to myself and seen it in clients and students. Especially with my yoga students who get stuck in an area in the body, then one day it opens. They will have had an emotional release at that time, or prior to it that has allowed that stuck energy, and body part to release together.  This was one of the reasons I really started to understand the connection between our energy body and our physical body. For those of us who work with energy it is often said that disease is really just dis-ease.

2.Balanced Emotions
I tend to see the balance of emotions and personal beliefs shift while working with chakras. Each area holds different energy aspects that relate to us personally. Our sense of self, creativity, personal power, love, being able to speak up, intuition and connection to the divine or others are all swirling around in the chakras. When the chakras are out of balance, blocked, or closed we lose the ability to have a balanced emotional system.  We bring in doubt, fear, lack, worry, and lose our sense of selves all to varying degrees of course. Also if one area is closed, it can keep two other centres from being able to support each other. Each centres governs its own area, but when aligned the chakras work as a whole system. This is why I think it is best to take care of the chakras, because when they are open and flowing well, the emotional issues have a chance to sort themselves with much greater ease.  Sometimes just opening a block can make the emotional turmoil stop all together. I find the greatest asset to all the chakras being opened is a sense of calm confidence. We feel a confident sense of self that can handle whatever life is going to bring that day.

yoga-tiny-devotions3.Energy Vibrations and the Law of Attraction
When our energy centres are running free and clear it is like our whole life opens up just as it was meant for us to. Everything in the Universe is energy, including our emotions and everything is in constant vibration. So if our emotions are vibrating at a lower level, such as fear, shame, anger and sadness then we are sending that vibration out and asking for the same vibration to come back to us.  That is the Law of Attraction.  If the energy is flowing well and chakras are balanced we can live happily as our true selves.  Knowing who we are gives us a sense of self, as well as confidence and we can accept and love ourselves easier.  Love is a higher vibration and who wouldn’t want to attract more of the things they love?  When the energies are running well, the vibrations are running well too.  These vibrations get things moving for the law of giving and receiving, give up the block and receive the gifts that you are asking for. It also opens up a truth within, the true you, making it easier to realize our unique gift to share with the world. This truth will be inline with what we each are meant to create in our lives, and because of that it will manifest that much easier.

I didn’t speak much to the aura’s role in a healthy energy body. However it does serve a purpose to keep other people’s negative energy out of our own energy field. These are the major areas that heal when working to keep a healthy and clear energy body.  I see these benefits happen all the time. I find what is blocking someone; we address it, and clear it. After this process what was being blocked is free to be received into their life.  It is one of the greatest joys I get from my work, watching people become happy, love themselves, and open up to receive what they want out of life.

Sarah Leavens is a yoga teacher and an energy coach, who’s goal with her students and clients is to help them achieve a happy whole sense of self.  Sarah wants everyone to feel free to create the life they desire from a deep understanding of each persons own purpose. Enjoy Sarah’s “True You Meditations” ebook series available on amazon for kindle.  As well as her free guided meditations on her website whole life energy.  Check out Sarah’s website here.

Flip Your Perspective: 3 Tips for Mastering Inversions

Inversions are a fun part of any yoga practice but let’s face it, they can also be very scary. Even with the help of an instructor or the support of a wall, turning yourself upside down is both mentally and physically challenging.

As scary as inversions can be, they are a great way to build strength, improve balance and increase mental focus. Practicing inversions helps you not only get out of your comfort zone, but it also teaches you let go of fear and learn to trust yourself.

Here are 3 tips that may help you master your fears with inversions and turn yourself upside down:

tiny-devotions-yoga-inversion1. Be Mindful, Move Slowly       

 Remember, progress is progress, no matter how small. Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t able to hold a 2-minute handstand right off the bat; everyone has to start somewhere.

The best part about mastering anything is the journey it takes to get there, so enjoy and don’t rush it. Take it slow and listen to your body.

2. Concentrate (Beforehand and During) 

Before trying any inversion, you need to be mentally prepared and focused. As a former gymnast, I would always visualize what I was about to do before doing it. This would help me tune in to what I was trying to accomplish rather than thinking about how much homework I had or what I wanted for dinner that night.

Visualizing is something I still do to this day and it is a very important tool for mastering inversions. Before flipping yourself upside down, you want to be concentrating 100% on what you are about to do, and make sure that your mind is in sync with your body.

You want to make sure you hold concentration throughout the inversion. When balancing, closing our eyes or looking at what is going on around us will make the inversion more challenging. One way to increase concentration is by keeping the eyes steadily focused on one spot, by doing so you will keep your mind present.

“If the eyes wander, the mind wanders.” Make sure to keep your gaze focused so your mind stays focused. In turn, your body will remain focused.

tiny-devotions-yoga-inversion-beach3. Don’t give up

 As discouraging as it can be at times, falling is not failing. Learning to fall is part of the process. Once you learn how to fall you are one step closer to mastering an inversion. By falling (safely), you are not only getting over your fears but you are training your body to know what works for you and what doesn’t.

Everyone is different, practice at your own pace. If you fall, don’t be discouraged. Don’t give up; use falling as a learning experience and a way to improve your abilities.

Using these tips can help you master those scary inversions. Remember, the master of anything was once a beginner. Keep practicing, stay safe, and have fun!

tiny-devotions-yogaBailey is a former gymnast and track runner. She just returned home after spending a year traveling and working in Australia as a gymnastics coach and fitness instructor. Bailey is passionate about fitness and being active and she wants to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle. When she isn’t walking around on her hands, you’ll find her spending time with family and friends, doing crafts, or reading a good book. She currently lives just north of Boston with her three sisters, two brothers, parents, and two dogs. Check out her blog here.  Instagram:@baileyactive

Let The Universe Guide You

Silence is one of my biggest fears. Ever since I was a child I could not find the right time to just be quiet, ever.  I specifically remember being in the car with my dad one day as a young teenager and he leaned over to look at me. All he said was, “have you even taken a breath since you got in the car? You have been talking since the second you sat in the front seat.” My husband frequently says the same thing.

My problem is silence. If it’s quiet, I will fill the space with all of my thoughts, observations, to-do lists, wishes and dreams. Silence is never an option, unless I’m in yoga.

Somehow, this clumsy, loud-mouthed chatterbox becomes a yoga goddess who can hold nataragasana without a thought or a sentence to utter. I can lie in savasantiny-devotions-mala-beads-bohemiana for hours as I hear crystal bowls wash their vibrational booms over my physical body. I can put my foot over my head and stare into my drishti as I find the perfect space to concentrate and tap into my higher being.

Yoga is the only thing in the world that will render me speechless.

And I know that’s my crown chakra talking. The moment I begin my practice I can begin to feel all of my chakras align. I feel each of them as they begin to travel up my spine and open all the way from my root to the crown of my head. I feel taller and open, free and yet grounded. I am no longer afraid of silence when I step on my mat.

The seventh chakra, sahasrara, is the crown chakra. It controls the higher consciousness, the connection to your external divine (the universe, God or whomever you connect with). It is the divine source that gives us breath and energy, love and light. It is the last of the seven major chakras within us, the inner knowingness and that which allows us to give in service to ourselves and others.

When this chakra is blocked: When this chakra is blocked, we feel there is no big picture and have no connection to the divine or our intuition. We lack compassion and peace, often reacting with violence or an unharmonious response. We do not desire community and often the pineal gland or our nervous system is negatively affected.

When this chakra is open: We feel compassion when this chakra is open. We give in service to others, are nonreactive and spread spiritual love. We see big pictures and connect to the divine.

How to open this chakra: Attend yoga classes. Begin to release judgment of yourself and others. Wear your sahasrara mala beads. Meditate. Allow more love into your life. Wear more white. Practice deep breathing.

Crystals: Kunzite, diamond and quartz crystal.mala-beads-green-juice-tiny-devotions

Color: White. Wearing more white or allowing it into your environment will help you feel immediately more connected to the higher consciousness and the divine.

Sound: Silence

Poses: Savasana, or corpse pose

Location: Crown of the head

Element: Thought

As you begin to connect to this seventh and final chakra, you will begin to feel all your chakras aligning. As much as I would love to tell you that it’s easy to stay fully connected to this white light, it’s not. Similar to Samadhi, or enlightenment, this is not an infinite state of being.

When we are fully open within all our chakras, it can feel as though we have entered anandamaya kosha (the bliss body, and the deepest layer within us) and it feels OMazing! Everything is perfect and surreal; life is grand. But it’s a fleeting moment. The moment of ecstasy as you walk down the aisle and say I do, the second you hear your child’s first cry, t
he day of your promotion or your first publication and the laughter of your children on their birthday. Bliss is something that cannot be bottled but rather enjoyed fully in the present moment. As we open to these energies within us, we need to stay fully present and grasp that single giggle or cry or sigh. We need to open our eyes and BE in the here and now.

At certain times in your life, each of your chakras will feel slightly off balance. That is the moment you put your car in reverse and head to yoga, or stop, drop and meditate in your living room. It’s the moment you sit at your computer, close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths. Stop, drop and listen in to your heart, it will lead you to where you need to go next.


Jenny Ravikumar is a yoga teacher, blogger and studio owner of Barefoot Yoga Shala. As a teacher and self-proclaimed boho mermaid, Jenny has been bringing her yoga lifestyle knowledge to the online world for years through her blog, She specializes in helping women dig deeply into self-love & care, while also explaining yoga philosophy and love on her blog and through her courses/private online groups. You can catch her teaching 6 days a week in Massachusetts or pouring love all over the internet 24 hours a day.

A Message From Oprah

Tiny Devotions

How to Find Adventure Everyday

Adventure: an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

tiny-devotionsAlthough I find this definition pretty accurate, I would like to point out that it aligns adventure with hazard. I believe we can seek adventure in everything.  You do not need to hang off of a cliff by your toes to experience adventure (although I admit, that sounds like a lot of fun.)

However, adventure most certainly is both unusual and exciting. I always picture the time I did a lotus headstand in front of a Walmart shopping center in California. I held it for as long as I could and took a video of the experience.

Although this particular situation was not hazardous, onlookers most certainly found it unusual. If you are looking for some general guidelines on how to welcome adventure into your life here my advice to you is have FUN!

Plank on a bench at he park.tiny-devotions-waterfall
Flag on a pole.
Practice handstands on the beach.

Climbing on a multi-pitch tower hundreds of feet in the air is exciting, but adventure can be found, sought, and discovered everywhere.

It is important to never bind yourself by other’s perceptions of adventure, but rather to do what you love and have fun with it!

Personally, I enjoy putting myself into precarious situations. Overcoming an added challenge is very rewarding for me. Some may think that putting yourself into hazardous and precarious situations may is about the rush, but I find myself practicing meditation in these situations. I know from experience that adrenaline is not what helps me walk a high-line; my breath and calmness are what keeps me upright.

Discover adventure, tackle adventure, and most importantly, have fun doing so.

Liz Thomas is a passionately outgoing 22 years old who lives in Durango, Colorado where she is currently getting her degree in Secondary Math Education and Adventure Education. In her free time she experiments with multiple forms of kinesthetic playing such as slacklining, rock climbing, aerial silks, yoga, and poi. She is always interested in learning new things and the whole time she has a smile on her face. Her bubbly personality is inviting but don’t let that deter you from her dedication and persistence on a slackline. This goes to say she is an avid yogini slacker who loves to share her passion. She is also a proud member of the Slackline Technology athlete team. You can visit her blog here.


Bohemian Style For Fall

Video courtesy of Tara Mackey.

Tips To Get Your Morning Moving


I truly believe the quality of our whole day is determined the second we open our eyes. As we open, we immediately generate our first thought of the new morning and bring it into our daily reality. Did you know that changing your first thought of the morning could affect the way your whole day turns out?Boho-daily-good-morning

Your morning can be that make-or-break time that sets you up for a good day or a bad day, sunshine or rain. Here are 5 tips you can establish that will put you on  track for a rock star morning , and will totally change your life.

Amplify Good Feelings

The quality of our whole day is determined the second we open our eyes. As we open, we immediately generate our first thought of the new morning and bring it into our daily reality. Life seems to be so busy lately and not exactly slowing down between the lists we created on Sunday night and immediately thinking about them Monday morning as we wake up. On top of that, there’s the stress of making sure the kids have everything they need before they get on the bus; or maybe, our first thought is about the “big” project/meeting at the end of the week. Did you ever notice how that first thought made you feel? How it determined your whole day from the second you opened your eyes? Did it instantly bring a load of stress to your life? Immediately feeling rushed for the day? Fatigued? Or just plan unhappy?  Did you know that changing your first thought of the new morning, it could change your entire day!

Tomorrow morning, as the sun rises your eyes flutter open, try to become aware that your body is just beginning to wake; start to generate thoughts of things that you love. Begin counting them nonstop, one after the other: I love my bed, my partner, my family, friends, the sun, the moon, flowers, laughter, skipping, yoga, traveling, colors, fruit, lakes, and replay images of previous things that brought you happiness and fulfillment over the past week, month, year. Continue to list everything you love until you feel a wave of gratitude take over your body. Once you feel lifted and literally amazing, open your eyes and let those feelings sink in and carry you through the rest of your morning rituals. Notice how it makes your feel; are you less rushed and feeling more prepared as your thoughts have shifted? Maybe you even packed your kiddo a dessert today or maybe that stressful feeling that was swirling in your stomach about the “big” project/meeting has been lifted. The best part is, it’s easy to amplify your good feelings, you can do this anywhere at any time of that day simply because you choose to.

Set Intentions

Before you get out of bed, set an intention on how you’ll approach the world today. How will you respond to others, to daily tasks and responsibilities? Intentions can be set through inspirational quotes, a single word something you find meaning in.

For example,  if you choose love as your ICoffee-mala-beads-scarf-tiny-devotionsntention to carry on throughout the day, maybe you choose to only speak about what you love; so “ I can’t” , “hate”, “no”, or other harsh words, are completely out of your vocabulary for the next 24 hours. Maybe your Intention is as simple as to not have anxiety or road rage the next time someone cuts you off while getting on the highway. I know it’s easy to lose sight of our intention throughout the busy day, a method I found to be extremely helpful is that I like to right my intention down on a piece of paper in the morning and stick it in my pocket. As funny as it is, usually when I’m experiencing the opposite of what I intended, I reach in my pocket and pull out that little piece of crumbled paper and I’m able to reset myself and bring me back to where I was first thing this morning.

Keep Warm

Truth is; no one likes to leave that blissfully warm, heavenly bed in the morning. Not even for a freshly brewed cup of Starbuck’s coffee or Chai Latte. Actually Most of us dread it especially if we live in a colder climate. So when we’re not being lured to crawl back into morning ecstasy it makes it much easier to continue on with our morning task. A way to solve this you may ask? Keep cozy, keep warm. Have a sweater, sweat pants and the all mighty slippers that kept you warm all last winter sitting next to your bed for when you’re ready to start your day. If you have a heater next to your bed, set them on top the night before. Then there’s  some of us who really don’t want to get out of bed; my favorite option, drag them under sheets and warm them up with your body while you set your intention for the morning and keep praying that someday Starbucks will deliver.

Get Into a Routine

“Once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen” Get into a routine, and by routine I don’t mean doing things that you feel you “have” to do but rather want to do. Setting a morning routine may mean getting up earlier, but in time you may find that this routine could change your life and that getting up with the sun really isn’t all that bad. Look forward to waking up and start your routine off by amplify good feelings, and bring love into your life for the first thought of the morning. Set an intention. Make your favorite tea or coffee. Maybe part of your routine is turning on your favorite music, dancing, reading your favorite in quotes in bed. Some sort of inspiration to kick off your morning. Whatever your routine is, make it your own and find joy and happiness in doing it.


journaling-mala-beads-tiny-devotionsWith the world experiencing a high on the release of the 6th Apple iPhone I know it’s hard to disconnect from the internet and all its wonders. Even for myself, I find that I spend a lot of my time in the morning on my phone, whether it’s looking a epic photos on Instagram or scrolling through different media sights. Suddenly 15 minutes has gone by with not a word, all I’ve done is looked at my phone. I realized I hadn’t even said “good morning” to my partner that has slept beside me for the past 4 years. We forget how easy it is to get caught up in the convenience of technology. Rather than feeling the urge to grab your cell phone in the morning to surf the web or “need” to respond to an e-mail; flip it over, turn the volume off and disconnect for 15 minutes. Ask yourself, “Can I unplug myself  from the outside sources such as: cell phones, internet, television, the daily newspaper for even an hour in the morning?” If the answer is no, maybe you should give it a try.

By Alexzandra Peters


Layers on Layers: Fall Styling Trends 2014

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

My name is Sara Libby, and I’m a fashion blogger living in sunny Los Angeles, documenting my adventures in styling and life!

I am so excited to share my stylings with my Pyrite Mala Bead Necklace by Tiny Devotions. The necklace itself is so beautiful and makes a statement, but the meaning behind the beads are calming for the body and soul. While the mala beads are typically used for prayer, chanting, or recitation, they are also fashionable and can be worn as a daily reminder to calm the body and spirit.

This neckwear inspired me to create a casual, yet whimsical autumnal outfit. It is starting to feel like fall here in Southern California, which means layers are a must! I layered my Pyrite Mala Bead Necklace with some dainty gold necklaces, and also layered my thermals to stay extra warm as the temperatures cool.

Have fun with your layers, and play with patterns and textures to add a pop to your ensemble!

Sara Libby

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I Am Love

Anahata is the name of the heart chakra and as with so many Sanskrit words, it has a deeper and more beautiful meaning. Anahata means unstruck which is found in the sound of om. No constants are used in this sound and therefore nothing is struck. But it also means unstuck; the idea that nothing sticks in love and in our thoughts. The idea that love can flow fluidly through us is such an intensely beautiful concept.

Anahata is the fourth chakra, the chakra of our heart and marks the end of our earthly chakras in this series (as we move up, the energy then becomes more ethereal). This beautiful energy is located in our heart and deals with everything you would imagine a heart chakra would: unconditional love, passion, compassion and acceptance.

It came as no surprise when I first started studying and understanding chakras, that when I took the “chakra quiz” this was one of my most open portals of energy. I live, breathe and am love energy every day of my life!

love-is-contagiousWhen this chakra energy is blocked: Unfortunately every boho babe is on her own path and LOVE may not be entirely how you live your life. You may have experienced something over time that broke your heart and wedged a little nonsense into your heart energy. This would be a blocked heart chakra: the inability to cry (or crying too often), chest pain or tight shoulders, feeling blocked from receiving love, always having the “black cloud” above your head when it comes to men, allowing unworthy lovers into your life, taking on too much in a relationship (being the caretaker or the enabler) and poses such as bridge or wheel are impossible or very difficult.

When this chakra energy is open: Love floats everywhere. It may not always be rainbows and unicorns, but you can see the positive and optimistic side of life. You know the universe has got your back and you’re open to receiving any love you need. You put your needs first in order to best serve others. You come from a place of love, always. The water works turn on and off when you need them to (yes, even during that commercial) and your heart opening poses seem to arrive in your body with grace and ease.

How to open this chakra: Poses, energy healings around the heart, carrying crystals in your purse (or even tucked into your bra), lavender oil on your chest daily, reiki treatments, massages, heart opening practices, soulful music, mapping out your core desired feelings and wearing heart centered colors.

Crystals: Emerald, fluorite, jade, chrysocolla, aventurine, rose quartz.

Color: Green or pink. Wearing green or pink allows your heart to be a touch more open. Perhaps adding in soft pink tones into the background of your computer, buying a heart poster or adding in a little more green to your home office (a candle, a n
ew mug or even your pencil holder). Put on your brand new anahata mala and trace each bead with your fingertips as you allow more love to flow towards you. These can all be simple shifts to allowing more heart centered color into your life.

heart-chakra-love-tiny-devotionsSound: Yam (not a yam… a long A sound). Soulful music – musicals, Broadway, ballads.

Poses: Bridge, wheel, locust, cobra, upward dog, bow, camel… any heart opener or back bend!

Element: Air

Location: Heart center

The heart center is one of the easiest to keep open, but once it has been hurt or put down it is always the trickiest to re-open. Energize yourself by allowing more love into your life: starting with YOU. You are the one person who needs your love the most. Make sure you treat yourself: flowers in your home, delicious candles, amazing bubble baths (think Lush, Epsom salt and essential oils), lavender on your heart, slow and mindful yoga practices and more. If you allow yourself to be front and center, you’ll allow love into your life and keep that heart chakra flowing freely for years to come.

tiny-devotions-yogaJenny Ravikumar is a yoga teacher, blogger and studio owner of Barefoot Yoga Shala. As a teacher and self-proclaimed boho mermaid, Jenny has been bringing her yoga lifestyle knowledge to the online world for years through her blog, She specializes in helping women dig deeply into self-love & care, while also explaining yoga philosophy and love on her blog and through her courses/private online groups. You can catch her teaching 6 days a week in Massachusetts or pouring love all over the internet 24 hours a day.