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A Tiny Chat With Rebecca Rosen

Recently we had the opportunity to interview bestselling author and spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen.

We wanted to begin by thanking you for taking the time to chat with Tiny Devotions. We’re all really grateful. The girls here know a lot about your work. We’re excited to get to know you.

Can you tell me a little bit more about yourself and your daily life?
I’m currently living in Denver with my two boys who are 5 and 10. I recently got engaged and I feel like I am at an amazing point in my life.

Wow, congratulations!
Thank you, everything is falling into place, especially with work. There is a lot of change going on behind the scenes that will manifest in 2015. I’m looking forward to new opportunities, new ways to better help people; I’m really excited about it, I’m in a really good place.

tiny-devotions-mala-beads-yogaI just returned from a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. Sometimes I have a lot on plate and I have to find ways to balance work and play.  Outside of being a spiritual medium, I’m also a person. I need to stay recharged and grounded in my life as a mom and every other role that I play.

Through your work, you inspire people to live with purpose and intention. What are some ways we can all strive to live with purpose and intention?
It’s about starting your day and ending your day in prayer and meditation. Even if it’s for 5 minutes at a time, it gets you out of your head and into your heart where your truth lies, reminds you who you really are; your soul. When you tap into that you connect to the god spark within you; your purpose intention and meaning.

Your passion really comes through your work. What does passion mean to you?
To me, passion is whatever I’m doing that lights me up and brings me a sense of authentic joy. Passion for me is getting to serve others. Passion is sharing all of the enlightenment I’ve received over the years and inspiring others to find their own passion and to feel connected.

How do you use your Mala beads?
They’re so beautiful that I do wear them as a fashion statement. However, I’ve been wearing Mala beads for years and I wear them to remind me to my connected to the source. My life here is more than an earthly responsibility. I have to use my gift to help others. I also use my Mala when I meditate, counting and reciting a personal mantra I was recently given.

Are there any gemstones that are significant to you?
I don’t have one particular favorite, but there are several gemstones on my Mala. I always ask which one I need in that moment. For me, Rose Quartz connects me into self-love and unconditional love.

We read about your powerful journey and the significant role journaling played in it, what advice do you have for those who are toying with the idea of journaling?
The biggest thing is to not think too much about it, rather sit down and unload whatever comes up. Allow free flow of thought onto the paper; allow it to organically come out, versus overthinking. Overthinking blocks whatever words need to be expressed.

tiny-devotions-mala-beadsWhat benefits do you think we can all gain from journaling?
Communication. Words are a powerful way to express and create. Our words have a lot of power. Sometimes we are stuffing our feelings. It is especially great for anyone who is clairaudient. One of their heightened intuitive senses is clear sounds. Journaling is a fabulous way to get in touch with that.

Journaling can also allow one to tap into the spiritual world through automatic writing, which is how my journey began.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
In spirit I would say Quan Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion. I have a strong connection to her as one of my higher guides. In life I have many, Ram Dass for example.

Earlier you mentioned the importance of relaxing and recharging. What are some ways you relax and recharge?
I start my day by having my cup of coffee, listening to music, and meditating. Then I step into life and get into the rhythm. I always try and figure out a way to go for a walk and get into nature; it helps me release anything I’ve soaked up during the day. I also take a yoga class.

Another thing that also really helps me recharge is playing with my kids. Kids naturally have a joyful pure energy that helps you be present and remember to find the joy in life.

What are some ways we can all work on staying grounded and balanced?
It’s going to be different for everyone based on his or her makeup, personality, and how sensitive they are to energy around them. But a great way to stay grounded and balanced is getting out into nature. Nature has natural negative ions, which is positive energy that clears us of anything that might be standing in our way of feeling a sense of peace and calm.

Another way is engaging in anything that allows us to be connected to our breath. Breath connects us to spirit and allows us to stay grounded. Cardio and yoga are both great ways to connect to your breath.

Finally, anything that is of this earth world is grounding. Travelling is grounding. Getting out and exploring new territories and new areas awakens your senses, puts you in the present moment, and grounds you.

What is the main thing you have learned about love through your work?tiny-devotions-mala
That at the end of the day love is the only thing that matters. The love that we’re able to give and receive is what we are here to do. Love is the only thing that transcends physical death. For those familiar with the course of miracles, everything stems from love or fear.

In the end it always comes back to love, making it a point to come back to love in everything you do and say.

How can we all work on connecting with other people?
First and foremost, having a solid and authentic connection to your self.  If you’re connected to source, the god spark within you, naturally you are going to have a sense of self love and self worth. You can then pay it forward to anyone who walks into your life. If you don’t love and connect with your self, you can’t give that to other people.

You are a very successful woman; how do you measure success?
Something my fiancé taught me has become my mantra: I don’t measure my success in dollars, I measure it in the amount of joy I feel on a daily basis. Spirit has taught me that success comes from feeling good and loving god. Success is connecting to that feeling every day and being able to share it with everyone around you.

Find out more about Rebecca Rosen by visiting her website here.

Finding + Following Your Intuition


As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are all born with the gift of intuition; it is our birthright. As babies and young children, we are accepting of our intuitive abilities, recognizing our “sixth sense” to be just as common and matter of fact as our five physical senses. It isn’t until we start to grow up and out of our soul, knowing and identifying more with this world and our mind-thinking, that we lose touch with this innate power.

For many of us, returning to this state is simply a matter of unlearning these limiting mind thoughts and beliefs around our intuitive abilities. We must come back into our higher self’s knowing that we have access to divine knowing and insight at all times. While only some of us are able to be psychic and intuitively dialed in for others, such as myself, ALL OF US have the potential to do so for ourselves. No one is more connected to you, your higher guidance and spirits than you are!

What I have found over the years in cultivating and strengthening my own intuitive abilities, is that I’ve had to constantly address my head/heart conflict. Often times what my head is telling me conflicts with what my heart feels to be true. I used to struggle with which one to listen to and obey. Every time I followed my head, it got me into trouble or made things a lot harder than they needed to be. Whenever I listened to and honored the guidance in my heart and soul, however, I was validated with answers, solutions, and outcomes that unfolded with grace and ease. It doesn’t mean the path was always easy or care-free, but it always resulted in me becoming wiser, stronger, and braver as a result of having followed my heart.

My Spirit Guides have taught me that what it really comes down to is getting out of our heads and into our hearts. Our “monkey minds,” as the Buddhist refer to it, create endless thoughts, opinions and judgments that often times are based in fear and come from our egos. This cuts us off from our intuitive guidance and knowing, which is based in truth and love.

The heart’s guidance, on the other hand, is simple, direct, and there’s no need for a lot of words. Our feelings are our best guidance, which stem from our heart center.

As a Spiritual Medium, I tune into the heart of both my client and the spirits, getting into the “heart of the matter”, thus obtaining a clear read on any person, spirit, or situation. Rebecca-Tiny-Devotions-Mala-Beads

A simple way to put it is this: the mind projects, while the heart directs. With that in mind, make it a point to retrain your brain into letting go of any and all fear-based thinking, surrendering these lower self thoughts to God and your Guides. Then, simply tune into your heart, checking in with your feelings, and paying attention to what these emotions are telling you in the moment. As you honor and follow the guidance in your heart, you will feel empowered and connected to a higher energy directing and acting as a guiding light in your life. You will walk in wholeness and complete alignment with your highest potential and highest guidance, thus creating endless opportunities to live and be your highest and best self!

Rebecca Rosen is an internationally renowned best-selling author, spiritual medium, teacher and inspirational speaker. You can follow Rebecca along on her journey of changing peoples lives, on her newest show, The Last Goodbye on LMN.