Why We Wanderlust

Rock Your Bliss, Jacki Carr and MB LaRue share about the magic of Wanderlust Squaw Valley.

Our Tiny Devotions ambassadors, Mary Beth LaRue and Jacki Carr of Rock Your Bliss (www.rockyourblissmovement.com) took on Squaw Valley, California this past weekend to present at Wanderlust Festival, to be students and to connect on and off the yoga mat.

They share why they Wanderlust and how to truly rock the bliss at Wanderlust Festival:

1)   Disrupt the Status Quo and travel.  We left our routines, our computers and our comfort zones at home.  At Wanderlust Fest, you took the opportunities to chant, to cry, to trail run, to meditate and pause long enough to hear the birds.

2)   Connect with Nature and live in a pop-out camper RV.  We rocked airBnB and took the road, err room less traveled and opted for nature over hotel luxury.  The screens were open, the air was mountain fresh and the sleep was divine.

3)   Every Moment is an Opportunity to Practice.  Where does your yoga live, breathe and thrive?  On and beyond the mat, you experience connection, commitment and self-love.

4)   DANCE more.  Every night at Wanderlust and in the midst of a yoga practice, you can move your body, feel the music and dance.   We shook our tail feathers to MC Yogi, Big Gigantic and with Shiva Rea! There is a beautiful awakening, a radical connection and your body will thank you when you can let go, shake and dance more.

5)   Reconnecting and Vibrating with new friends from all over.  The power in tribe, a hug from a new friend or a high five is so liberating.  We are all in this together, so be in inquiry over judgment, make eye contact over avoidance and always connect.   unnamed

6)   Be a student again and again and again.  Although we taught and presented at Wanderlust, it was magical to be inspired by the likes of Kerri Kelly, Shiva Rea, Eoin Finn, Sally Kimpton, Gurmukh, Seane Corn, Susanne Sterling and so many more.  Take time to look up to those that have paved the way and never stop learning.

7)   PLAY.  Wanderlust is like a playground, summer camp and concert all in one. It’s full of color and life and adventure. You take time to play in your practice, play with your dance moves, and play with others in community.

Join Rock Your Bliss at one of their upcoming retreats or workshops around the world. Their unique combination of yoga + coaching brings action to intention. It’s how dreams become reality. They believe that sustainable, ohmygodilovemylife bliss is not a pipe dream, but one that can be created by anyone.

They want to get to know you and for you to know us: real, honest, nitty-gritty down to the good stuff.

Top 5 Sacred Stones for a Mermaid

For thousands of years gemstones have been used in physical, emotional and spiritual healing. We chatted with Tamara Lee, owner of Mermaid Sun Yoga + Pilates in beautiful British Columbia about what gemstones are near and dear to her heart and why… 

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 2.52.52 PMAmazonite: Amazonite’s healing energy is as powerful as the river for which it is named. It is known as the stone of courage and truth. This captivating turquoise green stone soothes the spirit and calms the soul.  Amazonite promotes kindness, alleviates fear and anxiety, and provides balance and harmony. It also soothes the chakras and is particularly rejuvenating to the heart and throat chakras.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 2.52.18 PMSmokey Quartz: Primarily associated with the root chakra this stone is known for its protective and grounding qualities. Smokey quartz is considered a stone of serenity because of its positivity and ability to overcome negative emotions. It aids in the process of letting go and brings wisdom and luck to everyday life!

Black Onyx: Black Onyx provides a strong stable energy representing self-control, intuition, and protection. This glamorous gemstone absorbs whatever energy you need from the Universe. Black Onyx is associated with the planet Saturn, the element fire, and the Leo zodiac sign. Determination, focus, and direction are traits that can be enhanced with this precious gem.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 2.56.33 PM White Jade: Reach your highest potential with the purest jade stone. White Jade brings focus and concentration back to what truly matters. This stone assists in decision making by filtering distractions to achieve optimum results. White Jade guides energy to the most advantageous outlet. What a gem!

Moonstone: The moonstone is characterized by its enchanting shimmer of light.Its connection to the power of the moon surrounds it with magic and mystique. This gemstone is an amulet of protection for travelers, a gift of love, a channel for prophecy, and a path to inner wisdom. Being a perfect expression of yin energy, the soothing and mysterious energy of the moon, moonstone is the bringer of calm, peace and balance. This stone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration and benefits meditation. The peace and calm that moonstone generates has an other-worldly quality to it; it is infused with an enchanting, soft glow of optimism and creative energy.

mm2.jpgTamara Lee is a yogi, writer & fan of leggings dedicated to inspiring an active lifestyle. Her studio, Mermaid Sun Yoga and Pilates, is based off the beautiful coast of British Columbia and offers modern fitness and flexibility training with a playful lighthearted charm. 

Facebook: Mermaid Sun Yoga & Pilates 


A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime: Top 3 Mantras for Every Chapter of a Boho Girl’s Life

e_AuR9YHPvA2P4xJqLfAIDtSJ1nbY8XFd7gztLcqONUMantra #1
From adolescence to adulthood we are taught to ignore our natural born intuition because the rest of world holds the potential to harm us. We are conditioned to act a certain way by constantly hearing things from our elders like:

Don’t talk to strangers!
Don’t touch anything!
Don’t run!


One of the most important mantras that I have had to realize and re-learn time and time again because the world has tried to teach me otherwise is: I will return to my inner sense (innocence.) This is SO important. A boho’s intuition is almost always correct. We can tell if someone means to harm us, if we should feel something, if and when our bodies need to move in a specific way…we know what is good for us! Mantra #1: I will return to my inner sense. 


Mantra #2
Often times when something unfortunate or unpleasant occurs we believe that it’s someone or something else’s fault. We continue about our lives and the same unpleasant thing happens to us again, and it’s STILL NOT OUR fault! Then it happens again, we begin to recognize a pattern but are stuck in the habit of our actions…and so the unpleasant thing happens yet AGAIN. Finally we realize that it is our fault and that our actions enabled the unpleasant thing to happen, so we begin to change our ways. We realize that in order for the unpleasantness to go away, we must make a change. Boho mantra #2 is this, simply put: I am responsible for and in control of my life. 


Mantra #3 
As boho girls, we are naturally inclined to LOVE. We love a lot. We love hard. We can be emotional about that love, attached to it, expect things from it. In order to recreate our reality and approach our relationships from a place of PURE love, we must learn to give, to love freely and without any sort of expectation. Once expectations are removed, we can give more, be more, and do more for others. The love that sprouts from those relationships will change the world! Mantra #3: I will LOVE without expectations. 


Boho girls, return to your inner sense. Be responsible for and in control of your own life. Love without expectations!!!
Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.56.51 PMCaley Alyssa is a Yogini & Holistic Health coach in Santa Monica, CA. She’s also a traveler, hiker, bikini lover, bullshit caller, avocado eater, & snuggler (little spoon.)

Twitter: @CaleyAlyssa
Instagram: @CaleyAlyssa

Keep the Tribe Tight with Delicious Girls Night Dinner Dates

tiny-devotions-mala-beads-richelle-hunter-photography-23I consider myself an introvert. I tend to be quiet, an observer.  I prefer smaller, more intimate gatherings and would certainly not put myself in the category of ‘social butterfly’. I would not say that I have a lot of friends, however, the friends I do have are friendships that are rooted in strong foundations of loyalty, love and kindness. The relationships that I hold so close to my heart are ones I cherish and ones I know will last a lifetime.

As I get older I have learned that it’s not about the quantity of friends I have but more the quality of each of the relationships I invite into my life. I tend to have deep conversations right off the bat and feel very foreign when I am in a situation where I am surrounded by individuals who look past me when they ask me a question, inquiring about surface matters such as the weather.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the weather is nothing to speak of.  I Love talking about sunny days and warm summer evenings, however, I’m talking about ‘filler’ conversation. You know, the more superficial conversation that you seem to inevitably find yourself in from time to time. I like to cut to the chase and if I feel a connection with you and feel as though the Universe has bought us together for some special, sacred reason –which is most always the case- I’m the type of person who will jump right in and ask you about, You. I’ll ask you about who you are, where you’re from and I don’t mind getting deep with the nitty-gritty straight away. I realize that’s not for everyone nor is everyone comfortable with that, however, the people I am drawn to seem to always be on the same wavelength as I am and that can make some pretty remarkable, memorable get-togethers.

When I find myself longing for the connection of these beloved friendships, I always plan our dates consciously, keeping in mind that the space and time we are going to share is one that needs to nourish both body and mind. Because I don’t get the opportunity to see my gals on a regular basis, we plan our dates with as much love as we can to make our time together truly special and meaningful. From the clothes I decide to wear to the food we eat, these times are planned with the nourishment of body and soul at the forefront.

When planning a night out with my girls, I always pick a place to eat that is vibrant and rich in both taste (Indian and Ethiopian are a few of our favs!) and energy yet quiet enough that we can hear one another speak. The times are rare that we can all meet so we like to gather in a setting where we can chat, discuss and share stories without too much strain. We laugh over dinner and catch-up, talking about how we need to get together more often. Enjoying a tasty treat is also top priority so we all dig in and share a few yummy desserts and more convo over tea. Our girls night is not complete without a nice glass or two of vino and a little letting loose on the dance floor, laughing the evening away and feeling as though only a day has passed since last we were together.

The evening ends as quickly as it started and even though they may only happen a few times a year, these moments we share with one another are sacred and are ones that I will carry with me for a lifetime. . .

Megan Casten-1735Megan Casten is a lover of life and adventure. Creator of www.megancasten.com, she gains strength and confidence in sharing her own life experiences with others in hopes that she might touch someone’s heart who may need it. Megan’s passion is to inspire and motivate others and being able to do this full-time is, well, a dream job come true! Her adventures are far from being over and she embraces each day with arms wide open, all while doing so with compassion, love and grace. 

Website: www.megancasten.com

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David Good on Dharma: That without which nothing can stand

633501560dcd11e39f1222000aeb0ea1_7We can go though life set on auto pilot. Waking up at the same time every day, hitting snooze twice, commuting to work with our ear buds shoved in to dull out our boredom or worse, what if you had to talk to someone we see everyday. We work, head home, watch NetFlixs and start all over again the next day. But what if we stepped off this carousel and asked ourself what do you stand for? What is our Dharma? Does life have a purpose?

This question is a big one that can sometimes induce fear because most of the time we know we are not living a life full of purpose. We sell ourselves short by compromising just to get by. What if you started with baby steps by asking ourself some valuable questions?

What if you saw fear as an opportunity to grow? 

When we look fear in the eye and realize we don’t have to react in a fight or flight response we can start to develop a capacity to handle more of life’s stresses. We can withstand anything because we know its a true opportunity being given to us to grow and get to know ourselves deeper.

Can you speak the truth?

Its going to take all your courage to stand tall and always speak the truth to everyone all the time. No more white lies. Take a deep breath and do it. If you find yourself reaching for a lie, tell the person you have to get back to them with your answer and then make sure you do. Its going to be a little rough and bumpy but people will soon value you as a person they can count on for the truth. On the flip side some people aren’t looking for the truth so be ready for that.

What if you always kept your word?

This one is big, you are going to have to learn to say no if you know you can’t do it. Practice it right now, say NO. You can’t say yes all the time and become the canceller. Soon you will get less and less invites, people will learn they can’t depend on you. Keep your word, think about it before you say yes, can you actually deliver. Become a rock in your life and others. s

Do you have teachers and mentors you can look up to and learn from?

Having teachers and mentors we set our sites on a higher value system. I am not saying teachers and mentors are perfect, actually its better if they are not. But its great to have someone to learn from. Find someone who’s values are close to what you aspire to and spend sometime with them. Successful people hang out with successful people.

Are you willing to keep learning?

Become a student of life. Gobble up books, articles, you tube videos, and take a course you always wanted to take. To really get to know what you stand for you need to get out there and discover the world a bit. Try stuff, make mistakes, learn stuff and find out what your values are. The world is waiting for you.

When we start to get clearer we can stand up a little taller because we know what we stand for. Life is going to get a lot more interesting and you are going to have to be okay with being a little uncomfortable. Living your dharma is not the safe route but its going to be a whole lot more fun.

Screen-Shot-2013-04-24-at-4.37.55-PM-250x378David’s passion is sharing his love for the practice of yoga with over 500 hours YTT, Restorative, Therapeutic and Meditation training under his belt. He asks you to meet yourself on the mat everyday. David’s teaching style is fun, inclusive and accessible to every level. Whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned enthusiast you will walk away learning something about your practice which is bound to enrich your life. Based in Toronto, but never shy to travel around the world  to share his love for yoga with as many people as he can.

Website: http://www.davidgoodyoga.com

Facebook: David Good Yoga LOVE

Twitter: @DavidGoodYoga

YouTube: DavidGoodYoga




Confessions from a Boho Fashionista: My Easy Steps from Sand and Surf to your Perfect Patio Date!

fae6b00dfa988dfc757c1d3388ba0b5eHey Boho Beauties,

It’s summer time and that means special nights under the stars, freshly muddled mint mojitos and endless sun on your sweet skin. From June through to August there are just so many ways to plan perfect summer dates with your love, and that doesn’t have to stop you from spending the day soaking up salt and sand by the shoreline! We all know goddesses deserve long hot days on their paddle boards followed by evenings making wishes with their special someone, but you might be wondering how beach babes keep their glow from dawn to dusk. There are just a few simple tricks to look like a babe when you’re kicking up the sand all the way through to your patio plans with your honey.

Dry Shampoo: Don’t let date night stop you from diving into those big beautiful waves, gypsy girl! Salty beach locks are stunning on an evening out, and all you need is a touch of dry shampoo and your hands. Let the sun dry your hair naturally, spray some dry shampoo at the root, and enjoy the salty beach wave that will appear when your locks dry.

A Gorgeous Maxi: After a day cruising the shoreline, tasting lime gelato and laughing with your gal pals there’s no need to put a stuffy outfit on. A gorgeous maxi is the perfect piece, post beach. Toss your colorful maxi into your beach bag and pair it with some cute tasseled sandles for the perfect date night attire.

8e346e4b9e0f4de21c281ca47b1e4426Minimal Makeup:  You’ve spent the day at the beach, yoga gal. The sun has kissed your skin and you’re seriously glowing. This means you don’t need much for makeup. Put some coral pigment on the apples of your cheeks and lips, add a touch of mascara to your lashes, and you’re good to go for date night!

A Simple Scent: Scent is everything. Bring a sample of your fave scent in your beach bag to top of your gypsy goddess look. Choose coconut or fresh oleander to bring the feel of the beach with you on your night out with your babe. It’s the little details that count and this one is must-do, so don’t forget your special scent, boho babe!

Your Sweetest Smile: Above all else it’s your attitude that tops off your day to evening transition. Every fashionista knows that confidence is our best accessory and your smile can change a drab looking outfit into a perfect evening look. Remember your pearly whites and happy heart go a long way;)

These are my tips on the beach to date night transition, but I know you have some great ones up your gypsy queen sleeve! Share your easy steps with me in the comments below, I’d just love to hear them!

libpic-1Peace, Love and Magic from,

Your Resident Boho Fashionista, Libby xx

Our Fav Go-To Pre-Yoga Snacks!

food collageWhether it’s early in the morning, or late in the evening, sometimes we are rushed to our mat. But regardless of the rush, it’s important to always stay hydrated and eat a small healthy snack before going to a yoga class.
I often hear, “you’re not supposed to eat before yoga”. True, you don’t want to eat a full three course meal before getting into your downward dog, but you do want your body to be energized and ready for exercise. Along with drinking water, It’s important to consume something small and healthy about 30 minutes before your practice. Here are five healthy snacks to enjoy before you sweat your asana off.

 Grapefruit: One of the most hydrating foods you can eat, grapefruit is loaded in Vitamin C, which will not only boost your immune system, but help energize you for class. If the tartness is too much for you, try drizzling a little natural honey and cinnamon on top instead of white sugar.

Avocado: I am CRAZY about Avocados! Eating one prior to a yoga practice can help fill you up with vitamins and minerals. Avocados contain almost four grams of protein which is more than than most fruits. You can enjoy them on some toast, or if you are an Avocado nut like me, you can just put some sea salt on one and spoon away.


 Larabar: I am one of those people who always reads the ingredients on the back of everything. The less, the better. This particular bar has TWO ingredients; cashews and dates. It is filled with twenty percent of the recommended daily value of magnesium and six grams of protein. It’s easy to throw into a gym bag or eat in the car. Not to mention they have a TON of other awesome flavours, like Coconut Cream Pie and Carrot Cake. YUM.


Kashi Honey Almond Flax: Having a quick bowl of cereal or granola before a practice is an easy and healthy way to fuel up for your OMing. This brand is definitely one of my favourites. Per serving, it will load you up with nine grams of protein, eight grams of fibre, and half a gram of omega-3! It’s also delicious. I like to enjoy mine with some vanilla almond milk.


Natural Peanut Butter: Another one of those foods where you just need to read the ingredients. One word; Peanuts. Just two tablespoons of natural peanut butter will give you SEVEN grams of protein. Perfect for a pre-workout snack. Eat it with apples, bananas, or even just stick a spoon in there. Perfect for an on the go snack. Like avocado, peanuts are a source of healthy fat. Excellent for filling up before going upside down.


Like always, drinks lots of water before your yoga class!


TinaKyleAugust915-199x300Jersey Bred and Montreal Based, Tina is a multi-style yoga instructor encouraging everyone to play, have fun, and approach yoga with a light heart. 
Facebook: @TinaBockYoga 

Peace, Love Wanderlust! ?

photo1 (55)


Don’t forget to pack your Wanderlust Mala + bracelet before heading out to have the time of  your life. . . xx.

Mantras for Kids, Teens & Boho Mamas!

kiyasaI believe little kids are gurus in disguise that wander around teaching us how to be mindful and live in the present moment. They live with an open heart and mind, have no fear, do not judge and tell the truth.

That is, until they start feeling anxious because they absorb our stress. Kids don’t know how to control their emotions. Their behaviour reflects how they are feeling and they mirror our emotions like a lake reflects a mountain. Kids have the ability to be unstoppable but as they grow up society shuts them down with consumerism and conformity.

Positive affirmation and mantra can be taught to a child from a very early age. What we tell our child becomes their inner voice. If we tell they are always naughty, they will grow up thinking this. They are not naughty, it is their behaviour that is. Our job as a loving mother is to guide them so they become their best self. We teach them what it means to be a good person, to be kind, to have empathy and to be grateful for what we have.

I am a yoga teacher, mother, author of “Mother Om” and founder of www.yogamamata.com  I teach yoga and mindfulness to kids and families and I believe in the power of positive affirmation because Buddha tells us “what we think, we become”.


Children can be taught that they have control over their thoughts, which affects how they feel. They can step away from negativity and choose to be positive and this can bring out emotional, physical and mental changes in them. Positive affirmations help us to feel better and happier about ourselves. This will help children grow into successful, fulfilled adults. Here are some simple positive affirmations to do with your child:

  •  I am kind.
  • I am happy.
  • I am strong.
  • I am a good person.
  • I am lovable.
  • I am safe.
  • I am enough.

 Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 3.08.27 PMSAY THEM TOGETHER

Put some simple affirmations on the wall in your child’s room as a reminder for them to be a good person. Give them gentle guidelines and rules to follow. Paint the fridge with chalk paint and get them to write down their affirmations so they can see them every day. Repeat these with your child, you can make your own ones to suit your lifestyle. These are our favourites:

  •  Be happy.
  • Always tell the truth.
  • Keep your promises.
  • Help others.
  • Say please and thank you.
  • Laugh a lot.
  • Try new things.
  • Spread kindness.
  • Count your blessings.


Mantra is the secret language of the heart and these can have such a powerful effect on not just our life, but also our child’s life. When your child is feeling nervous stressed or frustrated, repeat a mantra with them to help them feel calm.

  • I am still like a frog.
  • I am strong inside like a mountain.
  • I am a peaceful piggy.
  • I am a mindful monkey.
  • I am smiling inside.


My son, Lael (5 years) and I sing this happy song by Kundalini yoga teacher Snatam Kaur from her album “Feeling good today”.The song “I am happy” resonates with all the kids I teach. We sing the mantra “Sat a Nam” and use the action of connecting each fingertip to our thumb as we sing the mantra which engages kids and promotes focus.

You can whisper the song with the actions and also sing the song with no voice just using the actions and this teaches kids how to use a mantra by repeating the song in their mind.


Kids learn through stories so read them books with themes of gratitude, kindness, happiness, mindfulness, confidence and resilience. Get your child to draw what the affirmation means to them. What does happy look like? Can you think of a time when you felt happy? Who were you with, what were you doing? Display the drawings in the kitchen or their bedroom so you are all reminded of these positive experiences and emotions.

I created a range of positive affirmation t-shirts for kids to wear. These also act as mindful reminders for us in our busy world. I print these on mugs, stickers and candles. Also consider purchasing your child a mala. Teach them to set an intention and use the mala as a reminder of positive experiences and emotions.

There is nothing more beautiful than hearing your child say the affirmation “I am love”.


prayLeonie is a loving mother, author and founder of Yoga Mamata.After her marriage suddenly ended, leaving her a single mother, she turned to her yoga practice for guidance. For over 15 years, Leonie has been practising Hatha yoga. This path took her on a life-changing journey as she bought her first business YogaBugs in 2010 in Sydney and became a qualified yoga teacher in 2011. As a single mother, Leonie struggled with motherhood. In 2012 she combined her degree majoring in psychology and passion to keep families connected to create Yoga Mamata where yoga and mindfulness programs and retreats for mums, kids and families is offered. Yoga Mamata believes in creating a connected, compassionate community of like-minded families that are committed to making a difference in this overstimulated world. Leonie wrote Mother Om – Connect with yourself and your child in one mindful moment a day hoping to motivate, inspire and empower other mothers who find motherhood stressful. Written from her heart, Leonie shares meditations and mindfulness tips on how to be a connected, content and calm mother. “Mother Om” is available to purchase for $24.95 at www.yogamamata.com.au $15 shipping to USA.

Facebook www.facebook.com/yogamamata

Twitter @yogamamata

Instagram @yogamamata






How to Add a Little More Magic to Your Yoga Wardrobe

RNl66iZ5DDEI_Nt6t_DEEFYtNzQZpo81nmQEzNkdWEEIf you’re anything like me, you need to shake it up every once in a while. This is true for nearly everything in my life, from what I eat, to what I do for my exercise routine. The desire for a little something special infiltrates every aspect of my being. Naturally, you can be sure that this impacts my my life as a Boho Maiden! I spend a good bit of time making sure that I add a little bit of magic to everything I do. After all, isn’t that we are all put on this planet to do?

I believe that the boho magic should transcend all areas of our lives, including our wardrobe. It can be difficult to add a little glamor to the way we dress, especially when we’re on our way to get our sweat on. When I go to yoga, I love to add a little touch of something special to my wardrobe because, to be honest, it gives me a little boost in my practice. When you feel good about how you look, that feeling has a beautiful influence on your life. It’s only fitting that it should work your way into your yoga flow.

As with all things bohemian, you don’t need to break your budget to add that little “something-something” to your yoga wardrobe repertoire. Here are a few hints on how to add that touch of magic to your yoga class style:

1. Grab some pieces that you can mix and match. There are a lot of great companies who create wonders, including reversible shorts and tops (you basically get two looks in one). Do a little bit of research and pick up about five or six items that you can shake up. That way, you’ll never be wearing the same thing twice!

tiny-devotions-mala-beads-balance-stack-aventurine-rosewood-sandalwood_large-12. Add a little sparkle! Luckily, Tiny Devotions has everything you need to make your boho beauty shine. A piece of jewelry that inspires your practice is the perfect addition to your yogic journey. A beautiful mala can also be useful during meditations, working to keep you grounded on and off of the mat. Wear a stack to help you keep balanced in focus during your yoga flow. Take a look at the gorgeous pieces on our web site and have fun letting your heart decide!

3. Remember; comfort is key. When you’re heading off to a yoga class, it’s not as important to look your best as much as it is important for you to be comfortable in what you’re wearing. Whether you prefer something more loose fitting or something that is tight, choose pieces that are going to be comfortable, that inspire you get moving, and make you feel confident in your practice.

4. Make it colourful. Black is classic, but nothing adds a spark to your yoga gear like a thousand different flavors! Check out some of the colors for each season and decide on which ones would make you look most ravishing. Nothing makes you have more fun with your work out than a brightly colored add on!

5. Magic doesn’t need to cost a fortune; a little research will tell you all that you need to create the perfect yoga wardrobe without spending too much money. And of course, never forget about sale season! A lot of great shops drop their prices in the middle of the summer, so bide your time, and you may come across a fortune in cropped pants and OM-tastic tank tops.

When heading into your practice, you never need to leave your confidence out of the studio. You’d be surprised what a little boost in your wardrobe can do to enhance your practice. Enjoy the flow and let your true colors shine. Be bold, be beautiful, be you!


Lauren is a guest writer for the Huffington Post and Social Media Coordinator in Toronto.


Web: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/lauren-messervey/